Our sharks of the U.S. nuclear teeth pulled

In the Russian Federation remained the three largest in the world of strategic missile submarines. But no sense from them

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow issued a statement saying that our homeland by means of graduated South American settlement of a class of intercontinental ballistic missiles — 78 units of R-39 (in the START treaty referred to as SS-N-52) with a capacity of up to 100 kilotons any. This gun was taken into service in 1983 and was intended for the world's biggest nuclear submarines — the languid missile submarines strategic focus of Project 941 "Akula".

Other missiles for

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Russian navy ocean prospects

Missile submarine strategic focus «Yury Dolgoruky» Thursday was admitted to the Naval Fleet At a ceremony receiving newest nuclear-powered submarine in the Navy and her ascent to the role of St. Andrew’s flag adopted Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu. Head of the fourth generation strategic missile «Yury Dolgoruky» designed Central Design Bureau «» Rubin «(Chief Designer SN Kovalev) and was laid to OAO» PO «Sevmash» in 1996. The design of submarines «Northwind» used modern technical achievements that improve the hydrodynamics of the hull and significantly reducing noise. «Yury Dolgoruky» became the 129th nuclear submarine built at Sevmash and transmitted

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Unexplained Bermuda

The first rumors of unexplained disappearances in the Atlantic came in 1950, when the editor of a newspaper publication Associated Press posted an article about the release of a mysterious place near the Bahamas, which is nicknamed "the sea of death."

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The combination of

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Patrol boat Triglav sent to Novorossiysk

 Photo source:flot.com

Triglav patrol boat project 10412 (head number 043), built for the Navy Slovenia shipbuilding firm "Almaz" in St. Petersburg, is sent to Novorossiysk. The ship is under the Russian flag, and his arrival at the military base in Novorossiysk is expected in early November, the press service of the company. Triglav left the waters of SF "Diamond" in the night of 8 to 9 October 2010. Prior to the beginning of October were tested and receive the Slovenian side of the boat. The contract for the construction of the ship was signed in July 2008 and in September

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The patrol boat Lider-17 — a new development of JSC Rybinsk Shipyard

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

CJSC "Rybinsk Shipyard" is a shipbuilding enterprise full cycle. Founders of the Company with good reason believe that a good motor yacht may well be that the domestic production and can be found in Russia and to collect for this task, intelligent, educated, skilled, and most importantly, love their job compatriots. In the framework of the XV Anniversary International Exhibition "Interpolitech 2011", Rybinsk shipyard will present on its stand new development — high-speed patrol boat with high seaworthy characteristics of "Leader-17".

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

The boat is designed specifically for the patrol and inspection work in

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Ice-class patrol vessel entered the stage of state tests

Patrol boat for naval forces of the FSB Border Guard PU construction "Marine Yard" Diamond "in the coming days will begin the program of state tests. The State Commission has arrived at the ship on Dec. 6, and the other day depending on the weather conditions will be out into the sea. Rehearsing program factory sea trials aboard the "050" twice without any problems out in the Gulf of Finland. Patrol vessel Ave 22120 serial number 050 was laid down at the boat "Sea Works" Diamond "in 2007 and launched in December 2009. The project is designed Petersburg PKB

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Submarines dominance comes to an end

Do divers have a saying that says that there are only two types of ships: submarines and targets. These words are close to the truth as submarines today are the most secretive and destructive combat unit of a large list of all weapons of war ever made public land. Yet, the Pentagon is ready to end the era of the rule of submarines in the ocean with the help of a robot hunter ACTUV. This high priority project military department has already allocated $ 58 million Not so long ago the developer special freeboard bot company Science Applications International

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Another boat of A160 launched from the slipway

On the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" launched the sixth raid diving boat "Diver Zyulyaev" Project A160.

Order to build ten diving boats KIT has received from the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. 

Boat "Diver Zyulyaev" is intended to: provide diving underwater work, participate in emergency rescue and salvage operations, surveys sea-bottom, wrecks, underwater vessels and hydraulic structures.

The project inshore diving boats A160 was developed in 2008 at the "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship".


Navigation area — R3

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Another Serna took state tests in Nizhny Novgorod

The state selection committee composed of the officers of the Caspian flotilla completed the state testing high-speed landing craft project 11770 "Serna" at a shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod.

 Commission experts checked the boat ride quality while performing different maneuvers at maximum speed — over 30 knots (60 km / h), the performance of all ship systems and devices in combat exercises. Tested the willingness to accept the boat landing and unloading on unequipped coast, as well as its independent refloating.

Currently, the boat is ready to switch on the inland waterways of the Caspian Sea,

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Obi shoaling in the spring. Photographic

April 23.Novosibirsk, Russia for the first time in the memory of old residents faced Obi shoaling in the midst of spring, when, on the contrary, the water in the river is just to come.

According to the Ob Basin Water and Shipping, the depth of the river in some shallows now down to 115 cm, making it impassable for most vessels. For 20 April from the Ob reservoir were to begin dumping water, which should raise the level of 40 cm, however, as anyone correspondents NGS.NOVOSTI, drop out of the Ob Sea is nothing special.

This year, the

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