Underwater opponent. APL like Los Angeles

The history of nuclear killers such as "Los Angeles" started in 1906, when the hall of Ellis Island Immigration Service (New Jersey) became a family of immigrants from Russian Empire — Abraham, Rachel, and their six year old son Chaim. Malec was not missed — when I grew up, went to the Naval Academy and became a four-star admiral of the U.S. Navy. Total Hyman Rickover served in the Navy in '63 and would serve as yet, do not get caught on a bribe of 67 thousand dollars (Rickover himself unlocked until the end, saying that this "nonsense" does

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Submarine Surcouf — a sign of naval power in France

History Underwater the boat goes back to the man after whom it was named — Robert Surcouf. French privateer and pirate once earned him the nickname "The Storm of the seas", for what has been an elusive pirate for the British Navy and was able to divert about 15 British ships in 90 days. And underwater boat, received the name of the famous Frenchman, was also sudden decision with the highest ability for naval deployment.

In 1922, according to the contract to limit the number and tonnage of surface ships, many maritime countries have seen a breach in the

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Submarines of the Black Sea Fleet

History of the use of submarines in the Black Sea begins in 1907, with the order number 273 of the Maritime Office of the formation units submarine fleet. Detachment consisted of a floating base "Penderakliya" and submarines "Sudak" and "Salmon".

In the spring of 1908 a detachment of German U-boats filled with buildings, "Karas", "flounder" and "carp."

In the same year began working out of joint activities in the unit, and the ships based in the town of Sevastopol. Our homeland begins bookmark own new submarines, and in 1911 Nicholas plant begins work on submarines "Nerpa", "Walrus" and

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Submarines Catfish

Specialists of the Ministry of the Sea, together with the development of the project first Russian combat Underwater boat "Dolphin" closely watching the development of this world-class vessels, including those in the United States. There, founded in 1895 by John Holland (lived 1841-1904) by "torpido Holland Boat Company" in 1899 was built the first autonomous submarine "Holland 7", which became 11 April 1900 in the U.S. Navy. In the future, the company for the U.S. Navy had been built six submarines of "Adder", the seventh boat "Fulton" was built at the company's funds for advertising and testing of new equipment.

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Submarines Killer Whale

Successful tests of the first Russian military submarine "Dolphin" confirmed that the direction in the design of the ships taken by the Commission under the control of the ship's engineer IG Bubnov, is correct. Enlisting the "wishes of success in future buildings," which was made by the Russian Tsar Nicholas II during the inspection of the submarine "Dolphin", Ivan G. August 13, 1903 (the same day) has submitted a report to the Vice-Admiral Avelan FC, manager Marine Ministry for permission to begin development of drawings submarine larger displacement having a massive torpedoes and speed of 14 knots surfaced. After receiving

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Submarines AG (Copa Holland)

The outbreak of the first global slowdown has become a prerequisite of the Russian shipbuilding applets and forced to revise existing plans. Ministry of the Sea to replenish the fleet had to take drastic measures to speed up the work and the additional placement. orders zabugornyh and Russian enterprises. In addition, the samples were made to purchase ready-made ships abroad.

The proposal, made by the Shipyard Joint Stock Company "Noblessner" (Revel) June 22, 1915 the Minister of Marine, Admiral Grigorovich IK, proved to be very timely. It was the proposal of the American company "Electric Boat Company" put to Fleet

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The submarines will be invisible

According to scientists from the Illinois Institute, they were able to make a special cover, which in future will be able to make the submarines are one hundred percent invisible to sonar and other sonar devices running on ultrasound.

The coating consists of concentric rings 16 that form acoustic circuit capable of detecting sound frequency of 40 to 80 kilohertz and "hold" on its acoustic circuits causing almost skirt subject. Note that military sonar used in modern submarines, generate a signal frequency from 1 to 500 kHz, but scientists believe that in the future they will alter material.


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Submarines SK Drzewiecki

Stepan Karlovic Drzewiecki, was one of the greatest inventors of submarines of the XIX century, was born into a noble and wealthy noble family in 1843. Educated at the Central School of Engineering in Paris. In 1877, floating on an armed ship "Vesta" volunteering as a private, distinguished himself in the battle with the Turkish battleship "Vecht-Bullend" for which he was awarded the George Cross for bravery. Taking part in the Russian-Turkish war, he came to the conclusion that the most effective remedy against surface ships is a submarine.

Drzewiecki in 1876 drafted a single submarine, which in 1877 had

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Submarine aircraft carriers, the Japanese empire

During the First World War demonstrated its importance and justified the many types of weapons. For example, tanks claimed to revise the doctrine of trench warfare, and submarines have become a real miracle weapon of sea battles. Of course, in some of the head started coming fairly unique ideas on the "crossing" of several new types of weapons. So, in 1915 there were the first projects Underwater boats, capable of carrying aircraft. Naturally, the airplane would be used for intelligence purposes. Further, this idea is not a time to review and develop, but the vast majority of new projects are

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Submarine. The quietest in the world

More 100 years of the war at sea is not more terrible weapons. Deep in the sea lies the abyss of most first concealed weapon, ready to strike swiftly — Underwater Boat.

Submarine. The quietest in the world

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