Private firm scares numbers (Ukraina young, Ukraine)

In Russia, they say again about replenishing the Black Sea fleet with new ships. Now sources in the main headquarters of the Russian Navy said that 2020 should appear on the Black Sea Fleet of 18 new ships and submarines. According to the source disk imaging, it is inherent in the Russian state armaments program there 2011-2020. Question, namely, about 6 new frigates of Project 22350, 6 diesel submarines of class "Lada" and 2-large landing ships of the project 11711. Recall, last week, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, after a meeting with Ukrainian officer Yezhel Misha said: "In recent years we

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KIT is laid on two offshore diving boat project A160.

This — the fifth and sixth vessels of this project, being built for the needs of FSI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia." In total, the routines in the framework of the "Maritime transport" of the federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia (2010-2015)" will be built 10 vessels of A160, for rescue services in all river basin authorities of the country. Places of deployment is built on four KIT diving boat — ports of St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Astrakhan, Novorossiysk. The other six boats, which must be submitted to the Public Procurement for the summer of 2012, will work in the

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Minnesota SSN-783 — the newest U.S. Navy submarine has successfully completed the first sea trials

The new nuclear submarine missile torpedo (PLAT) SSN-783 Minnesota (10th board type «Virginia») successfully graduated first driving tests.   PLAT built at the shipyard «Huntington Ingalls Industries» (Huntington Ingalls Industries, HII), where the construction of Minnesota conducted almost 5 years since its bookmarks in February 2008     During the test the first time BOARDS fulfilled scuba dive and developed as the highest speed on the surface and underwater. During the tests carried out to check all the systems on board the boat and aggregates.   Minnesota will test two more steps into the sea, one of which will

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Fourth generation and submarine plans

In the winter, it became clear that in 2012, the Naval Fleet RF filled up immediately by 3 nuclear submarines. In the battle will consist of the first Russian submarine serial fourth generation, "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" Project 955 "Borey", also "Severodvinsk" Project 885 "Ash". The fate of these ships was difficult — "Yuri Dolgoruky" and "Severodvinsk" were laid in the 90's, and both "Boreas", in addition, has had to wait finishing own primary weapons. But all the boats are absolutely ready to either complete the tests. Already in July at the "Sevmash" (Severodvinsk) will be held a festive

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The water after the upgrade will be launched submarine B-800 Kaluga

In May of this year on the water after the upgrade will be launched diesel-electric submarine of the Northern Fleet B-800 "Kaluga". Underwater submarine modernization took place at the defense shipyard "Center of Shipbuilding" asterisk ", located in Severodvinsk.

As expected, after checking all the systems and test the boat in the end of the year will be put into service. It is noteworthy that the diesel-electric submarine "Kaluga" has become the first national non-nuclear submarine, which modernized over the past 25 years on the "star".

Built this submarine was in 1989, the building was carried out at the

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Black Sea fleet is supplemented with 3 anti-sabotage boats

Novorossiysk naval base in the Black Sea Fleet 2012 was supplemented with 3 new anti-sabotage boat project 21980 "Rook. "On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS news agency, said base commander Capt. 1st Rank Sergey Pinchuk. According to him, one of the ships will join the fleet in recent years. More details on the adoption of boats on the armament Pinchuk did not elaborate.

Perhaps the recently adopted will go the Novorossiysk naval base boat Project "Rook"Bearing the number 840 (serial number 982). He was laid on behalf of sourness Zelenodol'sk plant in May 2010, launched in May 2011, and

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Three submarines will go to sea on a test

Just three new nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) fourth generation classes «Northwind» and «Ash» will be held in the summer sea tests. This now ITAR-TASS spokeswoman military shipyard «Sevmash» in Severodvinsk Catherine Pilikin. «First the factory running tests goes head multipurpose nuclear submarine with missile torpedo (PLAT)» Severodvinsk «Project 885 (code» Ash «) — told Pilikin. — It will continue begun in 2011, «marine exams.» Over two years the card is in the sea 137 days. « This summer, for the first time the factory will start running tests on the third account nuclear submarine ballistic missile (SSBN) Project 955 (code

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What Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz?

As long as the discussions of some difficulties involved only the politicians, there is hope for a peaceful ending. But when the word take the military, all hope is beginning to melt quickly. Something similar at the moment there is Iran. After the economic and political sanctions against the country are increasingly made statements by representatives of the armed forces of various countries. Poor prospects in Iran and the region as a whole.

One of the last commander of the Fifth Fleet, expressed U.S. Vice-Admiral M. Fox. He believes the Iranian naval forces constantly improved in terms of quantity

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Small submarines

Deployment of strategic ballistic missile submarines began in those years when neither the USSR nor the U.S. had not yet launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​with intercontinental range shooting. Because then subs were just a vehicle for the delivery of missiles closer to the objectives, ie within range, which makes missiles with a relatively small range of fire in a strategic tool. The principal feature of submarines with SLBMs in those years was their highest level of invulnerability. One side could not know where are directly at this time, on the other hand submarines armed with nuclear missiles, and even more

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Facts and figures: what is more valuable?

Maritime history ekskrementatsii dedicated …

Random link when searching led me to a very exciting forum. Forum discussing the topic transmission of radio "Echo of Moscow". Well, we know whose it echoes, well, the hell with it. And on this forum, I got acquainted with another rezunovtsem. Skotinka, I must say, cooked, reasoning for its conclusions, and so on. But something has washed away the talk.

Sovereign Rezun Online klichut assault-50. At the end of matter, as it is necessary, I will provide a link to his materialchik who want to — read. Old material, but having something to do

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