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Floods top the list of natural disasters in 2013

July 12, 2013. This year, the floods in the lead among all natural disasters on the severity of the damage, the size of which reached several billion U.S. dollars. Particularly large losses experienced by countries in Central Europe after the June floods. All kinds of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes and heat waves that occurred in the first half of 2013, cost the world $ 45 billion

Property damage from flooding in the countries of continental Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia amounted to about 47% of global losses. The most devastating floods recognized episodes in northern India and Nepal due

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Sberbank bought Turkish Denizbank for 3.5 billion dollars.

Sberbank signed the Franco-Belgian group Dexia agreement to buy 99.85 percent stake in Turkish Denizbank finorganizatsii together with all of its "daughters" in Turkey, Austria and Russia. The deal amounted to 6,469 billion Turkish liras (3,528 billion dollars). This was reported in press release Dexia.

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The Russian financial organizations planning to finance the purchase from its own funds. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said the head of Sberbank Herman Gref. According to him, after the equity transaction will decrease, but the impact of the cost of capital adequacy will not be "dramatic"

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St. Petersburg at SPIEF attracted about 130 billion rubles of investments


St. Petersburg at SPIEF 2013 attracted about 130 billion rubles of investments. Such data led reporters the governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

"Last year, the forum was raised around 91 billion rubles, so this year is progress, but the main thing — it's the economy and create jobs," — said Poltavchenko.


According to him, the most significant contribution was made by the agro-industrial project / production and logistics facility worth 2.5 billion euros / designed to improve food security in the region. In addition, agreements have been signed in other areas: the

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The damage caused by soil drought in Udmurtia exceeded 4 billion rubles

July 15, 2013. Soil drought in Udmurtia can cause significant shortage of juicy, coarse and concentrated feed, in May and July of this year, it has suffered from 36% of the cultivated area in the region, the head of the presidential administration and the government of the republic Alexander Gorjainov.

"According to the meteorologist, across the country there is soil drought, which affected 36% of the area of crops, and the amount of damage is more than 4 billion rubles," — said Gorjainov.

In turn, the President of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov told reporters that the country is counting on "federal

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Facebook — bubble bursts, not having to inflate.

Superraskruchennaya social network, the causative agent of the "Arab Spring" and "Moscow winter" fails its IPO. Two weeks after the placement of Facebook shares on the stock exchange have fallen by almost a third …

All of the current economy — it's the bubbles that burst and replaced by new ones. So, what's with Facebook'om snag: the most promising bubble failed to inflate — not sulking!

Facebook's annual profit amounted to one billion dollars. However, at the initial offering in the market value of the company reached 110 billion. After the collapse of quotations scandal. "Deceived investors" threaten courts:

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How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy?

How much cost for the U.S. Hurricane Sandy? Natural disasters

Supershtorm Sandy put New York real super-bill of $ 42 billion, bringing more damage than the infamous Hurricane Katrina. In order to maintain the city has already raised funds of funds, where money is kept for emergencies.

Sandy impact on the city in some of the nuances had even worse consequences than Katrina, which caused devastation of the American east coast in 2005. Although the list of victims of the Katrina was much higher (1 833) than in Sandy (about 110 people), property damage to individuals and businesses

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23.10.03, the


This is not a pseudo-scientific romance, but the harsh truth: The Earth — living body. Its shape is changing, continents diverge and crawls on top of each other, perpetual anxiety breaks loose bowels of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. But the question arises as to which science can not come to a consensus: it remains a constant radius of the planet? Recent research by NASA suggests


Bubble high tech toys

While rukopozhatnye journalists condemn domestic commodity economies, the global leaders of the industry of high-tech consumer goods reported on the progress made in the 2011 results.

Result Nokia, as expected, proved unprofitable in the first quarter of the year. Losses amounted to 1.34 billion euros. Sales dropped sharply, to 7.35 billion euros. Nokia last week warned of lower results.

Nokia predicts that the second quarter of the year will be unprofitable. In the last quarter of 2011, Nokia has been in the red at 954 million euros.

Damages caused in the first place, poor sales of mobile phones.

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The balance of trade surplus grows

On the state of foreign trade In January-April 2012

1. In January-April 2012. Russia's foreign trade turnover amounted, according to the Bank of Russia, 280.0 billion U.S. dollars (111.4% compared to January-April 2011.), including exports — 179.8 billion dollars (113.0%), import — 100.2 billion dollars (108.7%). The trade balance remained positive, 79.6 billion U.S. dollars (in January-April 2011. — 66.9 billion dollars).

2. Exports of major commodities1):

January-April 2012.

Including April 2012.

ReferenceJanuary-April 2011.

million U.S.

in% January-April 2011.

in% total

million U.S.

in% March 2012.

in% January-April 2010.

in% total




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Russia’s foreign trade surplus remains in positive territory

Trade surplus Russia in January — April were $ 82.1 billion, which is 18% more than in January — April 2011, the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

The foreign trade turnover for the four months totaled $ 269.5 billion (up 10.7% yoy). Turnover with non-CIS countries reached $ 231.7 billion (up 12.9%), with the CIS countries — $ 37.8 billion (down 0.9%).

Balance of trade with foreign countries was $ 70.4 billion (an increase of $ 12.3 billion), with the CIS countries — $ 11.7 billion

Exports from Russia in January — April totaled $ 175.8

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