The submarine sunk on the shore

Submarine "K-429" was built in the town of Gorky project 670 A "Scat". There were 11 submarine type. Its length is 104 meters, width of almost 10 meters, height — 5-storey house. Boat of speeds up to 26 knots, the limit of depth was 300 meters. On board there was a nuclear power plant has a capacity of about 90 MW and eight missiles SS-N-7. October 31, 1972 "K-429" joined the ranks of the Soviet Navy, and in March 1973 she went to the first repair as a result of the partial flooding of the reactor compartment. Two years later,

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Submarine KA Schilder

In 1834, the Russian military engineer Adjutant General KA Schilder (1785 — 1854). Did submarine displacement of 16 tons. The construction of the submarine was held at the shipyard of Alexander foundry (at the moment — NGO "Proletarian factory"). This ship is considered a pioneer of the submarine fleet of.

The case can withstand immersion in a little more than 10 meters. Strength of the submarine reached its device and a set of its components, and the plating of iron boiler width of 5 mm, which connects the way riveting.

Properties submarine

Housing PL outside looked like an ellipsoidal body,

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Submarine JF Alexander

Submarine Alexander's in the history of the Russian shipbuilding industry came as the first submarine boat, having a mechanical engine. All submarines that were built before it, by a drive muscle strength of the crew.

Ivan Alexander was born in Mitava in 1817 in the family of the little bureaucrat. Since childhood, Ivan showed possibilities of painting, reaching in this area great success. Arriving in St. Petersburg, Alexander became an art teacher and continued to improve in painting. First 1850s. Alexander participated in several academic exhibitions where his works were awarded big ratings, and he was listed as a prominent

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The submarine BARS

September 28, 1913 laid on the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg. September 28, 1913 enrolled in the lists of ships of the Baltic Fleet. June 2, 1913 launched. July 25, 1915 the submarine was commissioned and joined the Division 1 Division of submarines of the Baltic Fleet. In 1915, at the Underwater boat found the device to accommodate 8 minutes on the deck on the sides along the cabin. Tests have shown that the device is not completely satisfactory, and the submarine mines were not stated. In 1916, the submarine torpedo external grid Drzewiecki were raised to the deck superstructure.

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Submarine Lamprey

The introduction of submarines during the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905 gave the first practical military experience, and revealed both positive and negative subs like "Killer Whale". One of the major drawbacks of this type of submarine was the presence of only a torpedo system Drzewiecki. Not counting the many positive attributes, and they had severe shortcomings — the difficulty of clear sight while scuba course, the inability to control and inspection of the torpedoes that are in vehicles. In contrast, the tube torpedo launchers installed on submarines such as "Sturgeon" and "Catfish", provides the best preservation of torpedoes. With all

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Submarine warfare intelligence

After the death of 118 sailors nuclear submarine "Kursk" his commanding officer Captain I rank Lyachin Gennady was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Many then wondered: why? Not for a second well on the victims in a human tragedy in the history of the Russian submarine fleet? Or for deeds during the top-secret trip to the Mediterranean in August — October 1999? Clear answers to these questions will be given only after 38 years. Specifically for half a century have coded the watch magazines on this unique Submarine. And other official documents are very eagerly talking about

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The feat of the submarine Evangelista Torichcheli reddish sea

After the June 1940 Italy entered the Second World War, reddish sea became the theater of hostilities. In the Italian colony of Eritrea was deployed naval base of Massawa. All other Reddish Sea coast belonged to the British, the French or their allies.

June 23, 1940 at the outlet of the Reddish Sea Gulf of Aden near the island of Perim malehankih, played out one of the most mind-blowing battles between surface ship and submarine.

The commander of the Italian submarine "Evangelista Torichcheli" commander Salvatore Pelosi was assigned to patrol near Djibouti. On the position of its boat faced with

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INDIA AFTER TRANSACTIONS «Rafale» eyeing the French submarine

After the transaction price 99000 crore rupees c Dassault Aviation to equip the Indian Air Force Rafale fighters Indian government is studying the acquisition of the latest generation of submarines made in France.   According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the government is ready had spent 10 billion dollars (55,000 crore) to acquire new submarines for the Navy of the country.   Navy Commander Admiral DK India Joshi (DK Joshi) said that the Council for Defence Procurement Defense Ministry gave the nod to the purchase of six submarines project codenamed P-75I.   Joshi also said that in

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Based on materials from Asia Times about the corvette

Now on to the newspaper Asia Times can see the current state of the acoustic signature of submarines by the example of the sinking of the South Korean corvette.

Allocated newspaper believes that the DPRK submarine could sink a South Korean corvette and did the South Koreans themselves by mistake. Now about their arguments that show the real state of confrontation submarine and surface ship.

1 — Submarines North Korea is not so visible, so NIGHT MODE seep into the well protected highly trained anti-submarine forces of water in South Korea and remain undetected. According to the views of the

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Russia has completed the testing of nuclear submarine Nerpa

Russia is ready to transfer India leased a nuclear submarine (NPS) "Seal" before the end of 2011, all of the spacecraft passed the required tests, said Wednesday a senior official of the Amur Shipyard, where the boat was built.


Under the contract, the lease term is ten years, the boat, the price — 920 million dollars. "So far the boat has passed all receiving-yield test, it is completely ready to perform the tasks assigned to the sea. Until the end, we are ready to give the Indian Navy, "- said the representative of the enterprise RIA" Novosti

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