Rise up in the air whether the South American reconnaissance blimp

The Air Force United States, spending 140 million dollars on the creation of a spy blimp for military operations in Afghanistan, declined to Blue Devil Block2, which is one of the projects of such type. It became clear that the spy blimp "landed" earlier than the take off. Could this mean a curtailment of the project future difficulties with the development of the military airship as a whole?

Let's make out intently Blue Devil Block2 — a project that is on the verge of closing. Most recently USAF issued a statement on the termination of the applets, adding that in

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Russian airships until 1917

Airships (from the French word dirigeable — managed) called aircraft lighter than air. They are a combination of a propulsion balloon (usually a helical gear with a gasoline engine or an electronic engine), and with the attitude control system (the so-called control surfaces) by using airships which can move in any direction regardless of the direction of wind flow. Airships own sleek elongated body that is filled with lifting gas (hydrogen or helium), which is responsible for the creation of aerostatic lift.

The heyday of airships is at the beginning of the XX century, the period of the First World

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