Gagarin flew in vain?

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Chu, a chupacabra!

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A cockroach can live several weeks without a head

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Blood type can be changed

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SC Alcor Bio launched a new development of extra-DNA Bio»

In June, the SC Alcor Bio began production of reagents "Extra-DNA Bio», designed for fast and efficient isolation of DNA from clinical material. "Extra-DNA-Bio" allows the extraction of DNA as for molecular genetic studies, and for the detection of infectious agents, the press service of the company.

The principle of this is set in the processing of the biological sample with the lysis buffer, followed by alcohol precipitation. Today, alcohol precipitation — a widespread method of sample preparation, which is based on the aggregation of nucleic acids in the presence of salt and alcohol. This

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Doctors in St. Petersburg, conducted a unique operation

In St. Petersburg, for a heart transplant 11-year-old girl was used by the donor organ adult. The operation was carried out six weeks ago. Now the child, who recently could not even walk, is satisfactory.

Perhaps never before physical exercise did not cause much excitement. It is difficult to say who is more than happy — girl, who a month ago even could not walk on her own, or doctors.For the medical history of the patient's disease — the beginning of the modern history of the Russian transplant. At four months, she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. This insidious virus. Day

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Chupacabra mystery

Night. Complete silence. Suddenly a shrill bellowing calf — and was followed by thumping on the wall barn. Man jumps out of bed and rushes into the yard, his wet nurses at risk!

He opens the door to the barn, ran inside, and at that moment by a silent shadow slips something. It is large, growing almost from the man. Face / faces he could not see, but remember the huge eerie red enormous eyes. Something rode off into the night, and a man on his feet trembling with fear at last entered the barn. The calf is

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Chupacabra — a creature from another world

In recent years, marked by traces of the monster in Europe, Ukraine, and even Russia, chupacabra very quickly mastered the world, and it never stopped the ocean, no river, no borders. How does it come to Earth? How manages to travel great distances and waters? Answers to these questions yet.

The origin of the monster associated with UFOs and consider it almost a pet alienVampire mocha

First Chupacabra (Spanish chupacabras, chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, literally — "goat vampire") proved to be in 1975 in the western part of the island of Puerto Rico. Here, residents of

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9 facts … the laughter

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Sweden is coming to bloody rain

A rare meteorological phenomenon of "blood rain" can be observed at the weekend in parts of Sweden, said on Saturday the Swedish online newspaper with reference to Local forecasters.

"Bloody Rain" forecasters indicate rare, when precipitation has pinkish-red tint. Scientists and meteorologists believe that this is due to the accumulation of dust in the rain drops from the territory of the Sahara desert.

Danish meteorologists reported that just such a storm front with dust from the Sahara could collapse "blood rains" on Saturday and Sunday in the southern Scandinavian neighbors — Sweden.

According to a Swedish Meteorological Institute (SMHI) Yokima

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