«Tomahawk» kick in the rear

Raytheon Company successfully tested the latest communication system and guidance KR Tomahawk Block IV, reports ASDNews February 27. During flight tests February 19 missile, launched from the ship USS Sterett (DDG-104 class Arleigh Byrke — approx. «VP»), flew on previously programmed route, with new data from the center of naval operations and the Navy represented refreshed whereabouts information directly before hitting the target. The test showed that it is possible to redirect the rocket to the newly detected target. «Rocket» Tomahawk «long range gives our commanders tremendous operational flexibility to use guns. When our ships and submarines are, say,

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The contract for the project PSKR 22460 from Eastern shipyard

November 26, 2012 the Border Guard Service of the FSB Russia has been awarded a contract with "East Wharf" in Vladivostok for the construction of border patrol vessel project 22460. The cost of work will be 2.35 billion rubles, the deadline set November 2015.

Colleague alexeyvvo based on the study Site procurement, in particular the sections on the schedules of purchases and Register of contracts , reports in my LJ that the 26 November 2012 the Border Guard Service of the FSB Russia has been awarded a contract with "East Wharf" in Vladivostok for the construction of

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This long-awaited Lada

Unfortunately, the brand new Russian submarine belongs to the fourth generation diesel-electric submarines

April 22, 2010 in St. Petersburg, members of the State Commission finally signed the act of acceptance of JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" head diesel-electric submarine (SSK of) Project 677 "Lada" "Saint Petersburg". This action and the customer — the Navy of the Russian Federation, and the artist — JSC "Admiralty Shipyards" waited as long as 12 years and 4 months. Specifically much time has passed since the bookmark submarine in December 1997.

Diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 "Lada" was developed at the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering

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Undercover repair Dolphins

Israel has recently revealed that one of his class submarines Dolphin (the ones that went into operation in 1998-2000) secretly spent nearly two years in Israeli shipyard. The submarine was partially disassembled, and its engine and system have been cleaned and updated. Were repaired cracks in the hull and other miscellaneous fixes the problem. At the current time it is expected that boat, which came into operation in 1999, will be able to remain in service until the 2030s.

Three boats older than had previously been upgraded. The modernization included the ability to carry more in store fuel substitution

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Undercover German submarine U-977 — as silent commander?

With every day or there is all the more and more disk imaging on German U-boats that surrendered after the war. They are, in some sources, disk imaging, and strolled to Antarctica, and favorites of the Third Reich secretly taken out of the country.

Let us consider more carefully on the memoirs of the commander of the submarine U-977 Heinz Schaffer, who surrendered last — in August 1945. By the way, this particular team ranked as the submarine export Hitler for the German border.

Future commander of the submarine was the offspring very wealthy parents, young people

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Israeli navy ordered three fast patrol boats SUPER DVORA MKIII

Companies Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Israel Ministry of Defense issued a contract for the construction of additional 3-speed patrol boats Super Dvora MkIII. Meanwhile, the number of boats Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) in the Israeli navy will be 13 units. It is reported defensenews.com citing local sources.   The price of this contract concluded first of this month, is 10’s of millions of shekels and follows the treaties in 2004 and 2006 for the construction of 6 and 4 boats Super Dvora MkIII respectively.   In addition, as part of the Israeli Navy are 5 fast patrol boats built Shaldag

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The company pulled the multipurpose Laky Verf search — rescue boat

April 23 Laky Verf company pulled the multi-purpose search and — rescue boat 13M project, designed specifically for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

On May 22-25, the boat will be presented at the "Integrated Safety — 2012", stand E7, Hall A.

All work under state contracts the company performs ahead of schedule, this State contract is not an exception, the boat will be delivered to the customer at the end of May.

Laky Verf Company believes that the ship will take its rightful place among the search-and-rescue boats, and will be the first in the line

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Thailand has refused to buy submarines

DOD Thailand decided to part with plans to purchase more submarines for its naval forces. Instead of submarines can be purchased will be one destroyer. This was said to the newspaper "Bangkok Post. "

According to the publication, the Ministry of Defense Thailand in order to enhance their own abilities at sea initially was going to buy 6 new diesel submarines South Korean production. Then, because of lack of funds preparatory choice was made in favor of the same amount of used German-made submarines.

But, apparently, the difficulties with the budget have been very severe. "Bangkok Post ", citing

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India intends to equip the new NNS missiles «BrahMos»

According to ARMS-TASS India wants to equip new non-nuclear submarines (NNS) supersonic missiles «BrahMos». In this regard, as the South American weekly «Difens News», the Ministry of Defence of India requests to present at an international tender Project 75I submarines were armed with Russian-Indian missile «BrahMos». Price of the tender, under which agreement will be signed on 6 new NNS with airindependent power plant (VNEU) is estimated at 12 billion dollars His plan to announce at the end of this year. Due to the requirement to include the country’s Defense Ministry on the implementation of the conditions of the new

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Sons of Russian Poseidon

Agafonov Vitaliy N., captain. When he was born, Zeus started.

On the decline of the Caribbean 1962 written hundreds of volumes of scientific papers, thousands of articles, books about him sold millions of copies in 10 languages framework of the world. It would seem that there is not a 1st-or how much of an important fact to be overlooked its researchers — senior military officials, politicians and venerable nosy journalists. Yet, no matter how much you looked through these pages, clear and convincing answer to the common question: How can an ordinary Russian peasants ("… in the Khrenovoe sense"-Lenin)

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