Learn more about this important renovation material, more popularly known as Hardieflex


A ficem board—short for fiber cement board—is composed of cement and plant fibers. Although ficem boards are not ideal for load-bearing or structural walls, they can be used for various interior surface treatments, like siding, partitions, dropped ceiling, coves, and other decorative details.


“Ficem boards are all-weather proof, unlike plywood and gypsum board,” explains architect Anthony Yan, adding that unlike wood, ficem boards are also resistant to termite. Meanwhile, architect Love de Leon adds,


The best hand automatically termoprofilirovanie

Electronic assembly technologies are constantly improved in response to new ideas about the quality of products and reduce their cost requirements. Perhaps one of the last operations that are still carried out manually in the process line remain termoprofilirovanie. This article describes the technology termoprofilirovaniya automatically in real time, and the benefits that it has to manual measurement profile.

LIMITATIONS OF MANUAL PROFILING decades measurement thermoprofile manually enterprise e-assembly was considered the best method to determine the optimum parameters for the reflow oven and wave soldering equipment, and make sure that the thermal process is consistent with the specified parameters.

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Outsiders BX …

We’ve been waiting for it. That it should come to replace veteran 440BX. Only in such bottles bottled cocktail of sharp Technology: RDRAM, 133 MHz FSB, AGP 4X and Ultra ATA / 66. However, some prefer sake …

We will focus on the i820 — the latest chipset from Intel. From 440BX predecessor, it features a new hub architecture, as well as support for RDRAM, 133MHz system bus, AGP 4X and Ultra ATA / 66. However, some features of the new 440BX chipset is deprived of: a sacrifice brought support for 66-MHz system bus (and hence the compatibility with

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An array of beautiful and our nails are quick!

Legend has it that the question «How to understand that at a construction site ENDS REPAIR AND BEGINS FINISHES?» The famous Armenian RADIO replied: IF YOU DURING CONSTRUCTION shake FEET BEFORE leave the apartment, it REPAIR

And if you do SAME BEFORE YOU SIGN IT IS FINISHING. The conclusion is clear. A fine line between repair and finishing ran right … RIGHT BY flooring.

When the walls are plastered and plastered ceilings already gained its final form and featureless construction site in the eyes gradually acquires features of a loved one at home, it’s time to finishing the floor

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CASE OF insanely fps-2

The point of testing the newest 3D-accelerator, probably will live forever … ..

…for the simple reason that these glands all coming and coming, and of categories "gold" Yes exotic" they have long been moved to the section of passion as needed". Because game manufacturers, spurred on by our new-fangled grunt with you "who needs it — the software version!"Soon simply cease to produce anything without the support board 30 locomotives.

At this time in our networks (papa, do you hear?) To drag a dead man named "Terminator"One raspaltsovannyh not load banner for the new Russian one piece of

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Independent trade unions have raised 10 times the rent

At the same time, structures Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus — the official trade union — employers provide premises free of charge.All the primary organizations of the Belarusian-independent trade union, employers offered to sign leases on new criteria. Inspector independent legal miners’ union "Belaruskali" Alexander Queens states that they have signed a contract, so as not to lose the room. At the same time, Alexander is convinced Queens:"This is the strongest anti-union discrimination fact, not included in the structure of municipal union — Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. All structures outside of the FPB, generally exempt from the

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Gomel Regional Executive Committee unevenly shared

Gomel Regional Executive Committee singular solution caused a reduction factor to the basic rental rates for facilities that rent creative unions, their organizational structures, as individuals under the creative workshops. This coefficient is 0.1 — precisely those which existed until last April.According to Homel painter Dimitri Popov, Torrents rent increase 10 times deprived artists the ability to have a solid shop, because the fall and winter heating considering rents would reach up to half a million rubles per month. At the moment, the size of the premises for less than 100 square meters returned applicable rates. Above 100 — the

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Biznesmenku until evicted

Hope Aivazova businessman trying to evict from "Prudkovskii" market in Gomel. In Last year Gomel Regional Economic Tribunal upheld the claim administration market eviction Mrs. Aivazova with retail space. Hope Aivazova appealed the decision to the Supreme Economic Court. According to chairman of the association "Perspective" Shumchanka Anatolia, the whole problem was because the rent: "Fact, they retroactively raised rents and entrepreneurs disagreed. And had a lot of such business. After this trial there was hope that justice will prevail. "

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Court was evicted from the market for another 4 business

They refused to pay the inflated twice a rent of 28 euros per square meter.Traders believe that the market authorities violated the decree number 142, whereby landlords are not have the right to unreasonably increase the rent twice a year.

Gomel who enriched, entrepreneurs or market?

Those shall be removed to pay, as they believe inflated rents, and they blame the unjustified enrichment. Just eight Tribunal oriented such claims.Says director of the market "Prudkovskii" Nikolai Gavrichenko:"We have a business worth 800. We want people to just pay the rental rate established and well produced their own business. But they do not agree with the level of rents. Believed that rents are not be so high, it is necessary to reduce ".Not paid — unreasonably abagatsivsyaAbout seventy business market "Prudkovskii" refused to pay rent, which in This year increased twice. They believe that it is contrary to

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