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Your poultry


Usually first noticed as a small swelling, often reddened, at the base of the foot.

It can show up as a pea-size swelling of the web of skin between the toes or a large raised area on the bottom of the foot, often with a scab area in the centre. The bird may limp, or frequently rest one foot. The foot will become hot to the touch and look visibly inflamed. If left untreated it can grow considerably, distort the toes, become filled with pus and may eventually kill the bird if the infection within the foot causes a

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Birds of a feather

Too tall, too determined

By the time I made it to basic training, I knew I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I had one small problem that stood in my way; how was I going to cut two inches off my 6’2″ frame to meet the legal limit? The answer came in the form of my instructor and partner in crime, Frank “Mickey» Spillane.

It would be many years later that Mickey would become a famous author and beer commercial star, but in 1943, he ignored my height as we conspired a devious plan to get me into fighters.

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Birds In Flight

Photographing flying birds is more about the preparation you put into making the picture happen than sheer luck. A combination of using the ideal settings while anticipating the right moment is essential to get a perfect shot like this.

I switched my camera to the Manual mode for a fast shutter speed and narrow aperture while setting up for this action shot. If you are using a compact camera, you can even use the Sports mode for similar settings. Instead of simply using a zoom lens from a single location, I decided to move closer to the birds. I used

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Best Shot

Fall is already upon us and millions of wingshooting enthusiasts are preparing to take to the woods and water to hunt their favorite feathered quarry. As opening day approaches, many hunters will pull their favorite shotgun from where it has been stored since the previous hunting season to get a bit of practice in at their local clay target facility. Unfortunately they discover quickly that shooting clays is a bit tougher than shooting birds. It’s not quite like riding a bicycle after taking five or six months off.

«If those things had feathers. I’d hit them” is a quote heard

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In Dagestan need Preserve

Shallow waters of the Caspian Sea from the delta of the Volga to the mouth of the river Sulak has been famous for an abundance of waterfowl.

Powerful jets of the Volga, Terek and Sulak strongly partly desalinate the northwestern part of the Caspian Sea. Therefore, here along the shore reed, cattail and bulrush form surface vegetation belt widths of up to 12 km to the north (the Kalmyk coast) and from 2 to 6 km to the south (the Dagestan coast). Reed is low — 2-4 meters, but almost everywhere it forms impassable thickets. Among the reed roof

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Workshop on cultivation of birds introduced myasoptitsekombinat Kurganinskii


New production facility for growing birds discovered in ZAO "Myasoptitsekombinat" Kurganinskii ", the press service of the Department of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Krasnodar Territory.

"In the renovated and refurbished housing already planted the first batch of chicks. At full capacity the company will produce up to 8,000 tons of poultry per year in live weight ", — the press-service.

According to the department, the Krasnodar Territory is one of the leading regions of the country for the production of poultry meat. In 2009, poultry Kuban produced more than 160,000 tons of

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Canada: In the city of Winnipeg was an unusual rain — precipitation fell in the form of birds

September 5, 2013. Environmental services and animal welfare advocates are trying to figure out what killed hundreds of birds that fell on the heads of the inhabitants of the city.

According to the inspectors, environmental service, they picked up on the street for more than 50 dead birds, another 11 who were still alive were transferred to the local community for the protection of animal health.

As the director of the organization Eric Ansevyu, the surviving birds behave quite cheerfully, although not able to stand up and fly. But these birds will be put to death, and then sent to

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American city seized millions of birds



For the inhabitants of the town of Hopkinsville in Kentucky's story fi thriller Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" has become a reality. Huge flocks of birds suddenly flooded the city, do not attack people, but have already managed to scare to death of animals, droppings pollute the landscape, and most of their stay in the city threatens residents of diseases, according to Reuters.

"When the birds rise into the sky, they block all the sunlight is. I think millions of

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Abnormal processes in the Earth's crust — as the cause of mass deaths of animals and global climate change. Independent investigation

In the news began to appear frequently reported unexplained mass deaths of birds and sea creatures (Aquatic). On the Internet there were even drawn maps enthusiasts.

As a possible cause of dead birds in the press often predlagayutsya such as:

1. "Fireworks". It is unlikely in itself and in the past have never resulted in a massive loss.

2. "The impact of a blunt object." In the same series, where have you seen the bird several hundred rushed to the car and even at the same time in different countries? Obviously, injuries result from falling and hitting the ground

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Tell them NO: fireworks!

Preparing for the New Year holidays, entering the active phase. Buy firecrackers it becomes an indispensable attribute. If you want to contribute to the ecology of the planet — do not engage in it! Do not support this vicious business, do not keep the lovers of this empty and dirty fun. Go outside and with all the strength babahnut, startling sky, stars, birds, small children — well, is not this fun? If some person such primitive fun amuses and entertains, it only shows a low level of its spiritual culture. I wonder what people think of stars, looking at the

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