Skjold class missile boats is characterized by its own speed, small glow on the radar, small size, and for all that serious weaponry. Skjold ship is, in fact, a catamaran air cushion, which ensures a higher speed and maneuverability.

First in the series ship, Skjold (board number P960), was commissioned in April 1999. After the tests, the Norwegian government approved the creation of a further 5 vehicles of the Skjold in June 2002. Negotiations on the agreement were completed in July 2003. The ships are being built at a shipyard Mandal Umoe.

These boats have names: Storm (P961),

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Plant Nizhny Novgorod ship presented at the exhibition IMDS-2013 landing craft Cossack

Project 02320 landing craft "Cossack", developed by the Design Bureau of "KIT-engineering", first presented at theIMDS-2013in St. Petersburg. This reporterCentral Navy Portal chief designer of the project Andrew Chichagovin.


 The boat is an amphibious vessel length of about 28 meters and a width of 7 meters, capable of speeds up to 11 knots. Load capacity is 2 boats armored personnel carriers BTR-type 80 or 100 troops.

A distinctive feature of the boats "Cossack" is the possibility of placing the camera in the docking DVKD type "Mistral": it can hold 4 boats, as well as

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How many American ships sunk kamikaze?

Well, kamikaze-san, did not leave the deck of ram? So wash it at least.

April 8, 1942 in the skies over Murmansk was a hot air combat. Lieutenant Alex Khlobystov rushed to the twin-engined Me-110 and boldly "poked" his own wings "Kittihouka." A sharp tug on the right, a horrible crackling … Alex mechanical it straightened out and carefully looked at the wing — right plane was properly stripped away. "Messer" had disappeared. Experience a sense of joy did not give the German fighters came to the rescue — in the ensuing "carousel" Alex contrived and warped

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The modernization of the submarine Kaluga

Diesel-electric submarine of the Northern Fleet "Kaluga" — the first in 20 years at the plant modernized "asterisk" in Severodvinsk — June 13 will be released into the sea to continue the trial, the press service of the plant. 

In "Ship Repair Center" asterisk "in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, where was modernized, reported that" the tests have been completed in December last year due to heavy ice conditions in the White Sea ", ITAR-TASS reported. The submarine will be put into service this year. It will be the first in 20 years non-nuclear submarine

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Syrian missile boat Tir II (Zolfaghar)

Not so long ago, the Web the photos of the Syrian missile boats of small displacement. Missile boats are armed with two anti-ship missiles «Noor». Total naval forces of Syria for 6 years have taken on armament 6 small RK, which are among the most modern and combat-ready Navy surface ships Syria.

Small RK Tir II, as well as other basic weapons supplied to Syria from Iran. These ships are designed on the basis of the Iranian project launches «IPS 18", most likely, «IMIG» — Iranian state organization department of the military industry. Antiship rocket «Noor» is also a

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Simulating War with Iran: America has had a hard time

The U.S. Army currently inspects their ability to respond to an attack by Iran in the case of Israel's preemptive strike against Tehran. In February, the command of the U.S. armed forces staged a "simulation of war." It is reported by "The New York Times."

According to the newspaper, game military scenario assumed atmosphere of secrecy, but later was made — perhaps especially — leaking disk imaging. The military has been simulated a situation in which Tel Aviv strikes against Tehran, which here leads to a regional war with the role of the United States.

How to find South

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Hidden Submarine Base for sale

More one cool relic from the days of the war had just put up for sale. Norway implements one of its own underground bases submarines for $ 17.5 million. Base located near the town of Tromso next to the highway E8, is a former naval base Olavsvern, represents a tunnel, dug into the mountain at the level of water in the mouth of the fjord (one of the numerous deep channels, which give the Norwegian coast is so rugged look). Tunnel able to accommodate small warships or submarines, and has 25,000 square meters of underground space. In addition to

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Now: Submariner Day

March 19 is celebrated in Russia a day of Submariner. In 1906, by decree of Emperor Nicholas II in the systematization of ships of the navy, of a new category of ships — submarines. The same decree of the Russian fleet included 10 submarines. The first of them — "Dolphin" — was built at the Baltic Shipyard in 1904.

Russian-Japanese War was the first in the history of the world, took part in what has not been officially recognized, but make the target flinch a new class of warship — Submarines.

First connection of — brigade of

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Now 11 years old with a day or disaster submarine Kursk

The Russians now pay tribute to Mariners nuclear submarine (NPS) "Kursk", who died 11 years ago, August 12, 2000, in the Barents Sea. The disaster claimed the lives of 118 sailors of the Northern Fleet.

Festive construction and the laying of wreaths and flowers at the memorial to the dead sailors submarine "Kursk" in the garrison Vidjaevo mark this mournful anniversary. Funeral ceremony will be held at all fleets Russian Navy, also in the military area. The ships and submarines will be flown at half mast flags in naval units and divisions will be held a minute's silence in memory

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Now 279 years of the Pacific Fleet

279 years from the day or education notes now Pacific fleet. On all ships and submarines, topped with flags colorization, day began with a festive ceremony, lifting St. Andrew's flag. Wreaths and flowers to lay down a never-ending fire memorial "Battle Glory of the Pacific Fleet," in Vladivostok.

Now for the fulfillment of the objectives Pacific Fleet has in its composition missile submarines, strategic focus, multipurpose nuclear and diesel submarines, surface ships for operations in and near the ocean sea zones, naval missile-carrying, antisubmarine and fighter aviation, land and coastal troops.

Second year in a row the ships

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