On the island of the wild devil




Exactly 12 years ago, the New Earth has officially become a central Russian nuclear test site       In the "Book of Secrets" — an informal Bible Russian followers of UFO and paranormal phenomena — the archipelago given its rightful place. "By the nature of the object in

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Shark appeared near bay of Saint-Tropez


2.08.11Neskolko cases sharks meeting with people in the Bay of the French resort of Saint-Tropez was recorded this weekend.

Sailor Nicolas Faucon, who works in the port of Saint-Tropez, in two days, met three times with the shark. As the portal nicematin.com, the first meeting took place on Saturday at about 11 am.

Nicolas stopped his boat in front of the construction site Villanova and plunged into the water to untangle Anchors. "In fifty centimeters from my shark swam. I'm sure this is 100%, — he says — like animals hard to find. Its length is more than two

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Retaliation against U.S.

It is believed that during the second world war the territory of the United States actually has not been the Japanese air raids. But this is not entirely true! In the Land of the Rising Sun was a pilot who is in retaliation for the bombing campaign Yankee land of the rising sun, the bombed areas specifically for States.

After the famous incident "September 11" when Arab terrorists have sent planes they occupied the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon, the U.S. started saying that their country was not ready to repel an

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The remains of the Libyan fleet in Tripoli

On the Turkish site www.turkishny.com January 6, 2012 there was a little photo essay depicting located at the naval base in Tripoli survivors or the disabled warships Libya.

During the NATO campaign against Gaddafi's government the British Royal Air Force twice attacked by Gaddafi under the control of ships and boats of the Navy in Tripoli, Libya. Evening May 19, 2011 British Tornado fighter-bombers GR.4A Brimstone guided missiles severely damaged frigate Al Ghardabia (tail number "213") and the Russian project 1159TR sunk or seriously damaged three missile boats of the type La Combattante IIG French-built, one of which one

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Stay horns and legs …

Navies of Ukraine (VMSU) this year was 18. The age of majority. In general, the real transformation of them into a more or less true of the armed forces held not by the decree of President Leonid Kravchuk on April 5, 1992, and after the division of the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet. Then, in 1997, the former Russian republic received its 138 ships, a significant number of coastal infrastructure. How annoying would it sounds, keep all this wealth was not possible: the country's economy was not able to "pull" is so lengthy and complex economy. Were written off, for

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Basis of non-nuclear forces of the Russian Navy nuclear submarines and nuclear-powered cruiser

The base group of strategic non-nuclear deterrence forces (SNA) to the Navy in 2020 will amount to multi-purpose nuclear submarines boats (submarines) Project 885, 949 and atomic surface cruisers Project 11442, told reporters on Wednesday, Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

The head-boat submarine Project 885 is "Severodvinsk", which will be put into service in 2013. Multi-purpose project 949 — this is the third generation of submarines, one of these boats was sunk in 2000 submarine "Kursk".

At the current time, the only being in the battle of the Navy cruiser Project 1142 is "Peter Lofty", but

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Dazzling disguise

I can not believe that the warships could look like that. It seems that their painted clowns, stragglers from a nomadic circus. Full asymmetry, strip and cells. Sudden diagonal and various brightest colors. But nearly 100 years ago, the court specifically masked so Makar.

No color photos, but preserved sketches. Can you imagine how ship «War Clover» looked in reality?

During the First World War the British and the Americans, and of the French, too, are facing a serious threat of German U-boats, which with admirable success of the Allied ships sunk.

All samples camouflage ships at sea suffered

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The precipitate from the Varshavyanka

New An old submarine: hope or bluff

August 17, 2012 at JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" accomplished a great ceremony of diesel-electric submarine (SSK of) "Stary Oskol" Project 636.3. Now submarines of this type are built for the Russian Navy, and earlier in the past 20 years were only for export.

Ancient friend

The festive event dedicated to this significant event, assumed the role of Chief of the Naval Fleet Admiral Viktor Chirkov, president of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" Andrew Diachkov, General Director of JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" Buzakov Alexander, chief designer of the CDB ME "Rubin" Igor Molchanov and the head of

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Instrument for the Promised Land

The formation of the Israel Defense Forces took place not only in the fields of labor. In her original story has many fascinating facts — from clandestine workshops about guns, posting "orphan" of the English warehouses before delivery of rifles and tanks of the former Wehrmacht and stealing boats from the French port.

By the time of the proclamation Countries Israel in May 1948 adopted already collected the Haganah (the underground forces of the Jewish community (Yishuv) in Mandatory Palestine), was indescribable colorful on caliber, model, age and origin. Thus, even before the second world war, the Haganah

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Cannon century. The best subs

Rating from the magazine "The popular mechanics"

The most revolutionary: Project 705 "Lira"

This story is like a legend. But the fact that the "Alpha", effectively invulnerable to weapons since almost turned all the representations of the Yankees and anti-submarine fleet vehicles, — it is untainted truth.

The concept of 705-year project was formed in the late 1950s. Compact automatic boat with a reduced composition of the crew was supposed to be a typical scuba interceptor capable of catching up and hit any target. Special resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party chief designer Misha Rusanov was allowed

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