Figure a day or 836 million dollars

Such external debt had Belarus on June 1 this year. Debt remains practically constant since the beginning of the year, 5 months, it decreased by 0.2%. Major lenders Belarus: Our homeland, Germany, Kuwait and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. For comparison: the external debt of Latvia is 1 billion 600 millions of dollars, Lithuania — 4 billion dollars, Ukraine — 10 billion dollars, Of — 48 billion dollars, Poland — 170 billion dollars.

Belarus — 68th place in the world in terms of GDP

According to this indicator, Belarus was on the 68th place — about the middle of the list, its GDP Last year amounted to 36.945 billion dollars. The first 10 of the states included: United States (13 trillion 201 billion 819 million dollars), Japan (4 trillion 340 billion 133 million), Germany (2 trillion 906 billion 681 million) China (2 trillion 668 billion 071 million) England (2 billion 345 billion 015 million), France (2000000000000 230 000 000 000 721 000 000) Italy (1 trillion 844 billion 749 million), Canada (1 trillion 251 billion 463 million), Spain (1 trillion 223 billion 988 million),

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Alexander Chubrik: This year is no collapse of the economy will not

Znatkevich: "Talks in Moscow between" Gazprom "and" Beltransgaz "continued from last week. Belarusian side asks to delay payment of the Russian Federation around 500 million dollars and, curiously, even ready to pay the penalty for delay. According to your opinion, why is such a need in delaying why Belarusian party agrees to pay a penalty? "Chubrik: "There is quite a wide question, as it all one way or another connected with the medium-term economic development. Fact that we not only have we seen such a seasonality in the dynamics of foreign trade, and at the end of the year is

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Figure a day or 1 billion dollars

According to the Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", we can talk about the delivery of mobile anti-aircraft missile system S-300P. Price of such a system is 0.8-1.2 billion dollars. In Last year to Belarus from Russia were delivered four sets of S-300 air defense system for the single Belarus and Russia. Accordingly freed earlier models of this system owned by Belarus, and one or two of them after the repairs can be sold — "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".It will be recalled that in Last year During his visit to Russia Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has signed agreements for the supply of military equipment in

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A.Fedorov: No schooling will not help to realize bad products

As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus, diplomats within 10 days of organized several workshops and field trips to large enterprises in the country. They pored over the export potential of the land and tourist complex ability of the country.By this occasion said political analyst Andrei Fedorov Radio Liberty"It is necessary to change constructively Belarusian economy. After all, if our product is not competitive in the external market, no study will help them to realize. " In This year Belarus trade deficit almost reached the half billion dollars. Details — later in the air

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Brest: every 5th utilities accessories — unprofitable

Since the beginning of the year another 175 Brest companies included in the list of unprofitable, and also achieved total amount of losses of 24 billion rubles.In the midst of the most problematic sub» facilities management company defined "Berastseablgaz" (more than 2 billion loss) bus fleet number 1 (725 million rubles), trolleybus fleet (357 million rubles) and housing maintenance and operation management town (234 million rubles).

Number of days: 2 billion 344 million U.S. dollars

With all of this, from the beginning of the year, they rose by 961 million bucks. However, much of this growth was the first payment of "Gazprom" for an equity interest in "Beltransgaz": Belarus received from "Gazprom" 625 millions of dollars.For comparison: Ukraine’s international reserves amount to 26 billion dollars (Almost 10 times larger than in Belarus) Of — 406 billion, and the largest volume of foreign exchange reserves in the world is China — 1000000000000 200 billion dollars.

Foreign loans cover economic inefficiency

Tsigankov"How does it look on the debt of Belarus against debts of other countries? Does the amount of debt of the Belarusian state concern of the Belarusian economy?"

Zlotnikau"While the amount of external debt is not more than in other countries. There is a norm -" amount of debt to GDP. "40-50 percent — this is normal. And Belarus is makes up only 20-25 percent. It’s not tragic. But I note that the debt grows very rapidly. Later — there is 70 per cent of short-term loans of different forms, which must be returned within 1 year. Because new

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Turkey’s ambitions to make a fighter with the label «Made in Turkey» and the purchase of 10 American fighter s fifth-generation F-35 can go beyond the financial capabilities of the country, writes the French television channel France portal 24 on 30 July.   Bureaucrats of the Turkish defense industry estimate that the design, development and construction of eight new fighter prototype TF-X will cost Ankara 10 billion U.S. dollars. «The amount of between 11 and 13 billion dollars for the development of such sverhtehnologichny aircraft would be realistic,» said a senior bureaucrat familiar with applets. «We focus on the cost

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Figure a day or 322 billion rubles

322 billion rubles — such supplies of finished products was light industry of Belarus on 1 chervenya. It is almost equal six-week production industry. This is the highest figure of supplies from all sectors of the state economy. It is worth recalling that, according to forecasts, the EU’s decision to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the Union will be particularly painful specifically for light industry and exacerbate an already bad situation.

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