Prostate specific antigen (PSA)

PSA, or prostate specific antigen — a marker for prostate cancer, which allows to identify the disease in its earliest stages. First Naga PSA was found in 1979 in the seminal fluid, and a 1987 study of PSA is widespread in the diagnosis and establish the stage of prostate cancer. And as for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.

PSA is a chemical substance produced by the prostate epithelium to liquefy semen. Some of this substance penetratesblood. Normally the amount of PSA in the blood is not more than 4 ng / ml, and by some reports up

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USA: Nature is preparing a new biological weapon?




Changes in the environment, such as the replacement of forests, grazing lands, in combination with genetic mutations can create new viruses like SARS and HIV.

This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. They studied the viruses that are

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New plant to the birthday of the city

On the birthday of the city Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Territory) was put into operation the plant JSC "Erbitek." The plant will produce single crystals of sapphire, garnet and erbium medical equipment. We should also note that the JSC "Erbitek" provide jobs for 200 residents Nevinnomysska.

One of the co-investors JSC "Erbitek" is "RUSNANO", which implements the state policy on the development of nanotechnology industry through co-investment in nanotechnology projects with substantial economic potential or social benefit.

The main activity of JSC "Erbitek" is the production of crystals of yttrium-aluminum, black garnet doped with erbium. Erbium laser crystal garnet

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Siberian doctors have learned to quickly diagnose a heart attack

Employees of Internal Medicine with NGO "Biotest" developed a unique rapid method for early diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The experts know that the onset of the heart muscle is accompanied by the destruction of the active selection blood cells in cardiac infarction protein associated with fatty acids. Novosibirsk scientists were able to create new test system, able for a small number of venous blood of the patient to determine the level of this protein: more than it is, the higher the risk of myocardial infarction. The result of testing the doctor sees within 10-20 minutes after the procedure and

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Vampires are evil morphological or folkloric content. They are the properties of inanimate creatures and feed on animal or human blood.

You still have not decided how to spend the New Year? Why do not you go on vacation in the suburbs? This is a very decent option, even when compared with other countries. More information on staying in the suburbs you can find on the site

Vampires — is your favorite horror movie characters are objects of art and literature, although vampires art books featured several kinds of mythological

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Identify new useful properties of dark chocolate




The experiments reveal the benefits of chocolate, especially dark, conducted with remarkable regularity. The new work of Dr. Charalambos Vlachopulosa (Charalambos Vlachopoulos) from the University of Athens (University of Athens) adds points to the popular dessert.

Dark chocolate (not milk) improves blood flow and reduces the

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Any alcohol good for the heart




U.S. researchers have found that not only red wine, but other alcoholic beverages in moderation reduces the risk of heart disease and facilitate recovery from heart attacks, according to the website

Kortius Ron (Ron Korthuis) and his colleagues at the University of Missouri-Columbia (University of Missouri-Columbia)

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Living with cold blood (5 films) Watch online

Reptiles and amphibians from time to time may seem very simple and dopey. In fact it is not. They are on the earth about 200 million years and now includes more than 14,000 species. Cold-blooded animals, as they are called, can be incredibly spirited, incredibly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very savvy. They are very inventive in the hunt and to protect their lives. They can simultaneously hide from view, and if it is necessary, and beat with a unique courage. They talk among themselves. None of them do not live in the same tempo: slow movements may at one

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Cancer cells kills weed Mediterranean


The collective work of scientists from the Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Wisconsin to develop a new cancer drug, has given good results. In their study, researchers used a toxic substance thapsigargin obtained from Thapsia garganica Mediterranean plant weed. On its lethal properties were known at the time of Ancient Greek civilization, and the Arab caravans mushers this plant was was strictly forbidden, as the plants die from camels.

In laboratory studies, the researchers received the drug. The original name of the drug G202 and

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Or Jesus Christ?

Throughout the existence of our civilization, of earthly humanity constantly born, those who choose the path or the White god, and those who "hits" on the side of its antipode — Chernobog. Sorry for all the "chosen people", the Vedic tradition and Islam are not in the history of collisions. Does not know them and "Book of Veles", despite the fact that Islam is already rattled by the whole "old" world. It should be noted that it is in the Slavic lands undergoing Islamization pravedizma preserved a living tradition.

"Veda Slavs" was recorded in the Rhodope Mountains in Slavs (Bulgarian

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