Telepathy. Call of the blood. Online.

What is Telepathy? Why it occurs in a small portion of people. and the rest did not acquire it until the end of his life?

I bring to your attention the Online video superpowers. Telepathy. Call of the Blood:


The surgeon, who refused the scalpel and antibiotics




MD, a surgeon with more than 50 years of experience Vasily Nikitivich corporals never chased for no loud glory, not for high ranks and awards, for no widely known. Meanwhile, the cause to which he devoted most of his life, deserves the highest recognition. However, because of

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Fed the brain

British scientists have started their development in the field of nutritional supplements, which will be used to cause a feeling of fullness more quickly. Apparently, obesity — the main problem for scientists in England. They would look at the people in the U.S. or Germany. And yet, as happily talked about all the benefits of GMOs.

The study conducted by an international team of professionals who work in the project Full4Health, initiated by the European Union.

"Smart" food that we plan to be able to persuade people to

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First aid for nose bleeds

The victim should sit down, bend your torso slightly forward. With no signs of fracture of the nose and nasal septum bleeding from the nose can try to stop, gently pressing the wings of the nose between thumb and forefinger tonasal partition for 3-5 minutes. One must ask the victim to breathe through the mouth and gently tilt his head forward.

A more effective method: plugging the nasal passage stiff gauze or a cotton swab dipped in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or just cold water. In the bleeding nostril administered swab and clamped nostril with your fingers.

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In Ecuador, the river became red


31.07.12.Vozvraschenie bloody river — the last days of this phrase repeat residents Ejercito quarter south of the capital of Ecuador. The fact is that, according to the inhabitants of the quarter, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the river water flowing through the bottom of the gorge Cornejo, painted in red color.

A similar phenomenon is observed for the last time in 2008. Journalists interested in this information and on Friday, July 27, around 10:30 am, they came to see the "river of blood." Water flowing through the gorge, had a gray color — the result of the discharge

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Liver profile

Liver profile — a set of specific blood tests, which allows to diagnose diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

What are the indications for liver profile?

liver disease; cholecystitis; jaundice.

What do the indicators of liver profile?

1) Total protein— An indicator of the total amount of protein in the blood. Reduction of the total protein in plasma observed in severe liver disease (due to the protein synthesis liver cells).

Normal values of total protein: 66-83 G / l.

2) AST (AST, aspartate aminotransferase) — one of the key enzymes synthesized in the liver. Normally, the content of

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Planning for pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy — The preparation of the couple to conceive a healthy baby. Includes a conscious decision to have a baby, a full examination of the body expectant mother (and, if necessary, and the Pope), detection and treatment of diseases that may affect the health of the unborn child or the mother's ability to bear and give birth to a baby.

During pregnancy and childbirth woman's body undergoes a lot of stress on all the vital organs. With a vengeance work the heart, kidneys, liver, experiencing a lot of stress the nervous, immune, endocrine system. It is

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What is it?

Gout (Gouty arthritis) — a disease of the joints, which is caused by the deposition of salts in them uric acid (urate). It affects all the joints: fingers, hands, feet, elbows and knees. Gout most often affects the joints of the toes.

Gout affects about one person in a thousand. Men suffer 20 times more often than women. The disease usually develops after 40 years in men and post-menopausal women.

Why did this happen?

In the development of gout is the role of heredity. Predisposing factors: excess food, monotonous meat diet, alcohol (especially beer and wines),

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Omsk surgeons first in the Urals had surgery to repair the liver

Omsk surgeons performed a unique surgery to repair the liver. After surgery internal organ that was hit by 80%, it was possible to save. This is the first such operation in the Urals. The revolutionary spirit techniques that diseased liver after surgery doctors began to regenerate healthy cells, that is, to restore itself.

This patient had no idea that the hike in the woods for her could end so sadly. Alveococcosis, was diagnosed by doctors. "Disease hunters," called her doctors, the person is transferred from wild animals.

Natalia KEDO resident of Omsk: "We

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Indicators of blood during pregnancy

Get your hands on a blood test, a pregnant woman sometimes horrified by comparing their results and the results of the "norm." However, nothing wrong with that: the fact is that during pregnancy has its own "rules." Meanwhile, blood tests abound scary and confusing names, and not to be afraid of uncertainty, it makes sense to understand the terms.

Complete blood

Pregnancy affects the results of a general analysis of blood. Such indicators as hemoglobin andhematocrit may decline in the second half of pregnancy, andleucocytes, on the contrary, may be increased.


Coagulation — a measure of blood clotting.

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