The opening of new blood groups

At all times, the blood is the biggest mystery of the living organism. This is the most amazing in the world of liquid continuously moving through the vessels, which is permeated with the human body. It is a world made up of cells, each of which is moving at an incredible rate, performs its particular function. The scientists went on a century to study these processes. But they are not unraveled all the mysteries of blood.

In spring 2012, scientists from the American University in Vermont was made an astounding discovery. Biologists in the study of blood

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Raynauds phenomenon, which changes the color of the skin

Raynaud's phenomenon — a rare phenomenon related to the circulatory system.

A significant part of the body color is determined by the circulating blood under the skin. When there are problems with the circulation, the hands can be painted in unusual colors. When Raynaud's disease there is a feeling that a man dropped a hand in the paint.

Process leading to such strange results is quite simple, and was first described in the 1800s. Doctor and writer Maurice Raynaud noticed that the hands of one of his patients at the slightest cold changed color to a specific, clearly

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What does human blood?

Even in the Soviet Union, carried out mass campaign for blood donation. Donating considered honorable thing. However, no one thought about the number of drawing blood. It was believed that the patients needed it. But still, let's include the brain. Here's a selection of information:

First, about the backstage "horrors" of medicine told themselves former classmates. Then — the endless string of daily patients of the Center. Some stories were perceived with humor — just as medical malpractice. From others' hair on end getting up "and it was impossible to believe in the reality of what is

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Mystery Blood

December 12, 2011 23:04

Since ancient times, different cultures and civilizations of the Earth is treated with special respect to the blood in his mind giving this mysterious substance amazing, almost mystical properties.

For millennia, the blood was one of the main elements of magical rites and rituals. The ancient Scythians, concluding important agreements, struck wounds of swords, express blood ritual cups of wine, which is then drank. Rite fraternization some "barbarian" tribes of Huns, the ancient Slavs, the Etruscans, and so on — was also associated with haggard "general" of the sacred blood vessel.

Another way of

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Maralno Code: how and why the Altai breed rare subspecies of deer

Few people today know about the agricultural industry such as maral. However, in the Altai Mountains, where the terrain does not allow extensively develop the traditional areas of agriculture, this activity — one of the main ones. Moreover, the crisis in the 90s she became the driving force for the economy of the region through the sale of antlers (deer antlers fragile) abroad.

Most of the canned antlers, of which subsequently produce a variety of drugs, and now goes abroad to South Korea. But the price of this raw material, the currently prevailing in the foreign market, does

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Dictionary Veshchunov, witches and sorcerers

October 31, 2011 0:29


Baba Yaga — Bone Leg (IDE) — in Slavic mythology-old forest witch, witch, witch, dressed vortices and blizzards and, by its very name mate with the serpent. Baba Yaga — originally ancestor, very positive ancient Slavic god of the pantheon, the guardian (if necessary — militant) the nature and traditions, kids and okolodomashnego (often forest area).

Baba Yaga owns a very important role in the national epics and legends of the Slavic tribes. She lives in a dense forest in a hut on chicken legs, which turns his back to the forest, and the

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Therapeutic vampirism — the blood of young elders to youth!

From old time were the ones who own youth was more morality and conscience, because the legends of vampires who drink the blood of young girls was clearly not just a bedtime story. How do I get it? It's simple. Scientists at Stanford University in California, suggest that regular injections of the blood of young mice, old individuals update communication between the cells of the cortex of the brain, improve memory, and rejuvenate the body as a whole. Very soon, this will be a way to rejuvenate the flow and for the people. Just seems

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Chupacabra kills again




Two families from the community of Victoria (Chile) were shocked when we found almost all the dead birds in the coop. You could see the feathers of birds mertnyh razbrossannye in the county. People went to bed at 20 pm and did not hear suspicious noises. The

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Marijuana harms blood flow in the brain




Dr. Jean Cadet (Jean Lud Cadet) from the U.S. National Institutes of drug dependence (National Institute on Drug Abuse — NIDA) concluded that smoking marijuana can damage the blood flow in the brain so that the restoration will need a month or more.

According to Cadet,

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Farmer was first described by a miracle — a monster that kept at bay the whole neighborhood

December 9, 2011 21:52

Vladimir had seen a vampire who dealt with rabbits

A farmer from the Stavropol Vladimir Krasnikov able to witness the unknown creature, the rumors about the power and cruelty of which go around the world. Under cover of night Chupacabra kills animals by sucking their blood.

At each of the rabbits found traces of vampire teeth

"Your Day" wrote about the mass slaughter of sheep in the suburbs, which has remained unsolved. And here is a new confirmation of the existence monster that clearly saw the farmer.

— Height is a

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