Thrombophlebitis: how to catch a blood clot

As is known, blood has the ability to fold. This is a normal protective mechanism that stops the bleeding vessel is damaged.

But endothelial inflammation (intima) also perceived as damage to the body, andblood when it starts to curl up inside the inflamed vessel. Typically, this process develops in the veins, since the velocity of blood flow in them smaller and thinner wall than the arteries. In this form blood clots — clots that narrow the lumen of the vessel and prevent the normal outflow of venous blood. This condition is called thrombophlebitis.

Most thrombophlebitis develops in the calf,

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Unknown predators kill domestic animals and birds, sucking their blood

November 6, 2012 19:24

One of the victims, whose possessions damaged in an attack by unknown creatures: Love Morozov, Lyudmila and Vladimir Sokolov, Rosa Filippova

Fear has big eyes. Person at all times tend to exaggerate what happened to him, to give mystical tones. The thicker paint, the more adrenaline. Perhaps that is why horror movies have become so popular. We like to wait for something secretly and start from the nightmares unfolding on the screen. But what are the real feelings, if chilling events outside of your own home?

In the village of Krasny Luch Vladimir region,

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Doctors: people-vampires really can not live without blood

February 13, 2013 12:21

Recently, a group of doctors from Turkey issued a report, from which the blood-curdling: it describes the history of the disease, "human vampire" with multiple personality and irresistible craving for blood.

It started with that 23-year-old married man started making cuts blades on their own arms, chest and stomach, express blood in a cup and drink. Later drink blood became for him almost as a necessity, like breathing air. And then he began to look for other sources.

Man, name and even residence was not disclosed, was arrested several times for having inflicted

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Risk Factors and Prevention

Risk Factors — are any predisposing factors that increase the probability of occurrence or worsening of the disease. In Europe and the United States, there are specially designed to assess the scale of cardiovascular risk, the most important of them — the Framingham scale and the scale of SCORE. They allow you to within a few percent predict risk of heart attack or other heart disease in the next 10 years. To some extent, these scales are applicable to other countries, but only after careful calibration and modification. For Russia, this scale has not been developed.


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Space Vampires

January 20, 2012 20:35

It is believed that one reason for visits by aliens to our planet — the extraction of genetic material. This is indicated, in particular, the cases of barbarous operations performed on animals, mutilated bodies were found in different countries, ranging from 60's of the last century. But recently an increasing number of reports of such transactions made over the people …

The first documentary evidence of this came in 1986 from Brazil. According to the British magazine UFO Magazine, here, on the banks of the river Guapiranga found a man's body with signs of one of

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Media: Long sex rejuvenates the body




Exploring the sexual ability of men and women, scientists have shown that the process of obtaining an unlimited sexual pleasure significantly extends the life of a man and a noticeably rejuvenates the body, the newspaper "Life". Vice-rector of the St. Petersburg National Institutes of Health Rinad Minvaleev

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Vampires Among Us Watch online

One can believe and not to believe, to accept or deny the vampires. But that did not change. They are. And they are — in our midst. Vampires are different in their nature, but their essence is similar. They drink someone else's life, feeding her. From time to time it is expressed in the forward consumption of blood, as a personification of the brightest of the current in the human energy. There are also those who are referred to as "energy" vampires. People from communicating with whom one can lose their strength, will and energy. With that, one way

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London: human cancer came from the gills




Human parathyroid gland that regulates calcium in the blood, is nothing more than a product of the evolution of gills. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from King's College in London.

According to the hypothesis put forward by them, the evolution of cancer began at a

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Case H. The investigation continues (April 2013) Full Movie

A strange phenomenon happened in the house in the village of Forest Ostroukhova Astrakhan region. Stepan Ostroukhov knows, I saw a spot of blood on the floor, and later began appear whole puddles. Blood appeared in various places in one scenario: first heard hissing, later this place bubbles and boils up blood flew in different directions streams.

Added issue: Home, weeping blood. (01.04.2013)

Mystic millionaires: mortally dangerous. (02.04.2013)

Horoscope maniac and his victim (03.04.2013)

Nostradamus: The spring will not. (04.04.2013)

The Case of the mystique of diamonds Galina Brezhnev and Zykina. (08.03.2013).

Disease to

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In Iceman Oetzi found ancient blood samples

May 2, 2012 9:15

Ancient people Oetzi, reconstruction. Photo Mattes.

Archaeologists discovered a mummy Iceman Oetzi blood samples, placing in doubt the story of a quick death from falling arrows. The paper was published in the journal Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Summary results BBC News. Despite the good safety mummies, scientists have not been able to find in Oetzi blood cells. Scientists believed that because of its brittleness all red cells in the blood vessels mummy had degraded. In this paper, the researchers were able to detect the blood samples, but not in the vessels, and

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