There is a potential flaw in Atul Gawande’s BetterBirth Project, which seeks to spread safer childbirth practices through neonatal intervention. In another initiative, in the nineteen-eighties, a group of Western mid worked in remote villages in Nepal to teach local birth attendants how to prevent neonatal tetanus, which was killing large numbers of infants. With immunization clinics, the group was able to achieve measurable improvements in neonatal survival. But the death rate of children under five years remained stubbornly high. Many of those who might have died as were doomed to die as toddlers. The innovations cannot stop with improved

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Pediatrician V.Smolnikava: Fertility decreases mortality grows

She analyzed the sad demographics in the affected area:"In the years 1978-1979 in our area was born about 800-900 kids. Throughout 2005 339 babies were born. In 2006 — three 30 3-I am one of them only every third well. In the second group — kids who are born with prepyadstviya. Of 61%. And there were born unhealthy — 16, or 4.8%. Some of these children have already died.If it comes to that we Tipo baby boom, then it irritates me. Reserves to give birth to a lot of kids in this country is not enough. 20% primeval families —

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Now — the 124th anniversary of the birth of a day or General Bulak-Balakhovich (photo)

The Polish capital Belarusian students congratulated funny day of birth Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich his grandson, also Stanislaus — he lives in Warsaw and distributed specially made for the occasion of this solemn date poster.Poster for days of birth Belarusian GeneralAvgen: "Now there is a lot of thoughts about the person for whom waged war Bulak Balakhovich. We’ve met and talked with his grandson here in Warsaw, and we know that the general fought for Belarus. Because our duty — to keep in mind about it "Pronunciation our radio Belarusian student from Warsaw Avgen.Soon Belarusians living in Warsaw a couple of times

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Vertical birth

Recently, pregnant women are more likely to occur with a term such as vertical birth. What is this — the latest invention of modern obstetrics, the fashion for unusual delivery or disposal of savinggeneric Pain?

The historical aspect

Vertical birth has long been considered the most comfortable. For example, in Central Africa woman went into the forest, where the trees she put a pole holding a woman in labor who is sitting down, then got up themselves births were squatting. Indian woman gave birth, hanging on the vines or branches of trees. Persians intime labor relied hands on

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What Women Want

Recent studies have allowed scientists to find out what they want: • to have any man who had thrown the girl, something is shortened an inch. And so every time • If you look closely at the nails, the nail itself would have changed color • In the Army men were taught to dance a slow dance, cook diet food and swaddle babies • Mandatory elements of the game of hockey became a triple toe loop, back flip and rotate in a pose "swallow "• And the players did not have the curves of the legs, but the pants would

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Health Centre for Children in Reutov opened after renovation

The unique health care facility located in the territory of Reutova again opened its doors to children and their parents. The room, which occupies Health Centre, was repaired. The building has new windows, modern suspended ceilings, and floors sparkle shiny tiles.Health Centre for Children operates in the framework of the program of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to promote healthy lifestyles. In Reutovo it exists since 2009. Here, have a diverse counseling for expectant mothers, psychological conduct training sessions for parents and toddlers diagnosed with various developmental disorders of children.The institution is pediatricians, children's

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S.Parsyukevich meets day birthday behind bars

For the first time have to meet Sergei Parsyukevich day birthday behind bars. Which criteria turned activist movement of entrepreneurs?Wife of businessman Natalia says: if it were not for the arrest and the tribunal, now husband certainly would have been on the market."In part, we worked on it day of birth. He is a film for greenhouses conducted trade, and currently just the best season for this business. Would work until the evening, and later the house would suit a festive dinner. In the near future today often in the evening went to the cottage for kebabs "- says Natalia

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List of deportees from Russia hermits

1.Natallya Klimovich, born in 1964, resident Zhabinka.2.Alena Panasiuc, born in 1957, resident of Brest.3rd Svetlana Zhukovich, born in 1957, resident of the Stolin district.Fourth Olga Karpovich, born in 1936, resident of Bobruisk.5th Evdokia Popov, born in 1937, resident of Mogilev region.According to Colonel Salmin, Now in the presence of a representative of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia these ladies again said they did not wish to leave the region:"All the same, we execute the deportation — Colonel singled Salmin — no fines, or else punishment as this hurry to declare certain media will not use. There are appropriate arrangements

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Who is increased birth rate?

To deny the birth rate and life expectancy is quite difficult, because in the course are more subtle arguments:

1) The birth rate increased in Caucasians and other non-Russians.

2) They also got maternal capital.

3) Stop feeding the Caucasus! 111.

The most intelligent fighters against the regime are well able to keep your nose to the wind, respectively adapted to the traditional nationalist discourse.

Another argument 4) is all echo baby boom in the '80s — the merit of the USSR. And there are not fighters acquires a brownish and pinkish hue. They

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Funds from the depopulation

Maternal capital has a strong incentive to the birth of the second and third child. Fertility, as a result, has increased over the past six years by almost 30%. 

Last year, Russia came into being 1,896,300 people. This — the largest since the 1990s, the number of births.

In the discussion on the causes of the Russian demographers baby boomers can make your point. The country is reaping the benefits of Vladimir Putin launched policies to encourage large families. Maternity capital, paid from January 1, 2007, the allowance for child care for unemployed women,

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