Is There An ES sound?

Gibson’s ES models offer a ‘woodier’ sound than a straight solidbody, but there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. If you play in a hardcore metal band, you can leave an ES in the store – but otherwise they’ve been made famous across a melange of great guitar music.

The first Electric Spanish, the ES-150, is best heard played by Charlie Christian. The Genius Of The Electric Guitar (4CDs) is a superb primer for early guitar solos. Elvis Presley’s Sun Sessions showcases Scotty Moore’s work on various ES’s, notably the ES-295. As for other deep-bodied ESs in a later, different

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Howlin Wind

With his vocals as impassioned as his guitar playing, hard-working bluesman Danny Bryant has produced an album of rare power. Interview by Michael Heatley

The blues world has seen many examples of older players mentoring young prodigies and passing on the wisdom of their years: Danny Gatton with Joe Bonamassa is one relatively recent relationship. For upand-coming British guitarist Danny Bryant, the man who helped to get his mojo well and truly working was Walter Trout, some three decades his senior.

‘When I was about 14 my mum and dad had one of Walter’s albums – I don’t think they

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Guide to the blues by Dan Aykroyd

The star of the film The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd is actually a lover and connoisseur of blues. You submitted them compiled a guide to the best samples of this genre.

Since then, he put on his iconic black hat, suit and sunglasses Elwood Blues in the blockbuster John Landis The Blues Brothers 1980, Dan Aykroyd became forever associated with the blues. This situation could be very painful, not so long ago if there had been an actor, dedicated and well-grounded in matters of blues fan of this genre. After talking with Dan during his recent visit to the UK,

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Greenwood And Goldtops

Danny’s house is decorated with portraits of the blues greats, but one in particular – a picture of the late, recently departed Hubert Sumlin – inspired the song Greenwood 31, titled after his place of birth, on the new album. ‘Hubert was the first blues legend I ever met – I played a festival with him when I was about 20,’ says Danny. ‘I asked the promoter if I could meet him and he said, “I’m not sure.” After the gig he said, “He heard you play, you can go in.”

‘So I spent about an hour with him. He

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Blues Horizons

Top Topham, the Yardbirds’ first lead guitarist, quit just before the group flew into pop’s highest stratosphere. Alan Clayson lends an ear to his story.

ecisions made in our youth can echo on for the rest of our lives, and rock and roll can have an especially cruel way of highlighting the difference between ‘what is’ and ‘what might have been’. Long ago, in 1963’s rainy autumn, lead guitarist Top Topham was urged by his parents to quit the Yardbirds, the group he’d launched a few months earlier with singing harmonica-blower Keith

Relf, drummer Jim

McCarty, rhythm guitarist

Chris Dreja

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Ever since he was a teenager, Jeff Dunas has loved blues music. Then one day he and his wife hit the road to photograph some of the blues greats. He talks to Susan Burnstine.

Jeff Dunas has worked commercially as an editorial, fashion and advertising photographer for more than 30 years. He’s photographed countless superstars, shot for almost every mainstream magazine, has had 10 successful books published, earned a long list of awards and honours, has had exhibitions worldwide and is now the director of the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

Dunas has done it all, and remarkably, is still one

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Blues without peace

For me "SVET BOOGIE BAND" opened a music critic Dmitry Podberezskayaand. It was a DVD-disc with the concert had not yet completely untwisted blues band with a pretty solid title in one of Moscow clubs. Not the athletic type boy in outfit a la "Chicago 1930" published in English deepest guttural sounds that normally associate with the "dark" classics of the genre. The repertoire was precisely chykaski traditional blues, boogie piano. And — of mandatory harmonica. Even from the recording can be realized in which the audience was ecstatic. Uniformly dentist Education Svyatoslav Hodanovich changed the dental office on stage

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In Night of Freedom — Lavon Volsky and Yuri Svirko

Guest night broadcast of "Freedom" is the editor in chief of the Kiev newspaper "Economic news" Yuri Svirko. Talking about the third anniversary of the Orange Revolution will be carried out on the post-revolutionary life in Ukraine — and the country, and everyday people. And the inhabitants of the frontier Gomel give their assessments of his life.In "Night of research papers" — continuation of a series of safety on Belarusian roads. On This time focus Igor Korneya problem of technical condition of cars on the Belarusian tracks as it influences avaryynasts and the number of victims and the injured? Meanwhile

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Rare butterfly expanded habitat due to climate change

Brown blues greatly expanded their habitat in the UK due to the fact that climate change has extended growing season caterpillars of these butterflies and allowed them to move to a new kind of food — widespread in the wild geranium, British environmentalists claim in an article published in the journal Science.

Brown blues (Aricia agestis) are among some of the rarest butterflies in the temperate climate zone. They are found in central and southern Europe, and are also found in some parts of the south of England and Russia. Small habitat of this insect is due to its "gourmandise"

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Biologists confirmed the hypothesis unrecognized Nabokov about butterflies

Scientists using DNA analysis confirmed the validity of the hypothesis of the origin of Nabokov's butterflies.

Biologists are using DNA analysis confirmed the validity of the hypothesis of the origin of butterflies proposed writer Vladimir Nabokov. Article scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

Nabokov life attracted butterflies — he studied the morphology and anatomy of insects and headed the department for the study of butterflies at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. Favorite subject of research of the writer were butterflies blues form Polyommatus blues.

Based on the analysis of insect genitalia

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