Voronezh: the blood will make milk, yogurt, brew …




Scientists Voronezh Technological Academy have developed the ability to produce the blood of a number of food products — milk, yogurt, kvass, chocolate and coffee. This was reported in the leadership of the Voronezh State Technological Academy.

Scientists note that every meat-packing plant every day lost about

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Postpartum hemorrhage

Unfortunately, only 14% of births take place without complications. The most common symptom is abnormal postnatal period — bleeding.

Causes The delay in the uterus of the next (share a placenta or membranes); Atonia and hypotonia of the uterus; Soft tissue injury of the birth canal; Violation of blood coagulation (coagulopathy). Diagnosis and treatment

Massive bleeding from the uterus may occur early (within 2 hours) or late (after 2 hours or more after birth) postnatal period. In hypo-and atony uterus big, relaxed, with outdoor massage may decrease slightly, and then relaxes again, andbleeding resumes.

Hypotonic treatment of

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Renal profile

Renal profile — a set of specific blood tests, which allows you to get a wealth of information about the functional state of the kidneys.

What are the indications for renal profile?

diagnosis of the kidneys; gout; urolithiasis.

What do the indicators of renal profile?

1) Creatinine — a substance that plays an important role in the energy metabolism of muscle and other tissues. Creatinine is completely eliminated by the kidneys, therefore, the determination of its concentration in the blood has the greatest clinical relevance for the diagnosis of kidney disease.

The normal creatinine values:

Men —

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Brothers — cheetahs / Cheetah Blood Brothers watch online

On the plains Linyanti Botswana's excellent live brothers. They are homogeneous in blood, hunted together. Their strategy is similar to working in a team of lions. Their hunting is often crowned with success. But soon the power of 3 comes to an end and these blood brothers go through difficult tests … The success of these 3 brothers cheetahs justified their relationship, which was formed in the years of early. Achilles — a natural favorite from the start inquiring and independent, he constantly ignored the warning mothers not to depart very far. Shiva and Odin are by their nature

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Mythology of the Third Reich: the thought nezapyatannoy blood

Citizens of the Russian Federation have heard a lot about the German Nazis, but in fact aware of the ideology of the Third Reich is not enough. In the minds of the people hodgepodge of images of Soviet-Russian films, caricature Germans from Hollywood movies (often similar to the fairy-tale characters, monsters from hell). Unfortunately, for a part of modern European and Russian youth Hitler Nazis began the standards to follow.

In this article, we will focus on the fundamental rock ideology of the Third Reich — the idea of "pure blood." It should be noted that this "block" of

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Priapism — an involuntary erection unrelated to sexual arousal that lasts more than 4-6 hours. The erection of such duration is inevitably accompanied by tenderness, discoloration of skin of the penis. It requires immediate medical attention!

Priapism can develop at any age, but more often — in children 5-10 Years of age and in men 20-50 Years. This is a fairly rare condition, patients with this problem are only 0.2% of all those who applied to the doctor for sexual disorders.

The causes of priapism Urgent, please contact your doctor immediately: If an erection lasts more than four

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A new method for early diagnosis of breast cancer, developed by Novosibirsk scientists

 Photo source:nsc.ru

Modern problem of female deaths from breast cancer is inefficient method of diagnostics. For years, working on a new improved method for early detection of breast cancer graduate Vladislav Mileiko and his supervisor — PhD of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine Paul laktionov.

 Photo source:nanonewsnet.ru

Vladislav Mileiko

And their work has not gone unnoticed. Since December 14 last year at the Skolkovo innovation city, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev summed up the results of the national contest "Zvorykinsky breakthrough" one of the winners of which was Vladislav. He won in the category

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Serial killers — Jack the Ripper watch online

There is citizens, which are not hunt to remember and know. But they are annoying though it may sound, there is… This is — people, whose names have gone down in history because of the bloody and terrible atrocities that they commit, catching up on horror and nightmare in the area where live. This is — serial killers and maniacs. Maniacs — the most terrible and bloody category of criminals not only because the account maniacs many victims, and as the methods by which they commit their crimes, it is very sophisticated. And most of their victims — frail

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The problem of the season — pliers, a doctor’s advice

With the arrival of spring, many are beginning to go to nature. The main problem, which will face — mites, which can be in last year's grass and bush, and open natural areas. What you need to do and what steps to take if you still tick bites you? These are questions we asked a leading dermatologist clinics "MedCenterService", PhD — Vorotnikova Irina V..

Irina V., explain what the tick-borne encephalitis?

Tick-borne encephalitis — a viral disease of man, characterized by fever, intoxication and frequent lesion of the central nervous system.

Who is encephalitis?

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New blood center opens in Moscow on the basis of the First Medical University

With the latest equipment specialists will not only large-scale blood bank and its components up to 10 tons per year, which roughly corresponds to the needs of the metropolitan hospitals, but also will conduct basic research.

The device is not just pumping blood into a plastic bag — inside the complex mechanisms that divide the blood into fractions, getting out of it only the programmed components. For example, there is a surrender of platelets — proteins involved in blood clotting. All other components of the machine re-mixes and return to the owner. And the level of

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