Raw materials appendage, you say?

We have already commented on Russian technologies in the global aviation industry. Three leading manufacturer of passenger planes — "Boeing", "Embraer" and Airbus "on 15 percent or more are out of our titanium (here we are just about there.) The same" Dreamliner "- power design titanium. Fact, in the world no one else does anything like this scale. annually "Boeing" buys "VSMPO" 8-10 thousand tons of production by half a billion dollars — for all of their machines. And that's not all. in 48 states titanium products buy monsters — Snecma, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Pratt &Whitney, Goodrich …

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U.S. can get rid of aircraft carriers

Due to budget cuts, the Pentagon renewed debate about the need for aircraft carriers. The Defense Ministry has the opinion that these ships are not only too expensive to maintain, but just not suitable for modern warfare.

March 25, 2013, 9:18


In the next ten years, the Pentagon will save $ 500 billion in this regard, Captain Henry Hendrix in his report called into question the justification for the content of giant ships, "After 100 years, carriers are moving rapidly to the end of its useful life." According to him, they are

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Construction of the Taishet aluminum smelter will resume by the end of summer

Rusal plans in June 2011 to complete the fundraising for the completion of the Taishet aluminum smelter and to resume construction by the end of the summer. This was announced during a conference call Director of Capital Markets Oleg Muhamedshin.

In 2007, Rusal has started construction of the Taishet aluminum smelter in the Irkutsk region of 750 tonnes of aluminum per year, the estimated amount of investment — about $ 2 billion Building Boaz and TaAZa was suspended after a sharp decline in demand and prices for aluminum in December 2008 in BoAZ had invested $ 251 million

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Who will give money Lukashenko Moscow or the West?

Politicians React on this visit and the prospects of the Belarusian-Russian relations.

Denis MelyantsouMinsk analyst Denis Melyantsou focuses its attention on two theses Alexander Lukashenko of his conversation with the Russian prime minister. 1st — Allied relations need an additional boost. And second — Belarus will never trade her friendship with Russia and its people. Political analyst notes that calls for deeper integration appear every now and then:"This shows that things are in decline. And second — Belarusian management tries to increase their stakes in this bargaining with Russia. Rumors that Lukashenko offered in Europe to 10 billion euro

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Turkey increases spending on defense and security

TSAMTO, October 31. The amount of funds allocated by the Turkish government on defense, security and intelligence to grow in 2013 by 16.3% compared with 2012, reported «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» referring to the Ministry of the country money. The total budget for these items in 2013 will amount to 45.3 billion lire (25.1 billion dollars) compared with 39 billion lire in 2012. Increased funding is largely explained worsening confrontation with the PKK and the possibility of armed conflict with Syria. Budget of the Ministry of Defence in 2013 will increase from 18.2 to 20.3 billion liras (an increase of

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Construction CEC ExpoForum — that is made for 2012

Quite significant for the construction of St. Petersburg. On CBS had reason — to fill the gaps.

"ExpoForum" — the largest in Russia and very large by European standards, CEC. According to St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, his discovery, in accordance with the chosen concept of the northern capital as a global city, will mark a "breakthrough in the field of congress and exhibition activities" and raise "business image of the city." According to the Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, like infrastructure projects give impetus to the development of the metropolis, and

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Construction and reconstruction in the Magadan region

In 2011 the volume of work performed in the construction industry in the region amounted to 8.6 billion rubles. The share of regional funds was 76%.

Construction was carried out throughout the Magadan region, including those in remote, inaccessible areas — with. Gizhiga, Yamsk, Tahtoyamsk, Tauysk, which are home to the indigenous peoples of the North.

The works by 39 social sites. Of particular relevance are the social objects such as complex regional neuropsychiatric clinic (in 2010, was commissioned in the therapeutic housing Magadan Regional Hospital), boiler room in the village. Omsukchan, construction of wastewater treatment plants in the

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Figure a day or 1 billion 500 million dollars

A negative balance of trade in products have gained 2 billion 600 millions of dollars. Now the results of the meeting on the economy Alexander Lukashenko stated that "if next year growth deficit continues at its current pace, will be under threat all our achievements. "

Belarus is going to save 5 billion cubic meters of gas

The document envisions the structure of the Ministry of Energy Directorate NPP construction design and survey works. Make scientific support during construction plant will be on» Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear research in the Pines. In Lately Belarusian side has to declare an open tender for the construction of nuclear power plants. As potential partners currently considered Our homeland, France and the United States. To put into operation the first unit nuclear power plant is planned in 2016, the second — in 2020. Estimated price of the station — to 4 billion dollars. The Energy Ministry rely that with

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CEC saved elections

"There was a significant saving money," — said the chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina reporters in Minsk. "Saved about 4 billion rubles, which were intended for the second round. Saved in the first round estimated about 2 billion rubles."Parliamentary elections in Belarus for the first time held in one round. Four year reversed Second tour came in handy for the 1st electoral neighborhood. In 2000, the second round took 20 surroundings.

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