New York Snipers

Mark Ayton spoke with members of the 174th Fighter Wing, New York Air National Guard about recent capability upgrades to the F-16C.

THE 174TH Fighter Wing (FW) is part of the New York Air National Guard. It operates 15 Block 30 F-16C Fighting Falcons from Hancock Field, the military side of Syracuse International airport, in mid-state New York and has approximately 1,000 people assigned.

Since the first F-16 arrived at Syracuse in 1988, the 174th has flown Block 10 F-16As, Block 25 F-16Cs and the current Block 30 F-16C. It was one of only two Air National Guard F-16 Wings

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Letters to NZ Lifestyle Block

I was very relieved with the recent March issue of NZ Lifestyle Block to read that there has been some research done on the effects of human induced stress on commercial chickens’ welfare and egg production.

Now that I am on to my second batch of rescued hens from a free range farm I have discovered a number of attitudes and behaviours that have made chicken ownership much easier.

1. Four is easier than two

I will always get three as a minimum number. They flock. Safety and comfort in numbers.

2. Chickens are cupboard lovers Approaching with food, titbits

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Tremolo parts

Strat springs, block and claw

PRICE:$21.95 (springs), $79.95 (block),

$44.95 (claw & screws)

CONTACT: 001 978 473 1323 (USA) or 01206 382224

Killer Guitar Components is a family-run company providing hand-made kit designed for upgrading stock factory parts. The company specialises in trem bridge parts and we’re checking out a milled bridge block and spring claw along with some Raw Vintage springs that are designed to replicate the tension, tone and feel of vintage Fender springs.

Opting to try the springs first, we simply swapped them with the modern repros on one of our Strats. The Killer

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Creative problems of industrial architecture TODAY


Doctor of Architecture, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Architecture

The continuous growth of material and cultural needs of the Soviet people makes all areas of architecture every year more and more demanding.

Before the industrial construction in the Soviet Union since the early days of Soviet power were set the task, it is fundamentally different from the objectives pursued by capitalist enterprises.

The very nature of capitalism, which exists only at the expense of surplus value, objectively pushes the owner of the plant as much as possible to reduce the wages of the worker, and the

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Initial Contract Awarded for THK F-16 Upgrade

LOCKHEED MARTIN was awarded a $67.7 million long-lead contract on July 19 to begin development for the Peace Onyx III upgrade programme for the Turkish Air Force’s F-16C/D fleet, for which a Letter of Offer and Acceptance was formally signed earlier this year.

Work on this initial phase is scheduled for completion by July 2006, after which the main contract is due to be awarded, with Lockheed Martin’s total contract share amounting to some $800 million.

The programme will upgrade 117 aircraft, Lockheed Martin providing kits for 37 F-16 Block 30s, four Block 40s and 76 Block 50s. The deal

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EUMEROUS’ AND ‘widespread’ are two words which describe the fielding of the F-16 Fighting Falcon with Air Forces around the world. The most prolific is the United States Air Force, which operates the F-16 in seven of its ten commands, including the Air National Guard (ANG). Since the first F-16s were delivered to what was then the 169th Tactical Fighter Group, at McEntire Air National Guard Base, South Carolina, in July 1983, General Dynamics’, and subsequently Lockheed Martin’s, revolutionary little fighter aircraft has formed the backbone of the Guards’ combat capability. In 2004, no fewer than 27 Air National Guard

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Build a Solid and warm home for moderate money is quite possible, if properly selected wall material. House of aerated concrete is characterized by high capacity for heat saving, and they are built quickly enough.

Aerated concrete blocks made from cement-lime-sand mixture to which is added a blowing agent — the aluminum powder. Aluminum reacts with lime and water, resulting in gas evolution and the formation of a finely porous structure. The resulting product was placed in an autoclave chamber. Here, in the conditions of high temperature and moisture curing occurs and curing of the material. The process is the same-dimensional, without the occurrence of Schshk internal stresses and, as a consequence, usadoch-deformations.

perfect fit

The final product has excellent mechanical strength, thermal and performance. This aerated concrete blocks have accurate geometrical parameters. Building

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Greece to Buy F-16 Block 52s

GREEK DEFENCE Minister Spilios Spiliotopoulos announced on July 19 that the Greek Government is to place a 1.1 billion euro order for 30 Lockheed Martin 1-16 Block 52 fighters, with options on a further ten aircraft. The announcement followed a meeting earlier that day of the Greek National Security Council (the KYSEA) to discuss its four-year arms procurement programme up to 2010. The aircraft will be ordered in a government-to-government deal with Washington, with the precise final cost still to be determined. Provision of maintenance support will be requested as part of an offset deal still to be negotiated. The

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Large-block construction in Leningrad

Arhitektor01 Chaika and Konstantin Khalturin

The problem of large-block construction is part of a larger problem sheathe the industrialization of mass construction. Progressiveness large-block construction lies in the fact that it is in its idea is a kind of factory construction.

The difference between the large-block houses and houses large-panel, which emerged in the development of these two branches of the factory housing, is that the main walls of large blocks of uniform and blocks in the walls of all the functions of the wall material in the houses as with panel and frame-and-panel walls certain elements of the walls

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Space around.

Probably, you know, dear reader, that our magazine cautiously bypasses the interesting genre that western journalists call "Sports". It is an old tradition, and we are not going to break it. But we have cunning. Using our maniacal love for all 3D-Accelerated and licensed Star Wars, firm LucasAnts, showing very unsportsmanlike talents could foist our edition purely a sports game Shadows ° F the Empire.

Who would have thought that a demo version of the game is so insidious? After three episodes is quite nice, we were expecting a dozen equally original and fun stages. But, having spent a

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