Gas Street Basin, Birmingham

The presence of water in its various guises has long been an attraction for outdoor photographers. This month’s On location shoot saw Phil and I drawn to the urban landscape of central Birmingham, to explore the inland waterways in and around the rather intriguingly named Gas Street Basin.

In the world of canals and narrowboats, Gas Street Basin certainly has generated a reputation — it is one of the places to moor one’s vessel. The first canal was built here in the late 18th century and was a victim of its own success, quickly becoming over-congested with traffic. It is

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In Birmingham, the student committed suicide, unable to bear the harassment of immigrant classmates

In the UK scandal erupted around the death of a nine-year student in Birmingham. It turned out that he was one of the few white students in his class and was hung up, unable to endure threats from peers

Nine-year-Dagmor Aaron (Aaron Dugmore) died in a children's hospital in Birmingham on February 12, but the circumstances of his death hit the press two weeks later. It turned out that the boy hanged himself Feb. 11, 2013 in his room. He was found by his mother was still alive, but doctors were unable to save the child's life.


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Hurricane in the southern U.S.. Video


24.01.12.Uragany in the south killed two residents of Alabama, about 100 people were travmy.Silnye storms attacked the southern regions of the United States on Monday. The storm swept across from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, threatening tornado.

The most affected village of Oak Grove near the largest city of Alabama — Birmingham. The wind tore the glass of the cars, tore roofs off houses, completely bore flimsy wooden buildings.

— Rescuers went into the house, screaming people, checked, was not blocked anyone. As a result, 200 people complained of various injuries. Two died.

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In Birmingham settled black ghoul




Leonora ROSTOV

Many people believe a tale of vampires and laugh at stories about Count Dracula. However, residents of Birmingham English tend to believe in the existence of an aggressive creature that feeds on human blood.

Rumors about a strange man who wanders the streets and plunges

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Downpours and floods in Birmingham, Alabama

Multiple precipitation across the state of Alabama, were caused by Tropical Storm Lee. Projected rainfall should decrease in the near future, but the streets remain flooded.

Birmingham International Airport reached 6.69 inches of water, before this record was 2.1 inches, it has been installed on the same day in 1949, according to the National Weather Service.

As a result of flooding in the school auditorium collapsed Pinson, now in the building of the water level reaches five feet, spokesman for Calhoun. Since it was night, the school no one was hurt. In addition, from Tuesday in all Jefferson County schools

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