Development plans for the U.S. Navy 2014-2018 years

Increased attention, despite the reduction in funding, given to support the combat readiness of all carrier strike (AUG) and amphibious groups in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) and the Middle East. Navy will receive from the industry in the 2015 fiscal year, a new heavy nuclear aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford» CVN-78, will conduct modernization and ensure operation of aircraft wings, based on existing nuclear aircraft carriers deploying additional fighter F/A-18 «Super Hornet» electronic warfare aircraft E/A-18 «growler» and the distant early warning and control E-2D «Hawkeye.» In 2014, the fleet will receive a new amphibious assault ship «America» LHA-6 and

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Ladoga shipyard produced and handed over to the customer pontoon floating bridge

October 19 for the first time in the history of Ladoga Ltd. shipyard and the p / farm them. Kalinin is built to such a size 50 x 6.5 x 2.0 m pontoon floating bridge in Sortavala rep. Karelia


In contractual terms, pontoon towed across Lake Ladoga delivered to the installation site: Strait Vorssunsalmi lake Lyapiyayarvi Sortavala and delivered to the customer. Now the residents will have a reliable ferry from the mainland to the island

Since the news site with this shipyard was, dare I briefly tell about them

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U.S. Navy will adopt the newest nuclear submarine

The new nuclear submarine missile torpedo (PLAT) «Minnesota» (Minnesota) SSN-783 type «Virginia» (Virginia) tomorrow will be adopted by the U.S. Navy, ARMS-TASS reported. According to the U.S. Navy official ceremony of taking the boat into service will be held at the naval base in Norfolk (Virginia). Construction began in February PLAT 2008 in Newport News (Va.) in the framework of the agreement between the «General Dynamics Electric Boat» (General Dynamics Electric Boat) and «Newport News Shipbuilding». Boat «Minnesota» is the 10th board type «Virginia». Its displacement is 7,800 tons, length — 115 m, width — 10.4 m, full submerged speed

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Turkish submarine fleet — souled lords depths of the Black Sea

Oasis Of The Seas / Marine oasis watch online

Oasis of the oceans — the hugest in the world cruise ship. Its length — 365 meters. When it first hit the road again, 5000, passengers will be able to enjoy the comfort of a revolutionary. World's Largest Cruise liner Oasis of the Seas, descended from the stocks in Finland on October 30, ready to cross the Atlantic. He was handed over to the Finnish shipbuilding concern STX October 28 the American company «Royal Caribbean International» in the Finnish port of Turku. Liner left located on the north-west of Helsinki harbor and headed for Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), from

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Third Rook was adopted in the Russian Navy

November 14 in Novorossiysk acceptance certificate signed by the transfer of the Navy anti-sabotage boat project 21980 "Rook" (serial number 983)

Boat was laid on "Zelenodolsk Plant. Gorky "May 6, 2011 and June 16 this year launched. Having made the transition inland aquatic pathways boat arrived at the Black Sea, which successfully passed the municipal tests.

PRDKA will be serving in the naval forces of aqua area Novorossiisk naval base of the Black Sea Fleet.

Boat project 21980 "Rook" are created to deal with the subversive and terrorist forces and resources in the waters near and Fri-based approaches to

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Small submarines

Deployment of strategic ballistic missile submarines began in those years when neither the USSR nor the U.S. had not yet launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) ​​with intercontinental range shooting. Because then subs were just a vehicle for the delivery of missiles closer to the objectives, ie within range, which makes missiles with a relatively small range of fire in a strategic tool. The principal feature of submarines with SLBMs in those years was their highest level of invulnerability. One side could not know where are directly at this time, on the other hand submarines armed with nuclear missiles, and even more

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Convoy. Battle of the Atlantic. Mortal Strike 4 cheriya watch online

1940, when the UK alone against Germany, the Nazi Submarines, attacking supply convoys, and threatened to put her on her knees. One of the more urgent and fundamental clashes of the war, to decide the fate of Europe, took place not on the European continent, and for the thousands of miles away — in the ocean. The success or failure of the war in Europe is one hundred percent dependent on the constant flow of supplies delivered to the convoys of merchant ships plying between New and Old World. The priority weapons, the Germans involved in attempts

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The torpedo for the Stalin

About the disastrous fate to undermine and abandoned in a minefield turboelektrohoda "Joseph Stalin" 40 held back for eight years. The few publications generally ending message: the ships of the Baltic Fleet to leave the ship located on it — more than 2,500 people! — Intercessors Hanko.

Stories of participants

In late November 1941, the steel walls of the Leningrad port moored ship "Vahur" under the command of Captain Sergeyev. His deck and holds were filled with soldiers, who arrived with the Hanko Peninsula, where our military base. The enemy is sighted to our sites on this piece of

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Titanium Goldfish

In 2008, the company "Sevmash" began recycling nuclear submarine K-222. At first glance, it was an ordinary event. Submarines, like it does not matter what other appliances, generate their own resources and are retired. Far not many submarines can become a museum, a large part of the cut "on the needles." Boat K-222, previously wore No. K-162, failed to become a monument for your own sake and went to the scrap heap. So sad fate ended submarine-record holder, which gave the home country is not only a few achievements, and a number of relevant technologies.

The history of the boat

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