How Ermak conquered Siberia

The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak. Vasily Surikov

Art critic at a fashion show in the play Arcadia Isakovich Raikina:

"Take tovaischi, kaytinu Suikova" Pokoyenie Eymakom Siobhan. " Left — Cossacks spyava — Tata. Gemyat Cossack samopaly — kaboom-boom-boom. Whiz tatayskie stely — Whack, Whack, Whack. All napyaglos, everything in motion! Another minute — uyaaaa! Sybille peace! "

Broken down to the river. Under the cliff along the path of a huge number of Tatars. On the water, under the banner of the Cossacks in the boats (and some have already jumped into the water) firing their

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Volga Bulgaria

Volga Bulgaria. It was once on the Volga, in the area of the modern republic of Tatarstan, such a government. It was well over and done with, dissolving in the sands of time. No one now would not have thought of the word "Bulgaria", if it were not for bad luck. Yes, what a bad luck — a catastrophe. The large-scale, epic in scope, painfully Russian. Days of July 10 at the Kuibyshev reservoir, 3 km from the coast tourist boat sank with the same title. This tragedy was the biggest in the history of Russian river traffic, even at

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