Heavy-vessels of the neck can turn the head owl — scientists

Owls almost lightning speed to turn his head 180 degrees, because of specialized vessels in their neck-protected zones during sudden movements of the head, say biologists in a paper published in the journal Science.

"Until now, neuroscientists, including myself, did not understand why the forest is not littered with the corpses of thousands of owls that were to be the victims of strokes due to their inherent sharp and rapid head movements. Carotid and vertebral arteries in most animals, including human and owls are vulnerable to even small breaks "- said Philip Gellud (Philippe Gailloud) of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore

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In CRH Kodinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) has the latest diagnostic equipment

Equipment for blood grouping and antibody blood of pregnant purchased with funds of JSC "RusHydro", set in the diagnostic laboratory of the Central District Hospital of hydropower Kodinsk. Approvals for new equipment management Kezhemskogo CRH gave in October 2012, the General Director of JSC "Boguchan HPP" Nicholas Tereshkov, delivery and installation were carried out in February 2013.

JSC "RusHydro" (project investor Boguchanskaya HPP) has implemented several charitable initiatives in hydrobuilders Kodinsk (Kezhemsky district of Krasnoyarsk region). With the financial support of the company for Kezhemskogo Central Regional Hospital (CRH) and the Center of additional education Kezhemskogo district

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Hiler anxious fingers pressed into a nerve


Victor Tikhomirov, artist  

I returned to the Philippine Islands. Such an occasion came out, that it was possible to personally observe at close range inexplicable things as Gogol said, and for the broadest mind. Television showed shortly before the transfer of the healers (Filipino doctors doing surgery without instruments, disinfection and anesthesia). In the transfer was to shove everything under what is advertising: image overlay some tricks, blood flows, otherworldly music and staring eyes of the victims. This product, according to advertisers, the most running. But

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Ramses II-The Great Pharaoh watch online

Prince Pas-Ramesse only 6 years old, and he was already well versed not only in the palace intrigues, and the mysteries of the human soul. Unusual redhead babe knows for sure that noted above, the lust for power is boiling in his blood and is haunted. He is sure that anyone else deserves this fate — to become the Pharaoh of Egypt. But suddenly, the arena is the mysterious rival in what now as opposed to the former ruling dynasty warriors flowing real royal blood. Pas-Ramesse enraged. Neuzh is a miserable little boy — does not matter

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Chupacabra — a creature from another world

March 7, 2012 17:46

The origin of the monster associated with UFOs and consider it almost a pet alien

In recent years, marked by traces of the monster in Europe, Ukraine, and even Russia, chupacabra very quickly mastered the world, and it never stopped the ocean, no river, no borders. How does it come to Earth? How manages to travel great distances and waters? Answers to these questions yet.

Vampire mocha

First Chupacabra (Spanish chupacabras, chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, literally — "goat vampire") proved to be in 1975 in the western part of the

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Nano technology in the fight against cancer

A group of Japanese and American scientists have provided the latest device is based on a unique, according to which will not only cut at an early stage in the blood cancer cells, but also preserve them. This mechanism enables the diagnosis at an early stage and to identify the body schema spread of cancer, as well as a small amount of time to analyze a large number of cells.

The latest nano device can replace painful procedure to biopsy, which is used in the modern world to diagnose cancer with metastasis (metastatic cancer). The latest equipment would allow

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Enlightened Europe: gryazyuka and savage medicine

Doc said:"The diagnosis: AIDS." — Thanks, Doc! — Don't mention it! *

joke about American medicine(* "No thanks!")

"The Three Musketeers", "The Black Arrow," "Richard the Lionheart", "Romeo and Juliet" — our generation with young people knew of the majestic medieval times, with generous knights (ha ha), ready for exploits in the name of beautiful women (ho ho), with romantic troubadours gallant musketeers and plush palaces of European nobility. The current creators of fantasy novels continue the tradition: "Middle-earth" Tolkien netted millions of people of all ages. Unique manner, palace etiquette, jousting tournaments, ubiquitous cult of the "Beautiful

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The court decided that fill with blood to Moscow — is a legitimate procedure

It is reported that a criminal case against a lawyer Dagirov Hasavova discontinued. Recall Khasavov famous statement on REN-TV on behalf of Muslims, "We believe that we are at home. Maybe you are wrong, and we are at home. And we'll set the rules that suit us. Do you want it or not. Any attempt to change it will cost blood. We fill the city with blood. We will then dead sea "(see attached video). In fact the statement was a criminal case under Article 282 ("incitement of ethnic hatred"), but after careful review prosecutors concluded thatMoscow

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Blood and water have memory


Today, in the age of science and rational attitude to life, many believe that the potential for harm to a person at a distance (for example, through damage, the evil eye, the curse) — an empty fiction. However, modern scientists do not rule out the possibility that people's views on the possibility of the evil eye had real, scientifically substantiated, the base.

So, recently has it is held by Russian scientists, biologists and physicians participated in a seminar on problems of "dead" and "living" water, as well as the possible impact on

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Rivers of blood from a lawyer

Elena Chudinov file photo website

The threat of flood Moscow blood in case of obstacles to the establishment of Sharia law in it, heard on REN-TV from the mouth Dagirov Hasavova, pretty shook up society. Frankly, it's a little bit surprised. Well, he said this new, what would we have never heard? A little more open than others. But apparently, this tiny bit and was drop prodolbivshey last stone. However, we will not as long as optimistic.

Yes, statements Hasavova "checked for extremism." What's there to check, for pity's sake? Here we have to act. By the way,

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