How to see the green light?

How to see the green light? It is interesting

Many people, when they go to the beach to enjoy the sunset, trying to see the green flash. What is it?

Green Ray — optical phenomenon that manifests itself after sunset or before sunrise the sun. This happens when the sun was almost completely hidden behind the horizon, and the top edge remains visible. Within a few seconds, this part may seem green. It is believed that if you ever see a flash, you can never go wrong in matters of the heart.

How could see the green light? Here's what

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Fish in ponds Kirovoradschiny died because of the heat



7.06.12.Vchera during a meeting of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations of resonant question for the mass death of fish in the river basin Sugokleya, reported Kirovohrad regional state administraii

Analyzed the situation head of fisheries Nicholas Rudenko.On noted that fish kill in large numbers began on May 5 and lasted for three days, and it was mainly during May karas.Dalee number of dead fish was not increased.

Mykola Rudenko noted that no water pollution by chemicals or disease or toxic substances in the dead fish were found. Among the factors that

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Izhevsk has flowed out of the tap water is rotten


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8.08.11.S late last week to the Editor "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has received several calls from outraged residents of Izhevsk.

Readers reported that the tap again ran "rotten" water. This is especially noticed the Leninsky district residents and the Borough of metallurgists. The situation is repeated again last year?

It is worth noting that only recently were spotted brown spots on the city pond. Specialists said that blame the mass death of blue-green algae. These spots could get into the water reservoir and treatment plant. Measures have been taken in order to prevent the situation. Also in

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In Latvia there were dangerous algae

Blue-green algae, found this week in the Gulf of Riga, near Gipki probably brought from Estonia, where the water teplee.Po to the director of the Latvian Institute Hydro Andes Ikauniece, algae found inspector of the State Service of the environment, which samples were taken at the institute . Suspicions were confirmed.

Most likely, the algae did not grow off the coast of Latvia, the expert suggested. It is likely that they could have to place over the coast of Estonia, where the water is warmed up more. Satellite observations show that the Latvian waters no large formations

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