Drone on water. Piranha boat

A few years back the clock, it became clear that the American company Zyvex Marine began developing a new multi-purpose unmanned boat. This technique does not yet have much any perceptible spread because any announcements about unmanned floating facilities receive wide distribution. Thus, in March 2010 the news of the boat Piranha («Piranha») scattered through the pages of the press, and in some cases even began to draw from the development of Zyvex universal tool for the future of the war on the water. Project developers, in turn, says the calmer and more modest. According to them, ‘Piranha’ was

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New pictures of the new Russian nuclear submarine

In the web came amateur photos of the new Russian nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk", launched in the presence of President Dmitry Medvedev in June of this year. Then, but was placed only official picture.

The picture shows just the time of the descent of the water submarines. Screws are closed for privacy — their design and geometric properties are lurking State

Submarine "Severodvinsk" is based on naikrupneyshey in Russia shipyard "Sevmash" For more than 17 years

These posters are all Russian nuclear submarines

The hull, according to the project must be able to dive to a depth of 600

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France creates a SAM for submarines

France currently being developed system SAM (surface-to-air missiles) to equip diesel-electric submarines to reflect attack helicopters or airplanes. First system uses a device similar periscope that raises rocket launchers above the water surface. PU with one or more missiles Mistral (similar South American Stinger) shells though what blizkoraspolozhenny helicopter or low-flying aircraft. Second system runs through the torpedo tube huge size rocket Mica. Mistral has the greatest range of shooting 6 km, Mica (commonly used on fighter jets) has a range of up to 80 km. French pretty confident in the success of the created system, because a similar

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Operation Minsmit, sanctuary and puzzles

The operation of "Minsmit", held during the second world war, the true facts are not enough. But in most textbooks, reference books and encyclopedias different that illuminate the history of espionage, it is called a victory intelligence Britain and disgrace for the counter-intelligence services the Third Reich.

British excitedly paint their fortunes and have them for that all have reason to. The operation, which misinformed the German General Staff, is permitted to accelerate and facilitate landing of Allied troops in Sicily. On the Abwehr and foreign intelligence RSHA, which was run by a brilliant analyst Walter Schellenberg, a harsh shadow

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Nuclear submarines — a comparison of projects

One recognizable beekeeper Albert Einstein at one point dropped a catch phrase: «While there are live bees will live and the human race.» In a sense, the same can be said about nuclear submarines. These nuclear missile bees are working day and night, plowing depths of the ocean, and particularly from their strategic survival depends at least some power. But what we know about the submarine cruisers and whose nuclear «sting» steeper. South American strategic nuclear submarines of class «Ohio» Length class nuclear submarines «Ohio» is impressive — 170 sq. It is almost one and a half football fields,

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Large shark jumped into the boat to American fishermen


Photo source: ru.wikipedia.org

31.03.11.Sero blue shark vesivshaya about 170 pounds, jumped into the boat to fishermen. It happened when three Texans fished in the Gulf of Mexico, reports Lenta.ru referring to KTRK. According to one of the participants in fishing, they are scared to death his friends when the shark jumped into their boat and, jerking from side to side, began to bite lying nearby objects. Fishermen decided to approach the huge fish was too dangerous and were waiting on the sidelines. The shark died a few hours.

The fishermen did not have permission to fish this

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Pskov Boat shipyard builds high-speed passenger catamarans for St. Petersburg

CJSC "Pskov Boat shipyard" start construction of two high-speed passenger catamarans for St. Petersburg. Already this summer for the new Russian passenger ships will start to operate in a water taxi on the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland.

high-speed catamaran — a water taxi "SCAT 1010" in Sochi (2011)

CJSC "Pskov Boat shipyard" — enterprise specialized in the production of small boats made of fiberglass. Produces rowing and motor boats, yachts and plavdachi. Shipyard was established in 1988 and since then the shipyard made hundreds of boats and yachts, which are successfully used in

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Fleet renewal

Until the end of 2012 at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, working for the Navy planned to finish the construction of about 10 different classes of surface ships and support vessels for various purposes.

Among them, the ships of class "corvette" serial small gun ship, basic trawlers, boats for specific purposes, landing boats, new hydrographic survey ships and boats, tugs and several offshore marine towing vessel. In July, will graduate from the municipal tests and pass the Navy missile ship Project 11661K "Dagestan".

Together with the way management said the press service of the Ministry of disk imaging

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New clothes for the fleet

February 1, at the "Severnaya Verf" and on April 20 at the Amur shipyard laid patrol ships (TFR) "Rumbling" and "Loud" projects 20385 and 20380, respectively. April 21 at the "Diamond" in St. Petersburg was launched on patrol "Pearl" project 22460. Overall, less than two months, came three basic steps in the life of the Russian Navy. But not so long ago, there were times when the same number of tabs and downs of the water is not going too far away for 2 months. The mystery of the ordinary: The state program of armaments 2020. The embodiment of applets

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Andrew Halsey — 267 days of fighting with the ocean and epilepsy!

Epopee Andrew Halsey, which was of the Pacific Ocean in a rowboat nearly nine months — since July of 1999 to April of 2000 — one of the sensations of the late twentieth century. In total, he spent 267 days in the ocean!

41-year-old Englishman, a former bricklayer from Camden Town, in the northern part of the British capital, was known for his tenacity

In singles wanderings over the oceans — a completely unique because it is — an epileptic, and the disease does not leave him, not ever.

Andrew Halsey — 267 days of fighting with the ocean and epilepsy!

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