10 programs of research: from the robot medic to hypersonic on rails

The specialists of the Public Council under the chairmanship of government Military-Industrial Commission, Dmitry Rogozin suggested that domestic fund promising research (FPI) ten most promising, in their view, high-risk research programs.

Created as an analogue Pentagon Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) The Fund should promote risky development in the interests of national defense. Prerequisite — a qualitatively new results in the military-technical, technological, social and economic spheres. Budget DRF today — 150 million rubles, but in late January oversees Russia's "defense industry," Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin said that it should be not less than 3 billion

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When icons are crying

Every year, twenty-four hours dried blood at the bottom of bowls, which is kept in the Cathedral of Naples, suddenly turns into a red liquid, which Catholics believe is the blood of Saint Januarius, bishop Benevito, beheaded by the Romans in 305.

The transformation from solid to liquid and confirm beheld many doctors and scientists, as well as adherents of Catholicism. Just as difficult to explain the numerous cases in which a crucifix or an image of Madonna exude tears or blood. Although few of these sensations and were exposed as fraudulent, there remain other, genuine, which still

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With the help of bovine heart was restored liver women



UK resident Michelle Granger Morgan — one of the first patients, which has been applied innovative surgery that uses tissue from the heart of a bull or a cow for treatment and recovery of the liver. Executed operation made it possible to bring closer the time when you can make extensive use of animal organs in xenotransplantation. Sorokadvuhletney Michelle in 2010 was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Initially, doctors reported that they are powerless to solve the

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The mysterious power of the people



At first glance, it's ordinary people. But not really. Some months are able to voluntarily subject themselves to torture others — for years did not sleep while managing to turn back the clock and look younger, others quietly enter the cell with the snakes, the fourth burn down everything that comes their way, while the fifth instead of tears falling from her eyes Gems! Who they are and who gave their mysterious powers? Yogi from the Indian city of Bhopal

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