Olympic plants

In the Olympic kennel were adapted over 140,000 trees, shrubs and flowers. Plants intended for planting the main Olympic Village in Mediterranean style.

They were taken in Sochi last spring. Some of them are from Italy, where the climate is very similar to Sochi, and the plants survived the move without severe stress. Trees and flowers fully recovered from the carriage began to grow rapidly, many of them bloom, indicating that their well-being.

First dissolved the Japanese camellia flowers, behind her — azaleas, wisteria, roses, ornamental apple tree. Near turned bright carpet phlox. Just

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Spring in December: In Kiev bloom seals


— Snowdrops are not found, but seals also white and fluffy! Photos of Anton Lushchikov.

8.12.11.Pervaya December's week was one of the warmest in Kiev for all the years of observation. How unusual weather will affect the people of Kiev? On Monday in the capital, the average day temperature was 9.3 degrees Celsius — is the highest average rate for the last 50 years.

Naturally, the abnormally warm weather could not affect the plants that climate change is very sensitive. As our editor, which is capricious princess from a fairy tale "12 months", sent us in search of

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At -25 lilac buds released in Chepetsk


This anomaly is the risk that the bush does not bloom in spring

14.12.12.Zhitelnitsa Kirov-Chepetsk Kirov region noticed unusual. In the courtyard of a small lilac bush in the week there were buds and green leaves.

I walked by and happened to notice the green buds on the lilac. I'm sure it's very unusual for December, with its zero temperatures — explained Lyudmila Terentiev. — I think the reason for this behavior was the adjacent boiler plants, of which there is a vapor.

As we explained in the Environmental Fund of Kirov, a reaction to thaw occurs among

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Snowdrops bloom in Kuban


17.01.11.U resident Novokubansk yard bloomed snowdrops.

All the fault, says Elena Fushtey, warm winter. Snowdrops on a bed usually appeared in March. And this time the buds bloom right before the New Year. The woman says, could not believe her eyes. Relatives and neighbors are now more likely to come to visit, to enjoy this floral wonder.


Black Sea bloomed earlier than usual


Odessa, May 30 (New Region, Konstantin Zelfanov) — Algae in the Black Sea began to bloom two weeks earlier than usual. In this case, the last time such a phenomenon has been observed three years ago. On it informs RIA "Novosti".

"Vast areas (about 150,000 square kilometers) of blooming coccolithophores — specific phytoplankton species — found in the Black Sea specialists ETC" RDC ", studying pictures from space. The probable cause of intense flowering in 2012, which began two weeks earlier the typical time frame was a cold winter and the associated convection (vertical "movement" of water masses), "-

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In Belgium, the roses bloom


Flickr Photos

01.01.12. Belgium celebrates New Year's Eve at unusually high for this time of year, temperature, reported on Sunday in Brussels, representatives of the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Reference thermometer Institute, established in Uccle district of Brussels, showed last night 10.4 degrees Celsius. This second result since 1883, when New Year's Eve was marked by temperature plus 11 degrees.

Meteorologists promise warmth even during the first few days of the new year, accompanied by a rather heavy rains. On lawns and flowerbeds flowers bloom in the Belgian capital, of which can be seen even roses, hot-season.

Source: Details

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In Estonia, the full flowering dandelions


foto: Liis Treimane

7.11.11.Myagkaya fall weather has had such a profound effect on the plants that bloomed dandelions again, wolf berries and even some apple trees. November promises to be quite warm, but over the winter to say anything definite yet difficult.

"In Tartu, since 1865 has been warmer than this year, for 29 years" — described the current weather climatologist Ain Kallis, noting that the last time almost as autumn was in 2008.

According to the Estonian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, the average temperature in October of this year was 6,9-10,5 degrees, at the same time

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In the South Urals snowdrops bloom. Photo


In the South Urals snowdrops bloom.Photo: Alexei VERETNOVA

02.10.12. In Varna district, close to the pension, "poplar" blossomed snowdrops — shared joy reader "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Alex. — It's amazing — the whole hill of spring primroses. But on the court — October.

Indeed, usually snowdrops, or scientifically — backache, appear in the first week of warm spring. They make their way through the withered grass, when it is not completely snow melts. And then suddenly blossomed before the first snowfall.

In the South Urals snowdrops bloom.Photo: Alexei VERETNOVA

However, biologists have nothing abnormal in it can not

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In Astrakhan, Novorossiysk flowered lilac!



23.10.12.V Astrakhan watches rare anomaly: in the city and parts of the area in droves lilacs bloom. Lilac blooms usually in the spring, but not in the 20 days of October. "A pleasant surprise in the form of blooming lilacs greeted me yesterday in the country. Maybe after the summer, in October again? "- Wrote in his blog on LiveJournal Astrakhanka Dean Izmailov (dn-izmailova). "In Astrakhan anomaly! Søren blossom! Why would it? O_O "- asks Xenia Fomin tweeted," said the father came)) and grandmother))) shorter end of the world is coming)) beguiled our Seren), "- says she's

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In Temirtau lilacs bloomed in September


14.09.12.V Temirtau have Dachnitsa Zaymidi Love in the garden under the window of a country house re-bloomed lilac bush, reports BNews.kz.

As the gardeners, the lilac blooms once a year, usually in May or early June. Love on the site Zaymidi, Dachnitsa with years of experience, lilacs bloomed again in September, very much surprised pensioner.

"We're just stunned! My daughter already has opened his mouth! Said my mother come here, look. I say: Well, I see — the bush is, but so what? Yes blossomed, they say. I say, wow, what is that? We honestly have had a

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