Vampirism is a part of life

In every culture and the people there are so many myths and legends. Interest in vampires did not come immediately, but after the book appeared in the light of "Interview with the Vampire." Modern TV availed itself of this idea, and so had to remove a variety of TV shows and movies. But vampires are real or not, it all depends on our understanding of the word.

If a vampire is understood supernatural being who is immortal, able to fly, afraid of the cross of light and garlic, then these

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Carrots improves blood

The word "immunity" is familiar, perhaps, even to children. But what is that from a medical point of view? How to prepare your body for the coming winter, when the sun does not appear over Moscow, and fresh herbs from their own beds remained in the memory? In every immunomodulator and stimulants on the market today, there is no shortage. But what of the natural products and their derivatives are actually able to help us in a protracted fall and the coming winter? For advice, we turned to our regular consultant known herbalist, Head. Department of Family Medicine at the

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Mystery blood terrible Aids


MYSTERY OF BLOOD is a stunning discovery scientists geneticists that found in the blood chuzherodtsev and who they actually own. Modern studies have refuted once and for all religious-Darwinian theory of the origin of mankind from one common ancestor.

Sources: "The method of distinguishing races in the blood." E.O.Manoylov. — VII International Conference "Molecular Genetics of somatic cells," 2009 Report "natural focal induced mutagenesis and its pathological effects on the internal and external features of the human body." — Doctor of Biological Sciences P.Garyaev "Wave Genetics", "blood type. Homoeologous chromosome syndrome, immunodeficiency (SGHID). " — Doctor of Medicine, Professor

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Nanotechnology in Medicine (video)

Nanotechnology and medicine got to actively get in the custody of health. How nanotechnology can simulate the damage of the vessel wall to accurately determine blood clotting? How can I prevent cases of heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease? What nanocapsules help in the fight against cancer?

Transfer "Infomania" channel "STS" prepared answers to these questions, removing a report about the project company "RUSNANO": companies' Gemakor ", the manufacturer of a unique medical device for the diagnosis of blood clotting, and" Bebig ", introduces a radioisotope diagnosis and therapy of cancer .

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The phenomenon of San Gennaro, or as a powder into a liquid




As always at this time, thousands of worshipers filled the middle of September in the Cathedral of Naples, to once again witness the miracle, the agency "Reuters".

Blood who lived in the fourth century, St. Januarius, which readers are probably aware of the popular Italian comedy, has

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Reagent Kit Extra DNA Bio has received the CE mark

Development of the Group of Companies "Alcor Bio" — a set of reagents "Extra DNA Bio" for the isolation of DNA to conduct molecular genetic studies and the detection of infectious agents — has received the CE mark — a sign of the quality of the European Union.

The CE mark is often referred to as a "passport products", which allows the manufacturer of any state to sell their products on the European markets.

Earlier, the set for the production of nucleic acid extraction GC Alcor Bio has been successfully registered with the Federal

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Energy Vampires

October 1, 2012 1:31

You can believe and not believe, accept or reject the vampires. But this will change nothing. They exist. And they — among us. Vampires are different in nature, but their essence is the same. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. Sometimes this involves the direct consumption of blood, as the most brilliant impersonation of the current in the human energy. There are also those who are called "energy" vampires. People are communicating with which you can lose your strength, will and energy. With that, one way or another, almost every sign.


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Moscow: the 13 most horrible jobs




Research scientists are often forced to take risks. For example, a British medical student Stubbins Firf studying yellow fever, drank the blood and urine of patients, and ate them vomiting to determine the mechanism of infection. There have been cases worse … A Reader example doctors who

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At the cemetery, the grass is bleeding

May 23, 2012 21:44

Wonder herb caused a stir among residents of the village Victorovca.

Mystical story from Nikolaev! Woman kosivshaya the cemetery grass, saw from the plant is bleeding. Local residents told — there buried witch. Biologists, in turn, argue — in nature there is such a herb, which Juice — red.

She works at the cemetery for years. Tatiana says: have never been afraid of the dead, but that all changed in one day. Woman mowing grass and suddenly saw the plant beginning to bleed.

Tatiana Morar, found bleeding grass: thought stabbed lizard. When looked

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Live theme. By law the blood watch online

Spices say that human blood — this encrypted message. But what it said and by whom? Blood refutes the "theory of evolution." Who we are essentially "one blood." Furthermore blood — reasonable. And if she can rebel against their own media.

Science, scientific merit of opening

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