MAK Makhachkala was adopted in the Russian Navy

RIA Announcements. JSC "Shipbuilding Company" Diamond "gave the Russian Navy Small artillery ship Project 21630 "Makhachkala", reports the company.

"In October 2012, the ship has successfully passed all the factory running and municipal tests. Ship designed to safeguard and protect the 200-mile economic zone of the country, "- said in a statement."Makhachkala" — the fifth ship in 2012 that "Diamond" delivered to customers. Transfer was accomplished in June of border patrol vessel project 22460 "Brilliant" and 2-Edge launches Project 12200 "Sobol", in September, the customer has received more one Project 22460 frigate "Pearl."

"Makhachkala" has a shallow draft and

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MOE received new equipment in 2 regions

In Kamchatka rescuers appeared multipurpose fire-rescue boat "Leader of 12M."

On June 18 it running, during which rescuers were able to appreciate the features of the new machine.

The boat was designed and built to ensure the safety of people and vehicles on the water. Since its commissioning in August 2010 in Russia was built and launched on all six of these boats. On June 1, one of them is in the Kamchatka branch of the Far Eastern regional search and rescue team search and rescue on water bodies (DVRPSO).


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Iran built a new submarine

Ready Iranian submarine (PL) class «Fateh» (Fateh) was seen in the video dedicated to the achievements of the military-industrial complex of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This was stated by the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly.» Specialists say that the launching ceremony of the submarine was not officially declared. First-class submarine «Fateh» was launched in November 2013 She was depicted on satellite photographs in the dock Bostani. At that time, second-class submarines «Fateh» going to Bandar Anzali Caspian Shipyard. Length of the first submarine «Fateh» waterline is 40 m, the second — 48 m So Makar, submarines of this class are

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Battleships: death or hibernation?

This material is not a statement. On the contrary, it is, rather, a question for versed in naval specifics. And write it prompted me watching a movie "Battleship", more precisely, one of its moment: the battle battleship "Missouri" with an unknown damn extraterrestrial origin. But more on that a bit later.

The fact that the main force of the fleet are the battleships, there were a theorem for almost 3 centuries. Since the days of the Anglo-Dutch wars of the XVII century to the Jutland battle in 1916 ending the war at sea solved artillery duel 2-fleet lined up in

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Underwater plans up to 2050

According to statements by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, 2020 our navy will receive 24 new submarines. Such ships of different classes and upgrade project will contribute real and tangible part of the fleet to raise its military capabilities. With all of this it should be noted that the update of the Navy must go in accordance with certain plans right. According to recent reports, the fleet command and control of the Defense Ministry already has some eyes on the development of the submarine fleet in the coming decades. General information about the future of Russian submarines citing Navy Commander

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The icy embrace of the North. Russian submariners dedicated

I hope readers will forgive me that I allow myself to start immediately to retreat to his side. Since it will be easier to realize in the coming my personal (and it will be here) attitude towards these people. In my military biographies were several occasions when I had the opportunity to experience the hand, is not related to my military specialty. In other words jumped with a parachute, at one point for 10 minutes, piloted by military transport version of the An-24 (pilot out of me was no, because after landing I had an unpleasant conversation with the other

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Legend of the fleet, Alfa

In the late '50s, when creation began programm Russian anti-BOARDS, it was decided to develop a highly automated and high plateaus. Nuclear submarine of project 705 (code "Lyra" to systematize NATO «Alfa») — perhaps the most eye-catching and versatile ship in the history of the Russian submarine shipbuilding.

Immediately with work on nuclear submarines of project 627, 645 and 671 in the Leningrad SKB-142 was an energetic search for new, non-standard technical solutions that can provide high-quality breakthrough in the development of submarine building. In 1959, one of the leading professionals in CSC — AB Petrov — came out

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Little about U.S. combat robots

One of the most promising directions of development of military technology are remotely operated vehicles. This technique can fly, walk on water and under water, also ride on the ground, performing different tasks, from exploration to strike. It so happened that more attention is rewarded with flying remotely operated vehicles — drones. But a similar approach can be used to virtually any military equipment, including ground. With all this land remote-controlled systems are not only there, and extensively used in a real combat situation. Consider the more famous and notable models such bots South American production. Gladiator Development of

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Monsters and ghosts of the Seas

The underwater world and to this day is poorly understood. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that there may be unknown to us creatures dwell. There are many descriptions of huge monsters, which represent the most often in the form of snakes, octopus and giant octopus.

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These creatures were the terror of seafarers, suddenly appearing from the depths of the sea. In 1881, in the North Sea,

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Laser gun for river tanks

In the late 1950's — early 1960's. the Soviet Union had ceased designing new artillery armored vehicles. But in 1965, the Navy together with Minsudproma approved the design task river gunboats (ACA) of the project in 1204 (code "Bumblebee"). With all of this all are in service with the BCA in 1965 were also reclassified AKA, almost becoming the founders of the "new" subclass combat boats.

The reason for such a sudden reversal yavna completely by the mid-1960s the remaining ships of project 1124, 1125 and 191-M at the technical level and obsolete, and by the early 1970s. and the

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