Stormy compositions

Photographer and Photoshop Elements artist Steve Jagger reveals the core techniques behind his image ‘Guiding.

Steve Jagger has an eye for good images, and he calls upon his experience as a photographer to capture all the stock photos himself. He then carefully pieces everything together using the tools and adjustments available in Photoshop Elements.

‘Guiding Light’ was composed using selections and layering techniques, which are shown in the steps below. What makes this image stand out the most is Jagger’s application of Blur filters and lighting effects, all of which make you feel as though you’re really part of scene.

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More talk about ways of protection and maintenance of herd of wild reindeer in our country took place in Dudinka on the first interdepartmental scientific-production meeting. On it, in particular, presentations were made on the first production experience shooting deer in the wild water crossings in the Yakut ASSR and the Taimyr Autonomous District. In autumn 1970 the experiment was repeated on the Taimyr Peninsula. These works have been caused by the following circumstances.

As you know, Taimyr population of wild reindeer — the largest in our country. The number of its growing every year. Based on data from the

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Old-world splendor meets the latest in riverboat luxury on a languid cruise through the waterways of Belgium and Holland


Has it really taken me 40 years (and I’m being generous here) to discover the unhurried pleasures of riverboat cruising? It’s inexplicable, really—I’ve always loved traveling over water, whether it be aboard a Turkish feribot bound for Bodrum, a Halong Bay junk, or a ketch in the Java Sea. Even a ride on rickety Star Ferry still gives me a kick. Big cruise ships, admittedly, have never been my thing—too crowded, too busy, too, well, cruise-shippish. But

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SCLC-2 (MP-2)

August 6, 1925 at the Leningrad airplane factory GAZ №3 under the leadership of one of the directors of the Board Aviatresta IK Hamburg meeting was held on the activities of the design bureau Grigorovich and implement a three-year plan for the construction of prototype. We considered the following types of aircraft:

1. I-7 (I-2) — 1 series.

2. MRL-1 — 1 series.

3. Aircraft Ukrvozduhput (SUVP).

4. I-7 (I-2) — 2nd series, 10 copies.

5. Marine fighter base with motor «Napier» (min-1).

6. Naval destroyer (MM).

7. Scout seas (POM).

8. Deck (ship) fighter (PI-1).

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Cruise Control

Daredevil marine photographer Kos Evans is no stranger to climbing masts of up to 200ft for spectacular sailing moments. She offers her must-know techniques for shooting compelling cruising subjects

The Basics

The formula for sailing photography, really, is time. You need to find a boat, a racecourse and the closest point of where the boat will come to you. Look for the moment which portrays what you see about a yacht or a space in time. For me personally, it’s to do with shape and colour and the environment that these sportsmen and women are working in. Whenever I take

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Cowboys on the boards

We continue to acquaint readers with the participants of the Internet project «Young talents of this great sport.» In this room are representatives of the Metropolitan School wakeboarding Victoria Sosulina and Roman Ovodov. «Big Sport» went to wake Park «In The Club» and captured the best moments of the training team members in Moscow.

Roman Ovodov — of himself as an example to follow

About wakeboard as a way of life

Wakeboard called just entertainment, carousel. For the majority of the board is like a ride on an inflatable banana Turkish or flight with a parachute over the picturesque

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Sea views.

Our people made the beds to sunbathe and swim in the pits. If you spent the summer again, not where they wanted — you have a chance to go on a voyage, if not in reality, then certainly in the pages of Naked Science. We’ll tell you about the most incredible passenger ships, present and future — on the largest cruise liners and the most incredible technical solutions in shipbuilding.


At all times, the main feature of ocean liners had their value. Perhaps no single work of human hands are not attracts as much attention as

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Polesskii Peninsula Kudrichi

In the company of Pinsk regionalists, euro Aleksei Dubrovsky we’re going to Kudrichi. Small village, which is secreted in real Polesian swamps — thanks to the emperor Alexis, not destroyed reclamation. Dirt road — through traditional rowing kilometers quagmire. In the spring of this road is not at all, it floods the flood. And a dozen years ago and this was not the causeway.

Alexei: "In April or May, when you come here, where we’re going at the moment, water is everywhere. Here only by boat or you can drive on the trolley. From the island to the peninsula. Here

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United States successfully tested a surface robot project Anaconda

Company Swiftships Shipbuilders (USA) successfully tested layout bot project Anaconda, reports Developed surface bot will have to do a variety of tasks, in which a variety of surveillance, evacuation, as delivery of provisions and ammunition. It is expected that its development will end within the next year and a half. Currently, it is clear that this bot will be able to work in 3 modes. First mode provides for control person on board, the second mode — this is a remote control, and the third — one hundred percent autonomous operation on previously pledged programmke: laid source and destination

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Who rules the sea, rules the land and

Need to return the Russian naval power in the Far East Major role in the development of the Russian Far East region play maritime communications, which are practically the only way to bring it to the economic unity. Accordingly exceptional importance for the security of the Russian Federation from the eastern strategic direction has its Pacific Fleet. The main task of the Pacific Fleet (PF) is a reflection of anger potential enemy with the seas and oceans. Besides the Pacific Fleet — the only means of ensuring the integrity of the entire grouping of the Armed Forces in the Far

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