Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the construction of five submarines Borei

Defense Russia and the United Shipbuilding Company signed a contract for the supply of five nuclear submarines "Borei" said RIA Announcements USC spokesman Alexei Kravchenko.

"I have information that contract 5 boats signed, "- said Kravchenko.

He did not specify exactly when the contract was signed, but said that the evidence was obtained in the Sun.

According to Kravchenko, signed three contracts total difficulties. First — with the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin" on the development of the project submarines "Boreas-A "second contract — with the shipbuilding enterprise" Sevmash "on the construction of the main boat" Borey-A.

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New patrol boat Mongoose adopted the Pskov border guards

June 9 in the squad combat patrol ships FSS Border Russia in the Pskov region has entered a 20-meter boat "Mongoose".

On the bank of the river near the monument to the Great Pskovians-naval commanders held a solemn flag-raising ceremony of the first boat.

Photo report …

Head of the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Pskov region, Alexander Murzin explained that the flag-raising ritual required by applicable securities statutes ship Navy.

"The new boat will perform tasks for the protection of the state

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French submarines with ballistic missiles Le Triomphant

Submarines Le Triomphant («Triumphant») — a series of four single-single-shaft nuclear strategic submarines built in the French production 1989-2009. Are the new generation of French nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles and the substitution of the first 6 French SSBNs «Redutabl.» Le Triomphant class analog Ohio and South American British Vanguard, but because of his own relative youth in these boats a number of technical advantages. Vessels are programmke SNLE-NA («nuclear submarine ballistic missile new generation»). Later, it was decided to limit the series with 4 ships. Command of the naval forces of France in the late 1970s. concluded that

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Brazil may get its nuclear submarine

Brazil is going to join the group of states in which there are nuclear-powered submarine, said on Friday President Dilma Roussef. Roussef stressed that Brazil is a peaceful state, but also the needs and remedies as deterrents reasons. Not so long ago, Brazil has commissioned the latest naval shipyard in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where the first submarine of the country with a nuclear facility will be built in collaboration with France.

«We can say that with these settings we enter into the select club of states — owners of nuclear submarines:

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Kopotlivye, careless, and stubborn

November 10, 2011: India's submarine fleet is falling apart from old age, and the new boat and do not intend to do just right. And not that I was surprised that the Indian defense procurement bureaucracy has long been known as kopotlivaya, careless, and stubborn, especially in the criteria, requiring her frisky work. Tangled with tardy submarines looks particularly painful.

According to the plan by the end of the decade in operation had to be a dozen new submarines. At the current time only 6 of them are serving. The other 6 can do in 5 years. In this

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New ships LSZ Pella for the Russian Navy

15 August 2013. implemented Launching head speed patrol boat project 03160 "Raptor", designed and built by JSC "Pella" on the instructions of the Russian Navy.


The boat is designed to perform in the bright and the dark of the following tasks:

delivery of personnel at least 20 people with ensuring the maximum possible speed at landing and landing the group; incurring duty in designated areas; capture and detention of the minor goals; rescue people in areas incurring duty.

Navigation area — coastal zone of the seas, straits and estuaries in

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Small boat on the battle «SAFE BI» — Mk VI

24.05.2012 year. Company for the construction of boats «SAFE Boats International», located in the town of Bremerton Washington, won the competition for the construction 5-units of a new type of combat boats «Mk VI» with the possibility of building another 1st instance. Price of the 1st boat — about 6 million dollars. The total amount of the contract — a little more than 35 million dollars. Estimated time of delivery into service of new boats — 2014.

New ships ordered myself Expeditionary Combat Command naval forces of the United States. NECC created in 2006 to carry out joint actions,

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Noah's Ark is still keeping secrets

"Meridian" (Belgorod), n23 (178), 06/06/2006

Author: Olga Shemetova

Wooden frame on the mystery ship, which lies high up on the hillside, humanity fights for millennia

The first evidence of the discovery of Noah's Ark came long before the birth of Christ. In the era of Christianity, wrote about the historian Josephus in his "Antiquities of the Jews." In 1840, the Turkish expedition discovered on Mount Ararat protruding from a glacier wooden frame. Despite the difficulties, the researchers approached him and saw the giant ship, the size of which coincide with those mentioned in the biblical text —

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New boats GCC Vympel

5 September launching of the upgraded boat project 12150A "Mongoose" (serial number 02684).


This is the second boat series built for the Russian Navy this year. After passing the mooring and boat factory sea trials will be transported to the place of service.

The modernization project was carried out by specialists of the enterprise together with the CMDB "Diamond". Interior layout has been changed ship, increased superstructure mounted combat remotely controlled module. The result has been to improve the modernization of combat, tactical, maritime and performance boats, as well as significantly improved

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Small, but very unsafe for the enemy

"Remarkable" Alpha "experts at the U.S. Navy christened the Soviet nuclear submarine of the Project 705At the end of 1958, when the first tests were municipal Russian nuclear submarine, the State Committee for shipbuilding was a competition for the development of proposals for the next generation of nuclear submarines.

For the ultimate in SKB-143 (now SPMBM "Malachite") emerged's design, which was embodied in the later ships of the second generation of projects 671 and 670. One of the results of the contest was to develop a project idea automatic creation of small displacement of the submarine and its preparation

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