Japanese researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism of diabetes

Japanese scientists working in the United States of America, find that important molecular mechanism underlying the occurrence of diabetes and cancer.

The study concerned the functions of the protein component of TORC 2.

TORC 2 plays a key role in the activation of the protein Akt, affects how cells respond to insulin. Normally, insulin causes the fat cells and muscle tissue to sugar in the blood. With type 2 diabetes, the body produces enough insulin, but the cellular response to this stuff happens. Akt protein activates the proteins that are responsible for the intake of sugar from the blood, and

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Chimera from nature. Man with two DNA

January 27, 2012 17:09

In the laboratories of Mother Nature are very strange experiments: one twin absorbs the other right in the womb, the mother is not the mother of his children, and brothers and sisters are merged into a single organism to survive. Genetics catching nature for a hundred years, but the beat and still could not. So, we chimerism.

U.S. resident Lydia Fairchild was expecting a nasty surprise when, after a divorce, she applied for a social benefit. Her husband had to acknowledge paternity DNA analysis — and the latter showed that just Lydia is the mother

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Energy Bridge handshake




Handshake. Where did this custom, so prevalent in our day? This ritual is very well settled down, but why? In all our actions there is a secret meaning hidden from the usual views. We offer a version of this custom.

Gone are the tournaments, duels. Their place

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Scientists discovered in Arctic fish natural antifreeze

The thing is that Arctic fish do not freeze in sub-zero temperatures, why and how it happens, scientists have tried to understand

Arctic water — not warm place during the year the water temperature in the Arctic is stagnating, about -1.8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the freezing arctic fish blood -0.9 degrees Celsius. It would be logical to assume that the fish do not have to survive in these conditions, but the cause of the normal life of the fish is a natural antifreeze — specific glycoprotein.

This protein is able to detect about half a century ago,

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In China, rice make blood

November 2, 2011 16:42

Chinese biologists turn ordinary rice seed protein "factory" that produces albumin — the main protein component of human blood, have developed a technology of extracting protein from this "bioreactor" and published their findings in an article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Albumin — is the main blood protein produced in the human liver. It has the transport properties, delivering to the organs and tissues of fatty acids and some medications. At the moment, albumin, which is used for medical purposes is extracted from donated blood. As they note, the patient can

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The mysterious deaths of chickens shocked Chile




A small village Chimbarongo, 150 kilometers south of the capital of Chile — Santiago — became a sensation and at the same time shocked the country.

A few days ago, the mistress of poultry Maria Gonzalez found all their chickens dead, as if someone had sucked all

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Mystery of blue blood noble creatures

Archaeologists have discovered the stone face of the idol of Pristina, which dates back to the fifth millennium BC. The researchers believe that the find is one of the most important artifacts of the period of the Stone Age art. Vinca culture, despite its remarkable antiquity in relation to other European Neolithic cultures of the time, was so advanced and civilized, that can be attributed to the culture of the "Bronze Age". The local population is engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry, weaving clothes, cereal and grapes. But it is very curious, for archaeologists had dug near the town Plochnik

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Sexual Magic




Sexual magic is not to be confused with sexual rituals. The following is a brief overview of examples of the use of sexual and love magic. In a classical work written, apparently, in Babylon, entitled "Agriculture at the Nabataeans," describes how to plant trees. The operation must

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What harm in soda?

The sweet taste of pop is so pleasant that carbonated drinks have become one of the biggest sources of calories in our diet. But it is quite safe for our health!

Sweet drinks are sold everywhere! Even if you want to buy a normal water, it is usually still have to search, for fast-food outlets, supermarkets and kiosks is literally inundated with sugary drinks. Even more noticeable ubiquity Cola, Pepsi, and just like that happens when you decide to completely abandon their use.

For many years, sodas gaining market with persistent and aggressive advertising, organized by the manufacturer. The sweet

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Englishman amazed doctors: beat cancer without drugs

Only doctors have decided to appoint a patient chemotherapy, it turned out — the tumor was gone! In 60-year-old British retired teacher Peter Crane 18 months ago found the leukemia. He was offered a course of chemotherapy. But not immediately, but wait until there are clear signs of illness. Then, they say, the treatment will be effective.

Peter waited a half years … We can only guess what was going on in his heart. But when it's the next inspection, it turned out that a cancer-that Peter is no more! This was confirmed by blood tests.

To put it mildly,

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