Varicose veins, varicose veins

What is it?

Varicosity, or varicose expansion veins (from the Latin. varix— Node swelling) — a disease of veins (blood vessels carrying blood the heart), which leads to an increase of the venous lumen and wall thinning.

Varicose disease known since ancient times. On it there is a mention in the Egyptian papyri, Byzantine legal code of medicine and even in the Old Testament. Tried to treat varicose disease (often unsuccessfully) outstanding ancient physicians Hippocrates, Avicenna, Galen and Paracelsus. This ailment is called "disease, knocks off his feet." The study of this disease for many years has devoted

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Gaddafi — alkagoli record for blood

The traffic police Imst neighborhood that in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, compared what they had seen Belarusian wagon with a bomb on wheels. Full load machine made true on the track "Eight." If you managed to stop a van and open the driver’s cab, police heard a strong odor of alcohol.As necessary from the Police Blotter, police from Imst beheld in my own practice a lot, but Such is the case they seemed unparalleled.As shown by a special test, 47-year-old Belarusian received about 3 per mille of alcohol in the blood, which corresponds to approximately 600 grams of

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Wine enema: extreme, which could cost lives

In the United States, and more specifically, the home is now twice the U.S. President George W. Bush — in Texas, the real tragedy was played out around a ridiculous death, which took place in May 2004.

Someone Michael Warner, big drinker, suffered a sore throat, which prevented him from doing things you love. A drink like very much. All would be likely to cost, but the 42-year-old wife of Michael — Tammy — decided to help the suffering husband. In her judgment, two bottles of sherry had to bring to life the 58-year-old husband. But for some reason

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I do not think what we can do this!

Chief Doctor 6th Minsk polyclinics Victor Gourko said the number of the wounded, who were brought to him NIGHT MODE institution — 31. According to him, in the clinic made 26 transactions. 24 hospitalized patients. One — in intensive care; According Gurko, he needs a lot of attention. Two sent in the fourth hospital with damage to blood vessels:

"On the main operations were extracted nuts, unhealthy condition to a satisfactory close. From today morning with unhealthy work our doctors, psychologists. Damages — because sooner. Because — skin lesions, open fractures and internal injuries." On the question whether there is

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Amazed all levels and festivities lasted

Melnyk: "Was this prazdnichkom, was talking on the phone. Turns to the left of me was a box of juice in it if this bomb? And here I was talking on a cell phone, and jerked. Krasa here such here, I left alone, all fled. And we had such a blanket, I was sitting on the plaid. And I see blood, legs covered in blood. Later jumped people, police, on my hands and was told to "emergency" aid. All my slippers were through. flew Phone the huge adleglasts.Ya first loaf: maybe it’s that mobile? Turns out it was some kind

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Put the money in the legs

More than 75% of people in their lifetime encounter with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, including varicose veins. Half of those who have started to develop the disease, do not realize that they are sick and need medical attention. We prove that if not treated, every fifth patient with varicose veins in just eleven years of age may become invalid. Those are the statistics.

If you talk about varicose veins, without referring to the statistics, the disease is truly insidious for two reasons. First, varicose veins at first seems harmless cosmetic defect. Second, if the disease

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Centre for Policy Development opened in SEZ Dubna

November 1, 2011 in the Innovation and Technology Center Special Economic Zone "Dubna" (left-bank area) was inaugurated Centre for Policy Development (CPR) Russian holding company "Trackpore Technology" (SEZ resident status has its subsidiary "NANO CASCADE"). The main objectives of the center — the development and introduction of new products on the basis of track-etched membranes.

at the opening of the Center for Applied developments acts CEO of "Trackpore Technology" Vyacheslav Terentev


Among the main areas of research activity EDL: ? development of new projects in the use of track-etched membranes; ? obtain samples of the

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Mogilev association donors joined the international federation

Chairman of "The Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko hopes that membership in international donor organizations to help Belarusian donation:"Membership in the federation gives us access to legal infy regarding global practice donation will allow exchange of experiences and best practices with colleagues from other states. The Belarusian donation many problems. First social protection donors. Pinning hopes, with the help of our colleagues from the Federation to improve the situation in Belarus in the donation. "International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations created December 4, 1955. It connects voedinyzhdy donor organizations from almost fifty countries in the world. Federation aims to make

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Gastropanel — a set of laboratory tests of blood, which allows you to evaluate the functional and anatomical status of the gastric mucosa.

What kind of information gives Gastropanel?

allows the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection and assess the need for treatment; allows the diagnosis of atrophic gastritis; assess the likelihood of different state of the gastric mucosa (normal, gastritis, atrophic gastritis); assess the risk of developing cancer of the stomach; assess the risk of peptic ulcer disease; assess the risk of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and Barrett's esophagus; give advice on the feasibility of endoscopy and histology.

What indicators

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Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D — it disease liver caused by hepatitis B virus D. Exciter This form of the disease have a defect that does not allow it to multiply itself in the human body — for this he needs the participation of helper virus. So it serves as a helper forvirus Hepatitis B. The resulting Tandem — Hepatitis D in combination with hepatitis B — is quite a serious illness.

Infection usually occurs when blood transfusions through syringes for drug addicts. Possible sexual transmission, as well as getting the virus from mother to fetus. All persons infected with hepatitis

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