£350 ★★★★★

Klipsch is aiming high for it’s first-ever Bluetooth speaker. The KMC 3 has aptX for higher-quality Bluetooth streaming, it’s portable, and with USB charging, a 3.5mm input and a playlist-creating app, delivers all the essentials.

It’s named after the Klipsch Music Center venue in Indiana, and the firm promises this minimalist box will deliver the atmosphere of live music.

Big, but boomy

Switch it on and it’s clear that Klipsch has tuned the speaker to give the vibe of a live concert. The sound is big, loud and easily filled our listening room — and we were barely

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Focal turns the air Blue(tooth)

Focal XS Book Wireless Desktop speakers £300

Focal’s commitment to audio outside dedicated hi-fi has grown in recent years, and the Focal XS Book Wireless desktop speakers are the latest addition to its more consumer-focused product range.

Ultimately, we’re looking at a pair of the original XS Book speakers launched in late 2011, except this time they come bearing aptX Bluetooth for wireless playback.

The design is therefore almost identical to its predecessors’. The same tapered look remains, as do the 19mm aluminium dome tweeters and 10cm polyglass mid/bass drivers. There’s still a 20W-per-channel amp in the right-hand master speaker.

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Even though the successful flagship, the main fuel, on which the Finnish giant continues to move forward — a budget phone. Here is another proof that the Nokia is virtually no competition. 501 minutes with the bright buildings reminiscent of Lumia, and while filling it and does not try to keep up with the top-end smartphones (3-inch touch screen (240×320), 3.2 megapixel camera module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0,4 GB of internal memory, a slot microSD up to 32 GB), because after all, the price had not comparable. In addition, this phone is designed to operate with

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6 instant upgrades

Savour every second with these short hop essentials…


With luggage space at a premium, you’ll want something a little more discreet than a bulky. £300 pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These stylish on-ear cans come in a handy zippered pouch and are ideal for small doses of most music types, thanks to the warm mid-tone reproduction and deep bass. Comfy leather ear cushions keep your shell-likes happy, while sound isolation is on hand to help take the edge off engine noise, city bustle and that important departure announcement. Oops…

£80 / ue.logitech.com



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Low-calorie-RA …

Design engineers of "Intersoft Eurasia", a company which is a resident of Skolkovo, based on their own patents registered in the Public Registry of utility models and industrial designs of the Russian Federation in 2013, developed a prototype of a new line of portable devices radiometer DO-RA for smartphones and tablet computers. The new device uses Bluetooth 4.0 channel for communication with smart phones and computers. Radio channel digital data transmission Bluetooth 4.0, recently introduced in the wireless standards for the latest models of smart phones and other electronic devices, has low power consumption. For what, sharp-tongued developers of

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03.08.12.Nedavno at a business meeting observed the following situation. Two colleagues exchanged business cards, simply waving their mobile phones to each other. Information is considered for a split second, and both fairly new contacts separated. It seems that the time when you had to enter some data into the phone manually, is gradually disappearing. This case — just the tip of a huge iceberg, whose name — NFC.

NFC acronym stands for Near Field Communication, and translated to English means "near field communication". This wireless technology is a high-frequency short-range communication, which allows for secure exchange of data between

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