Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Diagnosis of osteoporosis — a set of specific blood tests for assessing the calcium and phosphorus metabolism and timely detect osteoporosis.

Why do I need to diagnose osteoporosis?

This study is necessary for the early diagnosis of osteoporosis — bone loss that often occurs in women during menopause, accompanied by pain in the bones during exercise and increased risk of fractures.

What are the indications for the diagnosis of osteoporosis?

Any person over 40 years, and especially women, it is recommended to diagnose osteoporosis at least 1 time per year.

What do the indicators of osteoporosis?

1) Calcium

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Diet for hemodialysis

Chronic renal failure (CRF) — the final stage of renal disease. Program hemodialysis — one of the methods of treatment.

If a person in the predialysis period diet depended on how it was kidney disease he suffered, the recommendations on maintenance hemodialysis may be quite different.

But the specific dietary recommendations should give the patient the attending physician. After all, they depend on the length of time hemodialysis patients, residual renal function, presence of complications and many other reasons.

Can only give general advice.

The first relates to the consumption of protein. In conservative period (prior to dialysis) patient,

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A.Shabanovich: We do not require a tooth for a tooth …

Abu Bekir Shabanovich, Mufti of the Muslim Religious Association Republic of Belarus, claims Belarusian Muslims did not achieve blood Zdzvizhkou:"I’m sorry man. He made a mistake. And very sorry that this error he never acknowledged.We did not call for, so it was "tooth — for a tooth, an eye — for an eye, blood — the blood." Our religion — the most peaceful. And we do not ensure that its planted. I think, maybe fine enough. Well, the newspaper closed. It also loss. But I can not dictate our laws. It protects the rights of people.My world those — we

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Diet by blood: gemokod, Volkova, alutest

Doctors all over the world claim that exhaustion hunger unsafe for the body. Much more civilized way — a diet. The list of diet known to mankind has dozens of names, and the top of the "food pyramid" is crowned by a diet of blood. That is to say, the last cry of nutrition, its forward line. It is on this diet today, "sit down" and Hollywood stars, and the deputies of the State Duma. Sosome As both those, and others can be considered as blood brothers. That is — by a blood diet.

Introduction to Anthropology

Blooded father

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Before and after the operation

Before surgery to remove a hernia needs to be done:

ECG; CBC (with platelets); a blood group and Rh factor; blood sugar; blood test on prothrombin index INR +; blood test for APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time); biochemical analysisblood tests (total bilirubin, AST, ALT, total protein, creatinine); a blood test for hepatitis B (Hbc-antigen), hepatitis C (HCv), RW (Wasserman — for syphilis), HIV.

If you regularly take medications, be sure to tell the anesthesiologist before surgery.

During 2 —3 days before the operation is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, narcotics and psychotropic drugs. Two weeks until the week

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In the regions, reducing the number of donors

How much blood sire Martyshenka passed over a lifetime?

We do not a lot of benefits, and of those currently selected

"Hard to say without a clear calculation. Well, more than forty times — this bucket of blood. Naturally, benefits was very not enough. Only stamatalegiya, medicines … We do not a lot of benefits, and of those currently selected. "According to leaders of the Gomel Regional Blood Transfusion Station Eugene Linkevicha, abolition of certain provisions does not affect the overall situation. But save some assurance to donors who donate their health, Eugene Linkevich believes fundamentally.

Who’s going to

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Donors can give up free travel

From January 27, 1998, according to the decision of the Mogilev city executive committee, prominent donors in Mogilev have the right to free travel, but simply donors — 50% discount on tickets.Home Special Mogilev city council Vasily Mihnevich states that the City Council MPs tend to throw this benefit the donor, but not much:"It’s not all donors, but only notable donors having such a symbol -" Noble donor Republic of Belarus . "If you believe the official figures, we have them here and there a thousand and a half, for sure, nobles," — said Vasily Mihnevich.Registered in Mogilev blood transfusion

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Iron deficiency anemia


Iron in the body is an essential component of blood — or rather, hemoglobin, a component of red blood cells. That is the metal binds oxygen and transports it from the lungs to the tissues of the body, allowing the body to breathe, and the return path removes carbon dioxide.

In the body iron comes from food and excreted in very small quantities. Balance gland so important that it exists in the liver depot — emergency supply of which is consumed only in emergency cases. In this case, it

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Medicine in Europe: Whatever it was, of all antibiotic pass!

Natalya Barabash, a columnist for "Evening Moscow"

I phoned a friend: "I read? The English hospital staff starved 1,000 people! The horror! How can it be — is there an enlightened Europe! "But for some reason I was not surprised. Alas. Stories about the magnificence of European medicine proved that myth, which was the hardest part.

— Oh, you will see the difference with Russia! Yes we have one blood test will tell you everything! — Viennese friend assured me that all the Austrians believed that medicine is no better than them.

The first miracle to doctors

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Norwegian arranged in kindergarten tasting blood

In Norway, a kindergarten teacher was fired after she treated the kids in their own blood.

A teacher from Sola in western Norway has prepared his players' breakfast vampire. " In a bowl of porridge instead she poured blood from pre-bubble. The girl offered to kids ages 3 to 6 years to try liquid to touch and taste.

"When the kids get their hands dirty and asked how to wash off the blood, she licked her finger. The kids followed suit, "- says an employee of preschool Inger Lise Andersen.

Parents outraged by such practices. The administration of the

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