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Long live the Orcs!

Blizzard creates new gaming genre.

WARCRAFT crept unnoticed

The presence on the ECTS Blizzard unsuspected until then, until the hour of X. At one point, the exhibition was inverted upside down, and journalists chorus felt that obviously missed something, bypassing the first ever two huge exhibition halls. On the other hand, well, who could draw attention to the wretched little room the size of a typical Moscow kitchen with clean, without a single wall poster! After the press conference the corresponding ugly boxing ring took in a huge crowd of workers of the pen and keyboard. The object of

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On the New Zealand hit a blizzard — the strongest in 20 years

June 20, 2013. The strongest over the past 20 years, a blizzard struck the New Zealand city of Otago, Canterbury and other parts of the country.

According to local media outlets, as a result of the disaster are de-energized over 3 thousand houses and dozens of flights canceled.

In the southern part of the country, in some regions, the snow depth reached one meter snow drifts blocked a number of roads.

At the moment, about the victims or the victims of the information has been received.


The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept

The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept Weather and Climate

The Midwest U.S. is slowly moving powerful snowstorm. Snowfall is so abundant that after becoming neproezzhabelnymi road and accident-prone. According to reports from St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, around 355.6 mm of snow fell. In connection with this weekend Airport canceled 150 flights.

In Minnesota, it's heavy snowfall since then, two years ago under the weight of winter precipitation fell through the roof Metrodoum sports center. In 2012, the roof has been kept as the center owners do their best to melt the accumulated snow, while the air temperature

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Pounced on the Japanese island of ice storm

Pounced on the Japanese island of blizzard Natural Disasters

The southern part of the island of Hokkaido in Japan suffered from severe snow storm. According to local media, strong winds and snow caused power outages to more than 50 thousand houses and apartments.

Nearest night people from 21 thousand houses in which electricity has not been restored, had left without heat and light, while on the street established sub-zero temperatures in some settlements came to -5,7 ° C. In this regard, 290 people have been evacuated and housed in shelters, organized in Noboribetsu and six other towns. Extremely

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Global warming causes severe snowstorms

March 2, 2013. Some scholars argue that the reason meager snowfall and lack of snow on the ski slopes in some areas of the U.S. — a global thaw. They insist that the blame for February's strong storms that drowned the north-east of the country in a half-meter drifts, also lies on global warming.

The solution to this paradox lies in the physics of atmospheric phenomena. A warmer atmosphere is capable of holding and, therefore, drop to the ground, more moisture. And when the temperature drops low enough for the formation of a snow storm, the warmer the air often

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In the United States skidded EVEN SNOW HAWAII


12.01.11.Silny snowfalls in the U.S.. 49 of the 50 U.S. states, including Hawaii, zaporosheny blizzard. Only state, devoid of snow cover, is Florida. In New York, fell about 30 cm of snow. Many states have passed even "freezing rain."

In Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, and New York, announced a state of emergency.

Disrupted flights. All U.S. airlines urge passengers before leaving the house, check the status of their flights. Ice on the roads and congestion. No entry for some segments of the highways. Traffic police urges motorists to maximum vigilance and asks him

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Undercover forgotten victories. Oblivion snowstorm

Gallaktichesky ship reusable "Blizzard"Was created in the USSR in the late 80's. He made unprecedented automatic flight in orbit around the Earth and made a precise fit at the airport in Baikonur. Notwithstanding the uniqueness of the structures, systems management, advanced technology, co-creation of the ship, this first flight "Buran" and "Energy" was the last.

Undercover forgotten victories. Oblivion snowstorm

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Forecasters warn of blizzard in western Transbaikalia Friday

Situation Centre Roshydromet warns of a sharp deterioration in the weather Friday in western Trans-Baikal region — expected snowfall, blizzard, ice, high winds and lower temperatures.

"Day on October 26 in the western half of the Trans-Baikal region with further spread of 27-28 October at the rest of the region is expected to snow, sometimes heavy, blizzard, black ice on the roads, roll forward, drifts, winds of 15-20 meters per second. Lowering the temperature by 10-12 degrees, "- said the situation center.

Cyclone with snow blizzard and storm wind is coming to Kolyma

Rescue services Kolyma moved into high alert due to the approach of a cyclone in the region, which is the snow storm and the wind to gale force, told RIA Novosti the central board of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

"On Saturday and Sunday, is expected to increase in wind up to 17 meters per second, snow, blizzard places on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk possible breaking and separation of the coastal fast ice ice" — a spokesman said.

According to him, to reduce the risk of emergencies and mitigation, rescue workers appealed to the people to refrain from

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Belynichi: There was a search of Oleg Metelitsa. Nothing found

Society The apartment of the former trustee of the district center Neklyaeva Belynichi Oleg Metelitsa KGB officers searched. He passed last night without the presence of the owners. The apartment is temporarily living familiar activist.Oleg's wife Mrs. Natalya Metelitsa today learned about the details of the search:

"It was conducted by Shklovsky's inter-district department of the KGB lieutenant Eugene Bryl on behalf of the investigators of the Mogilev oblast KGB Constantine Batvinkova. Today I called Batvinkovu. He gave me no information on what article conducted a search and who authorized it. The resolution was. I have confirmed it. Nothing we

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