The IMF has not yet decided

In constant consulate of the International monetary fund in Belarus said that the IMF mission will continue its work in Minsk. By the same disk imaging, it was complete the activities on November 6. Discussion regarding the allocation of Belarus stabilization loan of 2 billion dollars has not yet yielded results: no decisions have been taken and a press conference on the results of the mission is not planned. Consulate employee unchanged IMF Julia Liskova noted:"Tomorrow in Minsk for a role in this discussion comes the Deputy Director of the International Department of the euro monetary fund Juha Kyahkyanen. "Recall,

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Russian economy starts to shake?

According to the views of columnist Andrew Kremer, Russian stock market is currently experiencing the worst recession since the financial crisis of 1998.So called RTS — stock index reflecting the stock price 50 configuration important Russian companies (Aeroflot, Gazprom, Lukoil, Sberbank, Uralkali, etc.) — has fallen since May, at almost 48 percent. This decrease is partly explained by views Kremer, trends in the global economy, where the fall in oil prices. But part of the blame also lies with the Russian-Georgian war that scared foreign investors.Yesterday, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the government to suspend the stock market downturn,

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Mogilev plant managers engaged Tekhnopribor postscripts

According to the official disk imaging, plant managers blame malpractice, which led to huge losses for the company.Following an audit of suspected long distorted the statistical characteristics of the output volumes inflated through fictitious contract.Distorted statistics made exciting venture for the banks that gave loans to enterprise development.How should an official of disk imaging, enterprise payables — 40 billion rubles. Plant banks have about 20 billion rubles.

Minsk awaiting 2 billion dollars

Recall, the official Minsk invited the IMF loan in 2 billion dollars. Prior to the talks, the IMF official said the global crisis had a negative impact on the economy of Belarus, access to external financing. At the same time, changing conditions in international trade badly affected the balance of payments.The State Bank of Belarus explained to that the IMF loan is needed for the creation of "safety cushion".

Yaroslav RomanchukAccording to the manager of the analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk, "Credit now — it’s eating up credit. On support for the policy, which led the country in these

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Number of days: 168 billion rubles

This figure led Labour Minister Vladimir Patupchyk, representing the project in parliament. Total to pay benefits from the budget has been allocated 600 billion rubles. So makarom benefits are reduced least quarter. • Who exactly deprived of benefits?

Price concessions — 160 billion rubles

Patupchyk also cited some data when the benefits system will be accepted in the version in which one offers the ministry, the savings amount to 160 billion rubles (about 70 millions of dollars). Some MPs who questioned the minister, a number of proposals to preserve existing benefits. More often called software toddlers up to 3 years free medicines and 50 per cent discount on travel for students. Recall House of Representatives discusses the draft law "On the municipal social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens."The minister was responding to questions from MPs about 40 minutes. Currently discussion

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Air India to join «STAGE unprecedented modernization»

As expected, the Indian Air Force in the current fiscal year will conclude contracts for the acquisition of foreign military aircraft and helicopters for a total amount of 25 billion U.S. dollars.   These include the long-awaited signing of the contract for the purchase of 126 fighters functional (20 billion dollars), 3 aircraft for special operations C-130J, 22 attack helicopters, Boeing Apache Longbow (1,2 миллиардов dollars), 15 transport helicopters languid Boeing CH Chinook (1,4 миллиардов dollars) and 6 European refueling aircraft A-330 MRTT (2 billion dollars).   «Air Force entered the unprecedented step of modernization. Ability of military aircraft will

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Air Show at Le Bourget completed its work

50th International Airshow recently finished work in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget. For the leading global manufacturers of this naikrupneyshim Exposition has become very successful. The total amount of contracts that managed to conclude its work in the days of aviation and favorites of cosmic industry broke all previous records. «Professionals aerospace industry said on orders totaling 115 billion euros — the first time in history,» — said General Commissioner of the exhibition Emeric d’Arcimoles, summing up the results now fruitful week. In total, the world leading aircraft companies received firm orders and options, have also signed letters of

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FOR MORE Air India will gather 42 Su-30MKI fighters

«Rosoboronexport» Hindustan Aeronautics and the company signed a contract to supply 42 Techkomplekt license for assembly production Su-30MKI fighters. Amount of the contract is U.S. $ 1.6 billion agreement was signed during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India.   Immediately «Rosoboronexport» and the Indian Ministry of Defence signed a contract to supply to India 71 Mi-17V-5, with a total cost of $ 1.3 billion   Earlier today during a meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Putin significant growth of trade turnover between Russia and India, which is not far in the future should reach the

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Russia ranks first in the number supplied to export fighters in 2009-2012.

TSAMTO August 27. In Zhukovsky begins its work the 11th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013. The exhibition 850 companies are participating: 576 Russian and 274 zabugornyh from 42 countries. At the invitation of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation at the MAKS-2013 is expected to arrive official delegations from 79 foreign countries. At MAKS-2013 «Rosoboronexport» plans to hold talks with more than 60 delegations from 40 countries. According to the press service of the Russian special exporter, now aircraft and air defense systems account for 58% of total orders knapsack «Rosoboronexport». Assessment TSAMTO, Our homeland

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