What Is an Inclusive Culture?

Resoundingly, the CEOs agreed on what an inclusive culture meant for their organizations. They defned it as one in which employees can contribute to the success of the company as their authentic selves, while the organization respects and leverages their talents and gives them a sense of connectedness. “In an inclusive culture employees know that, irrespective of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, and physical ability, you can fulfll your personal objectives by aligning them with the company’s, have a rich career, and be valued as an individual. You are valued for how you contribute to the business,” said

David Thodey

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MTV presenter Laura Whitmore hangs out with rock royalty every day in the name of work. We gave her a new job — to model this season’s beauty trends.


Aka makeup that means business. First you’ll need a second-skin foundation for that pretty porcelain effect. Next, use a black liquid liner to mark out the double eye line, followed by a gel or kohl liner to fill in the flick. Revlon makeup artist Aimee Adams, who created Laura’s looks for our shoot, explains,»As long as the lines on both eyes are symmetrical, the rest doesn’t off the start

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Light house

Author William Allen White once remarked that Charleston, South Carolina, was “the most civilized town in the world.” Decades later, readers of Conde Nest Traveler agreed, voting the city a top tourist destination. While charm, heritage, architecture, and interior design are city hallmarks, tradition today takes a new twist.

Case in point: In redesigning an 82-year- old Georgian-style house in downtown Charleston’s historic Battery district, interior designer Ginger Breton decided to forgo its traditional roots. Instead, she focused on ways to best serve the needs of the homeowners, a young couple with eclectic tastes.

Asked to mix existing with new

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from wild type to the Full Blue Rili. Neocaridina heteropoda.

The various captive-bred forms of Neocaridina heteropoda are very popular with “cherry shrimp” fanciers, who are often baffled by the names and histories of the many different strains. Here we trace how the Sakura strain has emerged from the Taiwan wild type and look at what is going on with the “Jelly Blue” strain.

Steffen, a friend and professional breeder, visited me to pick up some breeder tanks with gauze bottoms for his Cambarellus patzcuarensis Orange and Crystal Red shrimps. On that occasion, he brought along offspring of a wild-type strain of Neocaridina heteropoda. He handed me the bag of

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US Army Aviation Aggressor Training

THE SOVIET-MADE armour made contact with the American forces along the base of the mountains on the desert valley floor. A pair of AH-1 gunship helicopters popped up over a ridge nicknamed the «whale» and skimmed across the ground at 50ft. Using the dry river beds as cover, they approached the enemy positions.

Emerging onto the flat desert, the pilots began calling the targets, quickly firing at vehicles and troop concentrations. The enemy was dug in well and difficult to spot among the wreckage of the previous battles. Suddenly, the instrument panel lit up with

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Focal turns the air Blue(tooth)

Focal XS Book Wireless Desktop speakers £300

Focal’s commitment to audio outside dedicated hi-fi has grown in recent years, and the Focal XS Book Wireless desktop speakers are the latest addition to its more consumer-focused product range.

Ultimately, we’re looking at a pair of the original XS Book speakers launched in late 2011, except this time they come bearing aptX Bluetooth for wireless playback.

The design is therefore almost identical to its predecessors’. The same tapered look remains, as do the 19mm aluminium dome tweeters and 10cm polyglass mid/bass drivers. There’s still a 20W-per-channel amp in the right-hand master speaker.

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About the color.

Our magazine has repeatedly put the materials on color science, and each publication provoked letters from readers who have asked to continue stories on this topic.

Previously, we published Japanese book «Colorful circus» where the authors presented in its own color system for children.

Today we introduce to you, dear children, with chapters from the book by Danish artist B. Weber’s «experiments with color» specially translated into Russian for «young artist».

Maybe some judgments of the Danish author will seem controversial, but because each specialist has his point of view in the complex field of color science. Notice how

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Blue Nose Herks

Robert F Dorr joins a New York Air National Guard Hercules on an Arctic deployment as part of the annual Exercise Arctic Research Environment Activity ’93.

ON APRIL 20, 1993 at 08:30, this author climbed out of a Lockheed Hercules at Ruby, an Arctic Ocean ice camp situated north of all land on Earth. Here, wind rushes across an eerie expanse of white, glaring in the high, 24-hour sun. An outpost of metal huts on second-year ice, Ruby is bright-lit but frigid: the temperature is -45°C.

Here, cold takes on a new meaning. On this high ice, north of Greenland,

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Blue edges

You turn on your high-speed grinder. You offer up the bevel of your carving tool to the spinning wheel. Sparks fly. All’s going well, then — oh no! Suddenly, before you can react, a part of the cutting edge turns blue…

Bluing edges is a calamity: the blue colour marks where the temper — the hardness that the manufacturer imposed on the blade — has been destroyed. The blued part of the cutting edge is now soft; it will dull very quickly, even bend, next time you carve.

What can you do?

Other than re-temper your carving tool, nothing —

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Air power experts.

DURING A TWO-week period four months ago, units from across the UK and selected NATO assets deployed to RAF Leuchars to participate in Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor (CQWI) Operational Phase 2 of 1998. The course is designed to take the most promising pilots and navigators from the front line and turn them into weapons, systems and tactical experts. Upon completion, the QWIs return to the squadrons and instruct junior and senior aircrews alike in all aspects of weaponry and tactical employment of air power.

The QWI courses from the Tornado GR.l, F.3, Jaguar and Harrier were linked together in June

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