Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C — the most severe form of viral hepatitis. Previously, the disease most often infected through blood transfusions. Currently, all donated blood is tested for sure the hepatitis C virus

Moreover, infection often occurs via syringe drug. The virus can be transmitted through sexual contact, and from mother to fetus.

Situations in which infection occurs most often:

Transfusion of blood. Worldwide, an average of 0,01-2% Of donors are carriers of hepatitis viruses, so now the donor blood before transfusion recipient is examined for the presence of hepatitis viruses C. Risk infection is increased in patients who require

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Scientists have learned how to identify the disease on a drop of blood

 Photo source:rian.ru

MOSCOW, Oct. 19 — RIA Novosti. A unique device that allows you to diagnose a number of pathological conditions in the early stages, developed by a group of Russian scientists under the direction of Honoured Scientist Mary Kondrashov the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"The device, created by Russian biophysicists, reveals hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cancer, stress, and other dangerous diseases long before the appearance of clinical symptoms," — said the press service. This is done by analyzing the activity of a key enzyme of energy — succinate dehydrogenase, and

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Leech therapy

What is girudoterapiya?

Leech therapy (From the Latin "hirudo"- Leech) — Treatment with leeches. It has been used for thousands of years before Christ. Medical leeches used by the Egyptian pharaohs, the mention of leeches is also in the Bible and the Koran. Later, with the help of leeches facilitate their patients suffering great physician Hippocrates, Galen and Avicenna. In medieval Europe, the leeches were considered proven and officially recognized treatment for many diseases. In 1665, even went out scientific treatise titled "On the oversight of leeches to the interior of the uterus." Apparently, at that point, leeches have

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The monument, which had Belarus inscription, someone did not like

On pages "Free Belarus" 1918 N.Charnotski someone says, "I appreciate for Belarusians that they blood or hair. Maybe they are called for Belarusians, small fame in the world have that for all their lives forever and their hands were no such reddish from spilled human blood, as in other nations. This was to This time system in the world, that he had more honor people who dug up someone else’s good yeah blood shed. So it was! But, as this wretched and share blogaslavennaya war is over, so no more will be! "* "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928, reports the Bureau

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Unique operation conducted vascular surgeons Kemerovo bureau

56-year old woman removed a malignant tumor of considerable size in the retroperitoneal space (so-called rear peritoneum is closer to the backbone) which has grown into the vital vessels: aorta and inferior vena cava. The aorta — the largest vessel in the body, starting from the heart. The composition of the aorta consists of two divisions: the thoracic and abdominal. Thoracic aorta — is the initial part of the aorta. It marks the numerous arteries that provide blood organs of the chest, head, neck, and upper limbs. As the abdominal aorta, then it is the end portion of the aorta,

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Ukrainian doctors have received the official right to conduct operations using human stem cells

Ukrainian doctors have received the official right to conduct operations using human stem cells 

Thirteen years ago, in the Donetsk Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery. VK Husak is MUCH opened a unique unit, not only for the Donetsk clinics, and also in CIS countries — the laboratory of cell and tissue culture. Such a laboratory at that time in Europe was one — in Paris. At that time in Europe was only one such — in Paris. To date, laboratory, staffed with stem cells, throughout the world there are not more than 15.

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Diabetic profile

Diabetic profile — a set of specific blood tests for assessing the functional status of the pancreas and diagnose diabetes.

Why do I need to do a diabetic profile?

Diabetic profile performed to diagnose disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the presence of risk factors for diabetes, as well as to selection of treatment for patients with diabetes mellitus and to assess its effectiveness.

What are the indications for diabetic Profile?

insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (diagnosis and monitoring of disease); breach of tolerance to carbohydrates ("pre-diabetes").

What do the indicators of diabetic profile?

1. Glucose (blood)

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Such vessels — for inscriptions and graffiti — was not ..

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938, tells the story of the rescue expedition Papanina: "At exactly 13 hours 30 minutes icebreakers approached the camp and braked from a 1.5 km. 80 people from both ships came to the camp with flags. Papanin We also met with flags and portraits of Stalin. After the non-long rally and "cheers" in honor of Comrade Stalin and heroes papanintsav we immediately started zvertvannya camp … In 17 hours 30 minutes all the property of the camp was brought on board "Taimyr." Here on the same floe was organized by the draw — who papanintsav from which

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Diagnostics: Goals

The objectives of the survey for suspected coronary disease:

— identify additional risk factors: high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease

— assess the condition of the heart muscle,

— evaluate the state of the coronary arteries

— choose the tactics of treatment,

— predict the need for heart surgery.

Consultation with specialists

Each patient with coronary heart disease or suspected it must be consulted cardiologist, and if necessary in the future to be observed at him. If you find the indications for surgery, heart surgeon should

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Diagnosis of herpes

Herpetic infection (HSV I, II) proved the most reliable enzyme immunoassay (ELISA), which specifies no virus in the blood and circulate protective antibodies Ig G and Ig M. Immediately after infection appear Ig M, and after the primary infection and subsequent relapse blood obnaruzhivayutsyaIg G. Virus simplex virus after the initial infection has lived in the nerve cells in the blood and may appear before obostreniem.Reaktsii IFA are of two kinds:

Qualitative — determine whether or not the blood antibodies Ig G or Ig M to the herpes virus; Quantitative — titers (number) of immunoglobulins in the blood.


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