Antiship compact guided missile MBDA Dual Mode Brimstone

The European branch association «MBDA» beginning intensively to develop alternative anti-ship missiles «DMB». «Dual Mode Brimstone» — this is a private development association, is now operated as a compact aircraft operated rocket. AUR «DMB» class "air-to-ground" was adopted by the Air Force of Great Britain in 2005. «Dual Mode Brimstone» was based on the last version of the guided missile «Brimstone». Future modification of the antiship missile is designed for the destruction of small high-speed sea targets of the enemy. Plan to install on the surface boats and ships of the customer, having a length of more than 15 meters.

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Project submarine Chernovsky

One of the unique projects of Russian submarines beginning of the XIX century was a project of the prisoner Schliesselburg Casimir Chernovsky.

6 May 1829 landed gentry of the Minsk province K. Chernovsky arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress. After 5 months, he was transferred to the fortress Schlusselburg kept by the Third Department of His Majesty of his office. Until now, the conclusion of the incident remain unclear Chernovsky. But you can not fluctuate that Chernovsky was a "political criminal," which Nicholas I punished with all his characteristic ruthlessness.

Casimir Chernovsky while in custody was the

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Project submarine destroyer EV Kolbaseva (sailor Peter Cat)

In the workshops of the port of Kronstadt in 1901, in an atmosphere of secrecy serious, ship engineer Nikolai Nikolaevich Kuteynikova (lived 1872 — 1921) project, developed by Lieutenant Evgeny Kolbasevym (lived 1862 — 1920), was built submarine electronic, pop, under the title " Peter Cat "(underwater torpedo lieutenant Kolbaseva).

Rechargeable batteries total weight of 4000 kg provided submerged cruising range of 15 miles at a speed of 3.5 knots, or 40 miles at a speed of 4 knots on the surface. Estimated depth — 20 m at a given depth boat gun held down special. device (similar to the

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The project is flying submarine

In 1934, the cadet VMIU them. Dzerzhinsky B.P.Ushakov presented schematically project flying Underwater Boats (LPL), which was later reworked and presented in several different ways to determine the stability and stress on the structural elements of the machine.

In April 1936, in a review of Captain 1st Rank Surin pointed out that the idea is fascinating and deserves Ushakov undeniable realization. A few months later, in July, polueskizny project LPL discussed in the Research Military Committee (NIVKI), and has received generally positive reviews, which contained three extra Fri, one of which said: "… The development of the project better

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Project armored Gyurza

Russian and Ukrainian shipyards have many years experience in the design, construction and modernization of river warships of various classes and sizes. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, their built several hundred of these ships — including the gunboats, artillery, armored boats, trawlers and others. Adapted them to the fighting on the Russian majestic rivers, canals, inland lakes and huge shallow sea areas, such as, for example, the Gulf of Finland — tyschami water area is dotted with small islands and rocks. All these ships successfully passed the examination in actual combat during the First World War, civilian

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The project is SSBN-X: Missile smaller funds more

Maritime component of U.S. nuclear forces in the current time based on the 14 nuclear submarines of the "Ohio" 24 missiles armed Trident-II D-5 any. Most of these brand new submarines — USS Louisiana SSBN-743 — was accepted into service of the U.S. Navy in September 1997, 16 years after the parent USS draft boats Ohio, which gave the name of the entire series. A couple of years back the first four boats of the "Ohio" have been converted for use missiles Tomahawk (24 launchers module of seven missiles each). Despite the relative novelty, the boats of the "Ohio", armed

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The project AZORIAN

The submarine project 629-A. Maximum diving depth — 300 m Armament — 3 ballistic missile R-21 torpedoes with nuclear warheads. Endurance -70 days. Crew — 90 people.

Course failure

…Under the cover of darkness of early morning February 24, 1968 diesel-electric submarine "K-129", tail number "574", left the bay Krasheninnikova and headed into the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands.

March 8, at the turning point of the route, the submarine signaled the passage of foreign control. Weak hope that the boat is drifting on the surface, devoid of stroke and radio petered out after two weeks. Began in

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Project 12300: Rocket-gunboat Scorpion

In 2001, the stocks in Rybinsk Shipyard Joint Stock Company "Vympel" accomplished ceremony missile gunboats of the last generation "Scorpio. "

Purpose and Features

This ship is the fourth-generation (in Western ordering is applied in the small corvette) created with the introduction of radar-reduction technologies and thermal signature. According to the views of the head designer CMDB "Diamond" Yuri Arsenyev, the development of missile boats was carried out in two main fronts — increased armament and improve sailing properties. At present, the "Scorpion" — the tip of the evolution of this type of ships. He is armed with

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Project 12200: patrol boat Sable

Features and purpose

Coast Guard search and rescue operations, protection of fisheries resources, patrols and customs operations. To improve the running properties, and increase the speed of boat has a fore and aft gun controlled spoilers.

The basic performance characteristics of

Displacement, tons — 57,Great length, m — 27.96,Width is large, m — 4,4,Depth to the upper deck, m — 3.27Maximum speed, knots — 47-50Cruising range at 40 knots., Miles — 500Capacity fuel tanks, tons — 6.8Crew. — 6Material of the hull and superstructure — Duralumin alloy.

Power plant:

The main engines — two diesel geared unit Deutz TBD616V16

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Shark jumped into the boat to American fishermen

Gray-blue shark weighing about 170 pounds jumped into the boat to the three Texas fishermen. The incident occurred a few days ago, when the Americans fished in the Gulf of Mexico, according to KTRK. A meeting with big fish people were not injured. According to one of the participants in fishing, Jason Kress, he and his companions were surprised and frightened appearance of a shark in the boat. He fell into the vessel, the fish began to clap and tail biting lying next to her subjects. Fishermen decided not to approach the shark to avoid bites.

Fish lay in the

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