The experts of the British Ministry of Defense, after consultation with scientists and engineers said: the next 30 years of supernormal person will become a reality. In whom we have become? Upgrading a secret Wish list is quite extensive super-powers — the ability to move quickly through the water or air, more security, increased focus, vision, hearing, endurance, memory expansion, the ability to process more information, go without food and sleep. All this is available only until the heroes of

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Created tool for the analysis of blood clotting

The device Thromboimager 2 for the diagnosis of disorders of blood coagulation created by Gemakor (Hemacore) Photo

A few years ago, a team of researchers from the Hematology Research Center, Center for Theoretical Problems of Pharmacology Sciences and the Physics Department of Moscow State University under the direction of Fazli Ataullahanova found that the results of basic research of mechanisms of regulation of blood coagulation may be of direct practical value. At that time, the team studied the spatial dynamics of blood coagulation with a specially crafted homemade setup. Further development has been brought to such a state that

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The festivities existence in Austria (18 +)

Attention! Not Recommended to anyone, especially pregnant women and people with unstable mentality. A sample of contemporary Western art from the series — "RAZVIDET"


Blood — a great power, especially in art, artist Hermann Nitsch convinced.

Instead of red paint he uses the blood and slaughter of animals for him — an integral part of the creative process, which really looks like a very ancient blood rituals.

In his castle in Austria Printsendorf he spends like orgy of activities that he calls "the festivities of existence."

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Scientists have confirmed that the disease can be so far-fetched



When a person thinks or talks about any offensive or annoying his things and situations in his body increased levels of inflammatory markers, according to physicians from Ohio University, in the city of Athens (USA). The results of their research will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Miami.

Associate Professor of the University psychologist Peggy Zokkola his comrades found that when the volunteers were asked to survive in the laboratory is an exciting

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Blood test for syphilis

Syphilis — one of the most common sexually transmitted disease that affects the internal organs, skin and central nervous system. There is the possibility of syphilis, not only sexually, but also by household: through utensils, bedding, personal hygiene items and other things that were used or touched by sick people.

To determine if you are sick or not, you should contact your doctor who will examine and referral for testing. Laboratory diagnosis reveals the causative agent of syphilis — pale treponemu. As a material for study can be as blood plasma and secretions of skin rash, sometimes

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As an erection

Over the last century, part of the population surveys have shown that the list of stresses associated with marriage, money is headed. Pollsters asked people not just about sex, and the respondents themselves were not given this information. When the list began to include sexual issues, money issues took a back seat. Even among happily married couples about 50% of the men mentionedkakih-nibud sexual difficulties (women satisfied was even less — about 25%).

Indeed, as one of the pleasures of life, full sex promotes good emotional mood. Sexual disorders often cause people a lot of unnecessary suffering —

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Siberian scientists have created a method of individual selection of doses of medication from blood clots (Novosibirsk)


NOVOSIBIRSK, November 23 — RIA Novosti, Maria Horn. Scientists have developed technology to accurately dose selection Warfarin — Blood-thinning drug that is taken every day tens of millions of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, the method eliminates bleeding and blood clots, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Sciences Galina Lifschitz.

"Deaths from complications during admission Warfarin left on one of the first places among the fatalities from the use of drugs. The complication rate was 16%,

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Australia is stored donor blood for 30 years

April 30. Protected by natural disasters blood bank and on its processing center was opened in Melbourne in Copus former car company. It is designed to meet the demand for the most important components of blood in the next 30 years.

Melbourne center for processing blood, opened April 30 and cost the treasury $ 213 million, is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7 points and work independently without external supply of water, gas, electricity, and no sewage for four days.

Chairman of the Blood Service Australian Red Cross, Dr. David

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Gulf of Mexico: Letter to the Management Committee on Claims Against BP

Silence. Indifference. Hiding. Oblivion. False. Bribery. Threat. And here is another open letter, which — as well as other — Is likely to remain unanswered U.S. authorities. Almost two years after the start of the accident on a floating drilling platform "Dipuote Horizon" in the history of this greatest man-made ecological disaster and planned international media have almost no recall — none of it, nor of those who suffered and continues to suffer from its effects. We hear reports of a deferral of court hearings so the eight alleged billions of dollars that BP promises to pay back the

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Anti-Semitism is raising its head

The Association of Pediatricians Israel demands an end to the dangerous practice of oral suction of blood after circumcision. Pediatricians called on the Ministry of Health to begin raising campaign through clinics and municipal departments of the mother and child.

As determined by the Ministry of Health, from 2001 to 2011, 11 infants were infected with herpes after the rite is performed Moel suck their blood mouth. Ten of them required hospitalization, with two of the brain was affected, and two others died.

Study of U.S. physicians support the conclusions of their Israeli colleagues. According to them, the chance

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