News about the U.S. Navy

There are very noteworthy commentary Deputy Minister U.S. Navy Robert Wark (login bobwork) to a post in the blog Information Dissemination (this type of leading South American naval blog). The general tone of comments Wark — America can build more ships for its own navy. Question Tipo only a political solution. Notable items (something long and so clear, but the sum for easy reference): Wark fully convinced that serial littoral combat ships type LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) will be worth about $ 400 million, ie their price will drop to initially predicted. The situation with combat units even better,

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Nuclear attack submarines and multipurpose. Projects 945 «Barracuda» and 945A «Condor»

Along with the development of multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the second generation in the leading countries KB, naval and industrial research centers, conducted exploratory work on third-generation submarines. For example, first the 1960s Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) CDB-112 «Lapis» developed predeskizny project number 673 — multipurpose nuclear submarine design that incorporates many advanced solutions — based on rational beliefs hydrodynamics contours (without cutting fencing) polutorakorpusnaya scheme, single-shaft power plant having a single reactor and the similar. Later work on the new multipurpose nuclear submarine in Gorky continued. One such study was 71 and the year is taken as the

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NOT Geminguey but close!


Belarus — big fish in river Prypiac, Minsk, 03Apr2008

The Emperor told Valeri: "Come on, we followed him to swim. Where he goes, we go. Simply pulls and pulls like a tractor. Smallness and came to the shore, unable to tear off the bottom, so that at least a look. Well, the size of the boat such as emerged. Which there podsaki he is not on his head adenetstsa! " Wife sovereign Valery


zmatala own spining:Here and there we drove along the Pripyat for our catfish for about an hour "To say that we pulled it —

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Strengthening maritime borders the Black Sea: Project 12150 patrol Mongoose

Abkhazian sea port of Ochamchira adopted two Russian guard-like "Mongoose", which came under international agreements on strengthening maritime border group, which is responsible for protection of Black Sea borders of the republic. The meeting began with a ship ceremony. Two guard-series "Mongoose" is now moored in the port of Ochamchira. Expect soon to the ship's arrival of the "Sable", which will complement the Russian border group, numbering at present 8 ships. "Sable" will be the last ship and fully complement the Russian maritime border guards. These patrol — modern ships capable of quickly maneuver and reach speeds up to

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Unique military nuclear bathyscaphe was tested in the Arctic

Deep-water nuclear power plant project 10830 "gate" received for the unusual design of the nickname "Losharik", took part in the expedition "Arktika-2012" in underwater drilling operations offshore Mendeleev in the Arctic Ocean, write "News".

As described in the Defense Ministry, the boat helped to adjust drilling operations, which were carried out with a diesel-electric icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin" and "Dixon" to define the outer boundaries of Russian Continental Shelf. "Carrier" Losharik "is reworked strategic submarine of project 667" squid ", which has been dismantled ballistic missile silos — bathyscaphe fastened under her head"

"By working together to get a huge

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U.S. build new submarines with strategic missiles

September 6 a day or fifteen years from the entry into service of the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine USS «Louisiana» (SSBN-743). This submarine was the last ship of the project «Ohio» («Ohio»), started back in the ’70s. In 2002, after the withdrawal of the fleet submarines of Project «Benjamin Franklin» «Ohio» were the only South American type of nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. Since that time has passed a lot of time and it’s time to start creating new projects submarines, which will come to replace the existing. Last days have been prolific on actions relating to the future

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Naval forces in the Caspian Sea

Specific geographical situation of the Caspian Sea makes it possible geopolitical conflict zone. There are a number of international treaties aimed at, first, is a settlement on the use of natural resources. But due to some circumstances, there is reason to hesitate is that these agreements can be a real safeguard against any conflict. Because the media disk imaging, statements by politicians and professionals, as in «kitchen» debate often rises theme possible military action in the Caspian Sea. Try to understand what forces a country whose shores are washed by a sea. Ships in the band: Rocket ship «Tatarstan»

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Exotic military projects of the last century: the Japanese submarine aircraft carrier 1-400

The development of these very large-scale submarines before the war engaged spetsy Head marine arsenal at Yokosuka and designers state shipyard in Kure. Despite the complexity of the goal, work is progressing quite rapidly, and a year later the first 5 submarine aircraft carriers (I-400, I-401, I-402, I-403 and I-404) were laid at the shipyards in Sasebo and towns Kure. Boat I-400 was ordered under the «Fifth applets by substitution ships» in 1942, and I-401, I-402, I-403 and I-404 — for «modified by the substitution of the fifth programmke ships» in 1942. In addition, for the same program there

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New multipurpose nuclear submarine Ambush («Ambush») Navy England ready to leave the shipyard in Barrow (Cumbria) of BAE Systems, so start running tests, reports ASDNews September 14. 7400 tons displacement boat should arrive at Naval Base Clyde in Scotland.   Royal Navy plans to take in the combat strength of the seven-class submarine Astute («Insightful»). These submarines are the most massive and advanced attack submarines ever built in England. Boats own new nuclear technology, nuclear power plant does not ask recharge submarine able to go around the world are not surfacing.   «This is my first visit to one

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Prospects for the U.S. Navy and Russian

  Compare, in what form will the U.S. Fleet and just 8 years old, in 2020. Let’s start with submarines. We intensively built atomic Borei (10 ships by 2020), nuclear Ashes (10 ships by 2020), SSK project 636.3 (6 ships in 2016), Project 677 diesel-electric submarines (14 ships by 2020). And what in the U.S.? In the U.S., 42 obsolete nuclear submarines type Los Angeles, built in the late 70’s to 90’s, which by the 20th will be charged every one. Minus 42 boats. Substitution is not built. 18 nuclear submarines of Ohio, also 80s built, too, every one of

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