Steve Youngs Birdwatch logbook

The cuckoo’s rhythmic call is arguably one of the most recognisable bird sounds. Made famous in clocks and by the earliest spring reports in newspapers, everyone knows the cuckoo’s voice, but could you identify one?

I’ve photographed cuckoo on a few occasions, and when I’ve shown images to non-birding people I’ve nearly always had the same response: ‘I didn’t know a cuckoo looked like that, it looks more like a bird of prey.’ And to a certain extent it does, with its long wings and tail, raptor-like flight and slightly down curved bill, indeed, even experienced birdwatchers have often mistaken

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Red-legged partridge

Things you will need…

The red-legged partridge is a gamebird in the pheasant family, and is also known as the French partridge to distinguish from the English and Grey partridge species. It has a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. It has a white face with a black gorget, rufous-streaked flanks and, of course, red legs. When disturbed it is more likely to run than fly, but will fly a short distance on its rounded wings if necessary. It is primarily a seed eating species, although the young take insects as an essential protein supply. Its call is

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Little owls

The little owl is one of the most widely distributed species of owl, native to warmer parts of Europe, North Africa, and Asia east to Korea. It was introduced to Great Britain in the 19th century, and to southern New Zealand in the early 20th century. As the name would suggest, it’s not the largest bird, measuring from 230-275mm in length. It is recognisable by its white speckled brown plumage, large head, long legs, yellow eyes and its distinctive white eyebrows’ which give it a somewhat stern expression. The little owl is partly diurnal, so you don’t have to go

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Create Khanka Reserve

Usually idea of ​​the Ussuri region associated with the impassable taiga, dense forests, home to tigers, leopards, red deer, Goral, spotted deer, spruce grouse and ducks mandarin, where many plants have survived since the Tertiary period. But not everyone knows that in addition to tropical forests in nature Ussuri region has a very unique, interesting area — the famous Lake Khanka. It has long attracted the attention of naturalists, but still remains little known. Khanka Lake Nature conceals many interesting things waiting to be explored.

At different times, Lake Khanka called differently: Jin-bo, which means «mirror»; Lamo — the sea;

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One day Solotcha

Four in the morning. Fog covers the meadows. We go down the familiar road and plunged into «milk.» Abundant, too, even dew. Somewhere beats quail. The grass is low — did not have time to grow up. Aside from the bushes creaked lonely corncrake. NOTE. In the last year of their cacophony can be deafening.

Participants from spaniels on leashes, following on the heels of the commission came to the drainage ditch that separates the vast meadow in half. Commission chairman commanding: «Show walking pet at his feet, and without a leash! Here the road. So, by drawing lots.

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AT Volnovaha

Autumn bird nemnogogolosy. Only aroused beast, strike up cackling geese. Under tough fatal blow to the cry of a hawk choke kryakovaya, beeps garganey. Yes, far away from the rivers, I am the desert, where the well water is not a rare screening, only flickering star guess that the well is dry, quail alone and tens of time plaintively asked: «go drink! Drink … .. let’s go!» .

Silence. Air bursting breasts, light smoky shop after hurting. Yet not only this, but for some reason the other, still unknown Grigorenko, he was so good, that is not ashamed of

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Rough-legged buzzard in the tundra of the Russian North

With this amazing bird of prey I met more than forty years ago in the tundra near Vorkuta, where he went in the first Russian expedition to the North. The next day, after arriving in the northern city, we went with a companion in the route that ran through the deep valley of a small river Bezymyanka. On the left slope of the valley of the river, three hundred meters away from our path, rising 70 to 80 cm unusual eye in this treeless area of ​​natural gray pile of firewood. It turned out, this time from the ‘gray

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Forgotten Spring

Few people remember that the first time banned in Russia spring hunting in 1957. By the time of the poacher-turned free-rider I-Hsia in zapravskogo quite legitimate hunter experienced almost four years. At the time taken in the ranks of members of the society of hunters is very simple. You turned sixteen, got a passport and go to the district society of hunters. They present their most important document, plus two pictures of three to four cm and six rubles. Instead, you get two small cardboard booklets: a hunting license and membership card society of hunters. According to these documents

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All birds on a branch

Arkady was arrogant and insolent. Exactly I knew Lenka loves him before losing momentum. She really loved him.

That is why he allowed many.

He could, and fly around the room, and my mother’s flowers unceremoniously pinching and kissing on the lips. He sat on the elongated Lenkin finger sideways approached to her face and bent beak in his mouth ajar. And then I put pressure on the pity: pulled away, rocking his whole little body and yellow hypocritically lamented boring bringing lisping voice:

— All birds on the ve-e-ee-point, and Arkashenka in glue-eetochke. In general, he exhibited miserable

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Tatiana Kozik: I believe in the love that brought us on the wings of birds

In soon are increasingly allowed itself felt mention of the past …As a child, which was held on the banks of the celebrated poets rivulet conversations, the world seemed infinitely beautiful and harmonious. The school came to realize that the love of Belarusian language own country and I clearly felt immediately with the consciousness that man can not live without love. Specifically love rescues from all dark and low, — the existence of life on this side I found out, leaving 11 years shore conversation.Believe that our world has given birth to love.Believe that love is a great force.Believe that

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