Mogilev: second day of the strike donors, first results

According to one of the initiators, Igor Kovalenko, Mogilev strike about 250 donors. Protest donor support from Minsk, Gomel and Brest. Only strike about eight donors."The first and second day of the strike showed that spent not very effective informing donors. Urban and municipal media disk imaging unwilling to make this prepyadstviya on public display. Error, omission certainly is. Preceding the strike will last in the form in which it exists. For the future, in July, we will make the Republican Coordinating Council — and more than serious. "Igor Kovalenko, combined with shortcomings in the preparation of the strike and

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Donors began warning strike

Mogilev in the strike involved about 3 hundred donors. At the meeting, they decided to merge into a public company.Favorite reads of the Organizing Committee Igor Kovalenko:"We have a problem — contact all donors of our country, because we do not have the support of municipal media. Who could so contacted. Those people with a day or acceded to the current strike. In Europe or in other countries higher standard of living. There donors free. But in our country and they are free. in Europe to refer to another person. And if the person to the same donor! "Noble donor

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And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, with bureaucrats, deputies ..

Man: "Alexander G., where we take the means to take blood? You have removed privileges of the people, in order for you have more funds. Now donors leave. And have, maybe for you to donate blood themselves together with their offspring, bureaucrats, deputies. donors Then we will not be necessary, since you have so many people drank the blood of that you will be enough to cure all. "Anastas Semenovich: "Ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty. Good evening! Hunt to express my gratitude to the U.S. president Bush emperor and his government that for the first time put the monument to

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10 Weeks Pregnant


Gradually increasing waistline, but rounded tummy will appear later. In the meantime, because of the increased volume of blood veins become more prominent abdomen, legs and chest. If you do not suffer from toxicity, then at this point can gain about 2 kg.


Now the embryo one can call the fruit. Baby weighs about 4 ounces and has grown to 27-35 mm ("crown" to "buttocks"). He already looks like a grown man. Heart beats stomach secretes gastric juices muscles contract under the influence of impulses coming from a brain. Almost formed diaphragm — a

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Belarus has over 40 thousand noble donors will lose benefits

Noble donor from Mogilev Igor Kovalenko presently engaged in the creation public organizations donors "Drop of Life", together with the lawyers working on the charter. Specifically Mogilev donors have initiated a strike.Igor Kovalenko says:"June 14, I will be in Minsk Institute of Blood Transfusion and try to get to the rostrum. And from this rostrum already announce strike over cancellation of privileges . ""How much do you think people are ready to strike?""You know, Belarusians hard to shake. But calls went from everywhere and from Brest and Gomel — after publication in newspapers, television, call recorded. With our unrealistic authorities

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19 Weeks Pregnant


With the advent of the stomach begins to change your posture, which may affect back pain and worsening of sleep. Try not to strain your back, wear shoes with a low, stable heel, get a special bandage. In the second trimester may occur anemia (low hemoglobin levels in the blood), nasal congestion, and even nosebleeds (due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood), leucorrhea (separation of cables of the vagina). But do not be frightened in advance and look at the sores, tune in a positive way and easy pregnancy.



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I.Kovalenko: Let the government pays donors according to European standards

Znatkevich: "Explain what benefits currently have donors and what you lose on the brand new law, which not so long ago adopted the National Assembly?"Kovalenko: "At the present day, this law has not yet entered into force. Donors have until the benefits to free dentures except porcelain, precious metals and metalakeramiki. Also donors have the privilege to free health-resort treatment once a year and a 50 percent discount on medicines, 40 per cent contribution to the pension after retirement age. Also Mogilev donors still have one benefit — free travel on public transport, except taxis. This latter exemption was introduced

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Mogilev donors are preparing to strike

About that, what benefits deprived donors and what they want to achieve their own strike, "Freedom," said one of its initiators Igor Kovalenko.Kovalenko donating blood for 10 years:"Donor immediately revoke all privileges: spa healing, free dentures. Abolished donors 50 per cent discount on the purchase of pharmaceuticals, also canceled a 40 percent addition to the small pension.The purpose of our strike — the return of these benefits. And we wish to allocate an additional requirement — decent pay, no compensation, and decent pay for blood. "Mogilev donors think strike until demands are met. But if urgent help is useful, they

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4 Weeks Pregnant


Your figure has not changed, the only thing that can be seen — a little swollen breasts and nipples are too sensitive. Most of the work accomplished so far by. From the moment of fertilization, the body gradually increases the volume of blood, causing the heart, kidneys and lungs to work vigorously. Attaching to the wall of the uterus of the future placenta (which fully formed by the 4th month) can lead to increased irritability, drowsiness, fatigue.

This week's testpregnancy (HCG) can already be positive.


For the past 2 weeks your future the

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Alcohol: biology, anatomy

To understand why alcohol manages to enslave so many people need to understand — how it behaves in the body and what consequences this may cause. As in the immediate and distant future. Let's start from the beginning.

Ethyl alcohol is rapidly absorbed in the intestine and enters the bloodstream. Because alcohol is absorbed faster than the cleaved and removed from the body, its concentration in the blood rapidly increased. A small amount of alcohol in the blood is excreted unchanged in the urine, sweat and exhaled air. Oxidation of the alcohol occurs mainly in the liver, creates about

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