Stop motion animation, one of the oldest special effects, makes the impossible seem real. But the tedious process — move the model, take a picture, repeat thousands of times — discourages citizen film makers with non-obsessive patience levels.

I recently discovered iStopMotion, Mac software that automates the process and works with any camera that can capture QuickTime. iStopMotion features a transparent preview that lets you superimpose the previous frame over the current one before you shoot. This alone helps enormously. The Time Lapse feature shoots frames continuously at a specified interval, and Speech Recognition lets you say “Capture” instead of


Ribbon and bow

This bow and ribbon is an example of what is known as applique work — a posh way of saying ‘stuck on’. The carving can be glued to a fire surround, mirror frame or box, for example, pinned discretely in place through the central knot and the deep junctions.

This is a simple design, especially in its surface treatment. However, it’s worth exploring the many other ways of carving and decorating ribbons and bows; you’ll find them joined together or with complicated rucks and folds in their surfaces.

Orientate the grain across the design; this will give the most strength.

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Learn more about this important renovation material, more popularly known as Hardieflex


A ficem board—short for fiber cement board—is composed of cement and plant fibers. Although ficem boards are not ideal for load-bearing or structural walls, they can be used for various interior surface treatments, like siding, partitions, dropped ceiling, coves, and other decorative details.


“Ficem boards are all-weather proof, unlike plywood and gypsum board,” explains architect Anthony Yan, adding that unlike wood, ficem boards are also resistant to termite. Meanwhile, architect Love de Leon adds,


Mixed media in etching.

In the visual arts, there are many distinct techniques: painting with tempera and oil, fresco, watercolor, gouache, drawing, woodcut longitudinal and face, woodcut plywood, cardboard and linoleum, as well as etching in the diversity of his techniques: etched bar, aquatint, Lavis, drypoint, mezzotint, rezervazh open etching, copperplate print, soft-touch paint, a direct translation. But always comes a time when the artist all this diversity becomes a little and he begins to combine the well-known technology in different combinations. Sometimes this led to a great creative achievements. For example, Aristarchus Lentulov often used in painting applique (gold and silver foil, tissue,

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Bass shakers are like the rumble packs in a Playstation or Xbox game controller. They make whatever they’re attached to rumble when they get a signal from the LFE (low frequency effects) channel of your audio system. That means when the T-Rex puts its foot down in Jurassic Park, you don’t just hear it… you feel it.

You can buy an $800 shaker system from a commercial outfit like Buttkicker or Clark, or you can put the components together yourself for as little as $30. I’ve done it both ways, and I like the $30 results better. That cost assumes

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Form and function from a fish.

It’s funny how some familiar image in a person’s life can end up as a woodworking-project design. Every time I go on the road to scout a crafts fair, I run into woodworkers who love to create replicas of such things as shore birds, flowers, cars, trains, planes, boats-you name it. Typically, these images hold a special place in their memories. I found in my own woodworking a similar item that served meaningfully in my recent past.

Of course, for a woodworker to be without a cutting board seems beyond comprehension, but that, I confess, describes my unfortunate condition at

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Massive board in the urban interior

The main difference between the traditional parquet and massive board — floor covering made of solid wood — lies in the size. Wood slats have small dimensions, characterized by dimensional stability and provide field maneuvers during installation. Here and «Christmas Tree» and «ladder», and other patterns. Another thing is solid wood length of 0.5 — 2 meters. (The rustic building is used and longer material.) Place the large strips obtained mainly decked manner. The width of the array ranges from 6 to 45 cm, thickness — 18 — 40 mm. Work layer — thickness up to a butt joint

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How to keep the vine from damping off

I want to share experiences on the conservation of winter green (nevyzrevshie) vines in the shelter.

In the spring of 1961, 24 vines I planted early varieties: Beauty Don, Lel, Pearl Saba, Amber large-berry (Friendship), Bogatyrsky I. vaccinate vrasschep. May was rainy and his eyes began to grow late. By the end of the growing season the vines grew in length of 2-3 meters. Despite the minting of vines, they were green, that is nevyzrevshie. In front of me there was a question as to keep them until spring. Then I decided to bushes to hide in two ways:

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Catch of the day.

Cutting board.

Looking for a cutting board with character? How about one that can add to your woodworking skills? Our flounder design, based on a well-known resident of the Atlantic Ocean, brings form and function into the kitchen. Use the fish’s tail for a handle when serving cheese and similar snacks, then clean and store the cutting board on the wall for a decorative touch.

You’ll find machining the recess for the maple insert a lesson in working with guide bushings.

First, Rout a Recess For the Inlaid Cutting Surface


Rip and crosscut a piece of 3/4-thick stock to

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Golden Buddha’s Eightfold Path

Julian Long

Pawn or checkers on a board of 64 squares of fields, reaching the 8th horizontal transformed into the most powerful in the chess or checkers game figure — the Queen (Queen) or Kings.

It is well known: in chess, checkers, and this metamorphosis is not an end in itself, but a means of collateral to help solve the main task — in chess — checkmate; in checkers — to destroy the material protivnika1. We have in both cases take the same way to achieve the greatest success ordinary pawns or checkers (although the success of the clean

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