Who needed infected blood?


Container with 20 packets of blood plasma containing hepatitis B and syphilis group, stole the car during transport in the Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute. In Moscow police are looking for thieves who have stolen a dangerous blood plasma. Container-refrigerator in which to store 20 bags of 200 ml each, was stolen at the border of the Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions.

— The thieves took advantage of the fact that the driver of the car stopped at the Iveco road near the village of Fominki in Gorokhovetsky district of Vladimir region, — said

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Snake Grass — a head

Garlic, South Asian, six thousand years ago appeared in Africa: it is found in the sarcophagi with mummies and Egyptian pyramids. With him were well acquainted with the ancient Romans, they included it in their rations Legionnaires, believing that the spirit of garlic raises the morale of soldiers.

In the Middle Ages worship this plant has become a fetish — it was onion served as amulets, which supposedly can save you from all misfortunes and disasters.

Hippocrates believed garlic also excellent diuretic and expectorant. No less famous Avicenna advised to use it for all diseases. Garlic is used against all

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Can cancer be transmitted like an infectious disease?


The question is not idle. Moreover, in the case of any transaction, coupled with a blood transfusion or organ transplantation, this topic is what is called topical. And if the donor had cancer? Is it dangerous to use such material in trauma and transplant?

Here are some of oncologists. The question should be divided into two parts: the transplant possible "contamination" of organs and blood transfusions, possibly containing metastases. On the last and begin.

Transfer of cancer from blood donor to recipient is extremely unlikely (Figure Adventtr / iStockphoto).

According to scientists from

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Chupacabra. Ukraine. Russian village Tishka



From the author of the video: "In the morning, as always went out to feed the rabbits and I was struck by an unforgettable shock, I saw my dead pets, after a few minutes I began to examine cells, and found the door and pulled out the torn metal mesh. The cells I have two storied but also to the second floor of the beast got. The beast judging by what he saw very developed muscular system and high intelligence.

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Chocolate: treat with therapeutic impact



Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite treats in the world and is annually produce thousands of tons, and its history goes back to at least 1100 BC, in South Africa. However, some chocolate lovers still feel somewhat embarrassed for his propensity to eat because they associate chocolate with "sweets" (logically follows from the fact that it is located in a candy store) without knowing anything about the preliminary and Clinical studies that indicate that it can probably be called

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Bloody sweat

A mysterious disease appeared in Germany in calves throughout the body are the drops of blood, and the animals quickly die from blood loss. Veterinarians do not know what kind of disease. Immunizations, genetically modified feed or cow colostrum and mothers — that so detrimental effect on the calves, born healthy?

German breeders anything like this in a nightmare not seen. In calf fever, it becomes sluggish, the whole body begins to ooze from the pores of the blood. A day later the animal dies.

— Our calves-first years look bad. It seems that someone slashed their whip. Droplets

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Rex — the worlds first bionic man

February 12, 2013 17:40

Biorobot created by scientists from different prostheses — and series, and experimental. He was almost living At London's Science Museum recently shown a miracle — the world's first humanoid Bionic Man. It is almost reasonable, human-like creature came to life from the pages of science fiction novels. The two-meter high blond scientists somehow made a name similar to a dog's nickname — Rex.

Bionic Man — double of the living man, a psychologist from the University of Zurich Berthold Maier.Photo: planetaurbe.com

In the bionic man all organs — from the heart to the eyes

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94 ambulances awarded to medical facilities Orenburg region

In Orenburg, a solemn ceremony on the awarding of new ambulances purchased at the expense of the regional budget. The new trucks have all the municipalities of the region.

This is a 94 car class "B" — 56 Ghazals and 38 UAZ, fully equipped with everything necessary to provide emergency assistance. The central area of the city 49 cars arrived, and the rest are already in their places of permanent residence. On board each of them — the inscription "Healthy Orenburg region" — so named regional program of renovation of medical transport.


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Soon there will be Ichthyander

September 7, 2012 13:00

The idea of the famous science fiction novel by Alexander Belyaev "Amphibian Man" soon may be a reality. Scientists have developed an innovative method of breathing for divers. We will Aquanaut artificial gills and breathe it will zhidkostyu.Issledovaniya shown that mammals can survive, breathing oxygen through a special liquid solution. The photo is breathing rat PFC solution. At the top of the layer of water, which is easier than PFC floating fish.

Conquest of the water element will be possible thanks to a new technology by which a diver will get needed oxygen from a

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Found the bodies of three mysterious creatures

A resident of Texas City Cuero Phyllis Canyon stated that she and her neighbors found dead by the road three mysterious creatures struck by a car. They each weighed about 18 pounds. Head of one of the monsters Canyon put in the refrigerator to preserve, to do a DNA test. And in the near future it should do zoologists.

According to women, the mysterious animal is legendary bloodsucker Chupacabra, relatives which for the past two years have destroyed 26 of its chickens. The chicks were not eaten — of which only sucked the blood.

"I saw a lot of

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