A ride on the Volga River on the paddle boat

Three-deck motor ship, built for one of the Nizhny Novgorod travel companies, is a unique invention of the Nizhny Novgorod engineer EV Falmonova.

The first wheel motor vessel of the "Sura" is presented in Nizhny Novgorod in Rosmorrechflot Council meeting, which took place on September 2 in the Volga State Academy of Water Transport. Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky and head Rosmorrechflot Alexander Davydenko showed wheeled boat project PKS-40 "Sura", built on the Gorodetsky shipyard. 

The ship was launched on 1 November 2010. Now being retrofit the interior, built on the upper deck awning, where,

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The imbalance of the fleet headed for the final frontier

Modern Russian diesel-electric submarines (submarine), at the moment they prefer to call "non-nuclear" have a fairly large dimensions and their respective displacement comparable to the surface ship class "corvette". Zeal placed on non-nuclear (meaning a lower than at a nuclear submarine, installed power) Underwater Boat significant amount of weapons, endurance and speed increment property does not give the ability to minimize the size of the submarine and crew size. Very difficult to decrease significantly with measured PL is very lacking automation due to the lack of built-in control of all technical means of the ship and all of its

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Storm on Lake Michigan sozdaetvolny 6 feet, 2 killed

Two sailors were killed when their 35-foot sailboat capsized in a storm, while the six crew members were pulled from Lake Michigan, the other boat competing in the annual Race to Mackinac, the Coast Guard said Monday. In midnight storm generated four to six foot waves WingNuts, boat, registered in Saginaw, Michigan, capsized and issued a distress signal. The crew of the boat "Sociable"Radio authorities and pulled six people from the temperate waters of the lake, Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Jorgensen said. Two Coast Guard vessels and a helicopter found WingNuts overturned 13 kilometers north-west of Charlevoix, Michigan,

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Unusual Roscii tanks and the Soviet Union. Tanks on the hydrofoil

Overcoming aqua-bottlenecking has always been for the heavy armored vehicle challenge, given that in the process of fighting bridges and ferries are usually destroyed by the retreating enemy. In the history of tank development has many examples of the creation of machines that can cross to the back to keep, moving both on water and on the bottom of the river. But the complexity and long time training everyday, average or languid tank to the dive course or booking rather weak and the inability to install light amphibious tanks massive weapons forced Russian engineers and designers to find other ways.

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Unusual projects naval mission

Minelayer of the "632"

In the middle of the last century explorers Russian Union military ordered a special vehicle — an underwater mine-layer security. Assigned to work on the project CDB-18, and in 1956 began work on the design of the underwater mine layer.

Due to the heavy load of CDB-18 on the design of missile submarines, the submarine project, willingness to around 40 percent, transmit collective CDB-16. Based on the requirements of the project, the submarine was to have a diesel engine and contain special arms for about 90 minutes, "PLB-6", specially designed for submarines, also had the

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German Navy — The Way Forward?

One of the biggest fleets of NATO, German Navy seems to have escaped most of the latest cuts imposed cruel plans of the government, so the construction of new ships and upgrade the existing lasts. Yet the planned 60 percent reduction in the defense budget could have a negative impact in the future, if the government decides to insist on cuts. To maintain the ability to carry out the Navy's main objectives in these budget constraints, may have to reduce the number of functions assigned to the fleet, focusing on the 'asymmetric' roles, such as in the fight against

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Enhancing strategic importance of the Barents SEA

  January 10, 2013, the Northern Fleet in Severomorsk perceives first since 1992 newest strategic submarine. For the first time since the collapse of the Union of Russian Kola Peninsula number of nuclear warheads is on the rise. In the detailed review BarentsObserver shows how permutation Russian submarine fleet will be poured out to increase the strategic importance of the Barents Sea. When officers of the Northern Fleet now raise the flag to «Yury Dolgoruky», it marks a change in Russian nuclear forces. Amount based on submarines nuclear warheads is not on the wane, and begins to grow again. In

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Unknown disaster: a fire at the K-19

On some terrible events that took place on the first nuclear submarine K-19, the world vyznat due to play in a Hollywood film under the sonorous title of "K-19, leaving a widow" (in the Russian box office film was called simply "K-19"). This picture with Harrison Ford starring spared virtually all cinema halls of the planet, and yet the real story is very different from the Western version of directors. Only a small portion shown in the movie happened in the submarine cruiser in fact.

It is no exaggeration to say that the boat K-19 was fighting its own way

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The invisible killer

May 8, 1915 shook the world of nightmare. German submarine «U-20" off the coast of Ireland has flooded large ship "Lusitania." As a result of this disaster killed 1,198 passengers and sailors. This event was a shock, not least, than the death of the "Titanic."It became clear that the new girl came the era of domination fierce underwater killers. If "Titanic," died as a result of a confluence of fateful events, the "Lusitania", like a lot of other ships which are not military, was sunk so as to cause panic and fear.Submarines of ingenious technical toys are not

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Do not disrupt the program from, or underwater Accounting

Disruption of defense orders, the destruction of the defense industry, the lack of the necessary production capacity, outdated technology, no money, the Defense Ministry has put its requirements, manufacturers do not agree with them, and so on. Familiar completely abstracts from the near past. Accidents 5 percent of the GOZ-2011? on the views of some professionals, could result in the failure of all the programs from modernization, the scheduled 2020 (GPV-2020). But the remaining contracts all the same have been concluded and, as it were problems are expected. But only "sort of" because the 280 billion rubles allocated for the

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